Best Singleplayer Games

The best games to have a great time gaming, on indie nuggets and major solo licenses!


Anima The Reign of Darkness Diablo 2-style dark hack and slash!
The Slormancer Dm Gaming Logo submenu The Slormancer The indie nugget of hack and slash!


Blade Assault Logo submenu Dm Gaming Blade assault The very good 2D roguelite scroller!
Curse of the dead gods Logo Dm Gaming submenu Curse of the dead gods One of our favorite roguelites!
hades subfolder logo dm gaming Hades Play as the son of hell in this roguelite!
Rogue Legacy 2 Dm Gaming submenu Rogue Legacy 2 The best roguelite of 2022!
Soulstone Survivors logo Dm Gaming submenu Soulstone Survivors Survive hordes of enemies and bosses!

DreamScaper in 60 seconds, the magic roguelite action rpg! DreamScaper 60 SECS #29 24/07/2022 Action, Roguelite, rPG Magical world and top-notch gameplay!
Dungeons of Aether, the sublime roguelite dice strategy Dungeons of Aether 60 SECS #42 14/02/2023 Roguelite, Strategy The sublime roguelite strategy pixel art!
Fabular, play as a chivalrous spaceship in this brand new rogue-lite Fabular 60 SECS #36 08/11/2022 India, Roguelite Play as a galactic medieval knight!
Power of Ten, the roguelite strategy and shooter Power of Ten 60 SECS #43 22/02/2023 The roguelite mixing shooter and strategy!
Scroller, Rogue-lite, Metal and Gore - Rising Hell UJESS #3 Rising Hell 60 SECS #3 15/01/2022 Roguelite, scroller Face the Archdemons!
Star Survivor, survive an endless horde of enemies and customize your ship with random maps in this intense shoot'em up. Star Survivor 60 SECS #45 27/02/2023 Survive hordes in space!
Vampire Survivors india rogue-lite 1 vs 1000 1 stick shooter game in 60 seconds Vampire Survivors 60 SECS #7 12/02/2022 India, Roguelite Survive the creatures of Vampire Survivors!


starcraft II logo dm gaming Starcraft 2 The legendary RTS game!

Blacken Slash, the new indie roguelite tactical action rpg is coming July 2022! Blacken Slash 60 SECS #27 25/06/2022 Roguelite, rPG, Tactical Futuristic neon design tactical shooter
Céleste, a platformer as smart as it is difficult! A game in 60 seconds 6 Celeste 60 SECS #6 05/02/2022 Adventure The sublime and demanding platform game!
Nocturnal, the sublime scroller in the vein of Prince of Persia Nocturnal 60 SECS #49 08/03/2023 scroller Nocturnal, the new Prince of Persia!
Hack & Slash, RPG and Exploration - Ortharion Project UJESS # 2) Ortharion Project 60 SECS #2 08/01/2022 Exploration, HnS, rPG Hack and Slash and explore in this RPG!
OutLast Wtf Moment Dm Gaming Duo outlast, best horror moments 28/02/2021 Alch, Asuna, Wtf Do not click if you are sensitive!
Temp Zero, the new French roguelike! UJESS 21 Temp Zero 60 SECS #21 26/04/2022 roguelike The roguelike where you fight to the beat!
Terra Ventura, the classic oldschool action rpg and indie hack and slash Terra Ventura 60 SECS #28 17/07/2022 Classic, rPG The Old School RPG with modern handling
Wigmund, the demanding oldschool rpg! UJESS 10 Wigmund, Rpg Oldschool UJESS #10 26/02/2022 Old School, rPG An old school RPG about your hero's story!