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Best Diablo Immortal Crusader build, to destroy the game from the start
Build Mage Diablo Immortal, to start the game well with this class

Build Speed ​​Archer full content

Build Archer Archery Speed, a build to complete Anima: equipment, bosses, stats, astralium and skills!

Best Diablo Immortal Crusader build, to destroy the game from the start
Build Mage Diablo Immortal, to start the game well with this class
Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming


How it works

This build is a little different from the ones I already offered on Anima, because it is a single-class build. You will therefore take the Archery Archer class twice, it has a very powerful basic kit and allows you to fill all the skills while ensuring at the same time a very good synergy. I did the build on my reroll, so I couldn't take advantage of the level 25 skills, but the build is already very powerful without it!

My choice of spell is "Multiple shots", this spell is very useful for two reasons:

  • it gives you an ultra powerful clear, long range, fast projectiles and great AoE
  • the shots stack, i.e. in melee you inflict completely stupid damage by putting all the arrows on the same target

The more points you have in multiple shots, the greater the damage will be:

  • Level 49 - 5100%
  • Level 47 - 4500%
  • So I could have increased it to around 7000%!

I also thought about a variant of the build that I will explain to you in the "Skills" section.


Here are the stats of the character:

  • 50M dps
  • 2m physical and magic resistance
  • 7k extra gold
  • 7k additional magic items
  • 550k life
  • 40% dodge
  • 100 speed
  • main spell deals 5100% physical damage

To put your statistics:

  • intelligence, dexterity, vitality: 0
  • strength: 100%
  • vitality comes from astralium and equipment, is more than enough

Statistics Build Archer Archery Speed, Full AnimaArchery archer statistics


Here are the skills:

  • A maxer archery archer: powerful arrow, penetrating blow, multiple shot, toxic aura, corpse explosion, dodge possibility, upgraded weapon, frenzy
  • 1 point in somersault

If you went as a warrior in first class, you can:

  • max berserk and 1 point in rash charge

For spell setups:

  • versatile setup: toxic aura, improved weapon, corpse explosion, somersault, multiple shots
  • combat archer setup: toxic aura, upgraded weapon, berserk, rash charge, multiple shots

Skills Build Archer Archery Speed, Full AnimaArchery archer skills


For astralium, take in this order:

  • 10 astrum vitality points 1
  • 3 points increases skills single ranged missile astrum 3
  • 3 points increase physical damage astrum 4
  • 6 points magic finds astrum 2
  • 1 skill point ranged astrum 5
  • 2 astrum strength point 6

Astralium Build Archer Archery Speed, Full AnimaArchery Archer's Astralium


Here are the important points of the equipment:

  • a main weapon bow
  • shibana ring and amulet for +3 ability and stats (or other)
  • for the rest in priority take these stats, ditto for the infusions:
    1. Increased capacity level
    2. strength, physical damage
    3. dexterity, speed
    4. intelligence, vitality, strength, attack speed

The charms used:

  • value emblem
  • emblem of almighty
  • emblem of fate
  • emblem of souls
  • conqueror's emblem
  • greed emblem

The gems:

  • as many ruby ​​gems as possible in strength
  • the special mission stats gem
  • then emerald and topaz dexterity for gold and objects
  • nothing else


  • take what you find (if you find any ^^)

Equipment Build Archer Archery Speed, Complete AnimaMy archery archer equipment used to do the runs in the video


Some info to help you level up:

  • go get "Multiple shots" as quickly as possible, putting the highest penetrating shot
  • as soon as multiple shots is available, level max and put a point in all other skills except explosive blow and sonic arrow
  • fully fire multiple shot, penetrating shot and powerful arrow
  • put the auras and passives thoroughly, ending with the explosion of the corpse
  • put enough point in agility to be able to equip your bows, then once you have it via the equipment do a stat reroll to put everything in strength

Run speed R15

This character is perfect for speeding Forgotten Realm instances and collecting lots of Legendaries and Gold:

  • 15 minutes - 200 million gold and 6 legendary T6s, 2 legendary T5s

Boss R23

About 15 minutes to drop the boss, due to his quite annoying armor but you have a big damage over time with the aura that compensates!

Alchemists dm gaming

A simple and effective archery archer build to safely farm instances of Anima The Reign of Darkness and complete this one! Plus the bow style is sexy, so what more could you ask for!

By Alchemists, July 2021

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