My finals build, for me the best PvP build!
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Gameplay Goblins boss baldur's gate 3 Dror Ragzlin

Goblin leader gameplay

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Gameplay Boss Baldur's Gate 3: to learn the combat mechanics, turn-based, spells, levels and verticality against Dror Ragzlin!

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Round by round

Each character has a main action, movement and bonus action. You can therefore once per turn go to a given location, launch your bonus actions (buff, potion for example) and your main action (attack, spell casting). The rather special point is that moving is not an action, so be sure to relocate. For example, you can get out of a ledge, throw an arrow and then hide!


The spells are classified by level, magic trick then level X, each use of a level X spell will require rest (short or long) in order to regain the possibility of casting these spells. So remember to choose them and rest before a complicated fight!


An ultra important point in BG3 is verticality. It is even more accentuated than in Divinity Original Sin 2 for example. So always remember to try to get up to be able to kill your opponents much more easily who will be below.


There are inevitably some bugs in this version, the worst I had is a companion sent to a hole not coded by Larian and who ends up directly at the camp! I also had some bugs where my character no longer wanted to attack ... So remember to save frequently, not to cheat the dice rolls which would be of no interest, but to load if you come across one of these bugs. The fights are already quite complicated, it could be even more crippling! I advise you to have a save before a fight and create a new one during the fight (if you lose the one so you will just have to load the pre-fight save).

Alchemists dm gaming
A very nice combat system created on Baldur's Gate 3! Obviously we find some key elements of Divinity Original Sin 2 but that does not spoil the pleasure of knocking goblins on BG3. Hope the bugs are fixed for the final version of the game!

By Alchemists, October 2020

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