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Best Diablo Immortal Crusader build, to destroy the game from the start
Build Mage Diablo Immortal, to start the game well with this class

Complete Guide Anima The Reign of Darkness! Worlds, classes, endgame, items, info and tips

Complete guide

Anima Complete Guide: Resurrections, quests, classes, stats, skills, altars, astralium, currency, game modes, levels, greed, ubers!

Best Diablo Immortal Crusader build, to destroy the game from the start
Build Mage Diablo Immortal, to start the game well with this class
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Anima offers 5 different classes (fighter, archer, sorcerer, necromancer and saint), at the start of the adventure, you will have to choose one among them. At level 35 you will have the opportunity to combine your class with a second. Here is a summary to give you some additional information regarding the playstyle of the different classes:

  • fighter: a melee fighter with physical damage
  • archer: a ranged fighter with physical damage
  • wizard: a ranged mage with magic damage
  • necromancer: a mage with magic damage and summons
  • saint: a hybrid that is either fighter or mage and can heal itself


Main and crucial element of this game, everything is indexed on resurrections. A resurrection corresponds to a level of creeps, and indicates the third drops that you can obtain.

  • every time you complete story mode you can increase your resurrection level by 1
  • in the outside world, the resurrection will be directly according to the level of creep
  • resurrections do not affect arena mode

You have all the resurrections and third parties on our guide


The statistics are to be set manually, you will gain 5 per level. Remember to stay and press the left click, when you have 2000 points to put following a reset it will be appreciable!

  • strength: + 0.2% physical damage / +0.5 armor
  • dexterity: + 0.1% physical damage / +0.01 attack speed
  • intelligence: + 0.15% magic damage / +0.2 magic resistance / +0.2 mana / +0.02 mana regen
  • vitality: +20 health points / + 0.2 health regen

A point on attack speed:

  • lower the cooldown of spells and cast faster, therefore quite useful for mages but in secondary stats
  • rather on objects than in dex if you play mage

Skills and second classes

Anima skills are in the vein of Diablo 2, that is to say that there are synergies improving the damage of your skills. You will have to take a good look at which skill is linked to your main skill in order to maximize them. Each skill can be increased up to level 20, if you choose the same class in second specialty you can then increase your spells up to level 25 (example: saint in first class then saint in second class).

In order to choose its second class (unless you want to do a very specific build), here is how to do it:

  • you have to reach level 35 then unlock the skills
  • look at the bonuses of this class, for example if you want to play a mage archetype, avoid the bonuses of the warrior class
  • look at the spell synergies, for example holy bolt of the holy class synergizes with spells of the mage class

Shrine buffs or altars

One of your best friends will be the shrines, unlike other games where they are anecdotal, these are extremely useful because of their power:

  • double ax: greatly increases your damage, handy for killing a boss who tanks
  • shield: greatly increases your defense, handy for killing a boss who hits hard
  • blue ball: increases your mana regen, useful at the start of the game and then useless
  • yellow ball: increases your found gold value and your magic item chance, useless at the start but very practical at the end
  • parchment: greatly increases your experience (around x10), go to the arena if you fall on it


You will be able to drop a lot of items with a rarity and an associated third. Here are the possible Tiers and rarities:

  • normal, magical, rare, epic, legendary, astral, set
  • Tier 1 to 6

Haven't seen a set astral yet, guess a set can't be Astral, but to be confirmed.


If you want to craft, I recommend it Complete guide to Anima crafting, but to recap here's what you need to know:

  • pirites and cabalites increase the level of an item
  • Brewing a Legendary transfers stats from one Legendary to another using a Fusion Core
  • death fingers allow you to add a socket

Use these techniques on at least 5 thirds objects so you don't mess up your materials.


Astralium is a passive system that can dramatically increase your stats. On the other hand, it takes a long time to improve, you recover essences by killing rare monsters (the blue ones) and can then increase your statistics.

To start, I advise you to put 10 points in vitality, it will take you time but it is by far the most profitable of the liabilities! I will provide you with a complete guide to the Astralium with all the nodes and their power a little later.


Here are the different currencies and their uses:

  • gold: allows you to improve your items through crafting, repair or bet
  • Oboli: specific items such as chests, cabalites, and charms
  • essences: to improve astralium

Story Mode

The story mode can be considered as the main plot of the game, until Resurrection 10:

  • you have 8 areas divided into 4 levels, with some intermediate bosses then a final boss
  • when the final boss is down, you can quit the game and increase the resurrection level
  • if you have a bug where the arrows are not available, create another character and switch from one character to another, this will debug the arrows
  • you will also find three instances in the question mark "?" on the map, corresponding to the areas to find uber fragments (see the uber section of this guide)

Arena mode

A very important mode to combine as quickly as possible is the arena mode. You will have a lot of experience and a special currency called Oboly allowing you to have items specific to the arena NPC. You will also have quite a bit of gold and your entrance ticket will be refunded very quickly.

After completing Stage 1 and at the end of each wave you will be able to get resistance, damage and mana buffs, try to save them for bosses. They are more powerful than those you find in altars and therefore ultra practical! You will also find an icon in the form of a flame allowing you to destroy all the enemies present except the bosses, wait until all the creeps have spawned!

Here are the architectures:

  • Every 10 waves, a boss
  • Bronze arena - 4 stages of 10 waves - 20k gold
  • Silver Arena - 6 stages of 10 waves - 200k gold
  • Gold Arena - 8 stages of 10 waves - 500k gold
  • Platinum arena - 10 stages of 10 waves - 1k gold

If you ever want farm the millions of obolies, refer to this guide!

Outside world

The outside world is unlocked when you first complete story mode. It doesn't really matter much, however, until you've completed the first 8 story mode resurrections, which will give you plenty of time to occupy yourself. You can use it to retrieve legendary once the T5 is reached then push the R11 to R20. The quests to do in this world are from level R12 to R20, so do not hurry to try them!

Forgotten kingdom

The Forgotten World can be accessed by killing Guardians and collecting Ancient Keys. These are of no interest to me as long as you are not in R12-R13. So don't bother with these at first, you can throw them away!

This is an instance where you will have to kill creeps to spawn a guard and who will drop a key again. The instance is harder but drops better, take a good look at the stats of the key before using it, if you come across "monster damage x2", beware it stings!


You are going to have two types of quests in the game, which you can do at completely different times.

  • the quests of the story mode in resurrection 1, do them all your first time in story mode to be quiet and unlock the functions of the NPCs.
  • open world quests, you'll need Resurrection 13 gear, so you'll have plenty of time!

Game menu

I am telling you about this menu because it is quite rare to have this system and is very practical!

  • unlock: allows you to reappear at the start of the instance, if you are blocked
  • pick up: allows you to pick up unreachable objects
  • restore the dungeon: resets the current level, allows you to avoid quitting the game

So remember to use them, it will get you out of bad times (well, bugs ^^).


Charms are items to keep in your inventory to take advantage of powerful bonuses. Unlike Diablo 2, you will not be able to drop them in the normal way. It will be necessary to succeed specific missions to obtain them, here is the list of those currently existing:

  • emblem of omnipotence - marching obolies
  • emblem of fate - marching obolies
  • emblem of souls - on the Ubers
  • emblem of value - special missions
  • conqueror's emblem - special missions
  • Emblem of Power - infused at least third 4 level 40 in all slots
  • Emblem of Greed - 1500 open chests
  • triad emblem - the five classes level 150


Enchantments are powerful additions to your gear, only droppable in secret forgotten realms. Your objects are indicated with circles as well as the inscription "enchantment".

Character level, reroll and bonus missions

I have grouped these items together because they are quite related. Your character will:

  • all levels up to level 200 gain 1 skill point and 5 stat points
  • from level 200 to max level 1500 earn 5 stat points

As you improve your character, you will unlock the gains from bonus missions: press L then take the 2nd category. Please note, these bonus missions will only be available for one character. If you have completed them and created another character, you will not have these additional earnings. I also advise you to do them as much as possible, they are very useful to start.

If you do a reroll, that is to say that you remake a character:

  • gold and obolies are not shared but the chest is, so you can upgrade the equipment through your main character and transfer them to him
  • resurrections are not shared, you will have to redo the 10 story mode resurrections
  • so remember to keep items to level up your other character if possible

Kingdom of greed

The Kingdom of Avarice is a specific instance obtained by getting lucky by killing a mimic, you have our guide to the kingdom of greed here.


So that you know that it exists, you can face the ubers who are at the same time three R13 bosses so be careful they sting! I also made a specific guide for the Anima ubers.

Alchemists dm gaming

With this complete guide to Anima, The Reign of Darkness, you should no longer have to worry about understanding all the elements of the game! But if ever that was the case, feel free to comment on your question!

By Alchemists, June 2021

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I have read all the chef guides… I am in pain but it's okay 😀
Hats off to the job!

Just a question, when we talk about RXX, are we talking about resurrection? R1-R10 via story mode, and then they increase according to the level?

10 months ago

Haaaaa cool thank you that's exactly what I was looking for!
To believe that I had not clicked on the last guide of tips: p

10 months ago

Hello little question, I've been dropping fragments of skin / bone several times, not seen in your guide that you were talking about it, any idea how we use it and what is it for?

10 months ago

ah ok thank you I had not seen 😉