My finals build, for me the best PvP build!
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Mage Hunter Flames of ignaffar

Ice Ignaffar Flames

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Mage Hunter Grim Dawn: an ultra powerful build to clean up all the late game enemies! Big DPS and stolen life to burn it all down

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Build PvP Templar Vindicator, the best and most powerful build PvP TV or VT Diablo 2 Resurrected
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Possible or not in ultimate 100




  • No problem for all

Shattered realm

  • 50 and + solo
  • 70 and + in duo


This build uses the power of the Ignaffar set, converted into ice thanks to Farath's Cube to maximize your damage even more! The character is static since he uses a channeled spell, but you will have to be careful with the damage spikes and have several spells to protect you, to use at the right time! Apart from these spikes, you will have no problem decimating packs of super-numerous enemies: the more, the better! You will have more life stolen and will therefore be able to resist any aggro.


For the stats, think about maxing all your resistances (see details of the equipment below), even if possible to have at least + 20% to all resistances. Put what you need in spirit and put to the maximum the physical, allowing to give the most points of life. Here are the stats with your permanent buffs:

Spells and Passives

Below are the arcanist spells:

  • Iksandra exchange max - Overload remaining points - Elemental balance max
  • Mirror Ereoctes max
  • Maiven's Sphere max - conversion 1
  • Olexra's Flash freeze 3 - absolute zero 1
  • Inner focus 1 - Arcane will 1 - nullification 1

Below are the inquisitor spells:

  • Word of renewal 1 - Vigor max - Steel resolve max
  • Flames of Ignaffar max - intensify max - Infernal purge max - Endless flame max
  • Aura of censorship max
  • Inquisitor seal 3 - Arcane empowerment max
  • Deadly aim 1


Below are the devotions to take:

  • Viper, Eel, Goul (incomplete, maiven sphere), Feather, Light scholar, Owl, Harpy, Rhowan Crown (incomplete), C Drapeau, Whisper (arcane seal), Falcon, Leviathan (flash freeze), Amatok (flames d ' igniffar)


Below the equipment, you can adjust the crafts and augments according to your resistances.

  • Spelldrinker weapon - coldstone + stardust
  • Off-hand Farath's Cube - seal of the night + stardust
  • Allagast stormgem ring - vengeful wraith + hexxer's delight
  • Wandering souls ring - vengeful wraith + hexxer's delight
  • Mageguard pants - ugdenbog leather + coven black ash
  • Morgoneth black heart armor - sacred plating + coven black ash
  • Amatok's step boots - mark modrogen + kingsguard powder
  • Gloves set mageslayer - restless domain + coven black ash
  • Helmet set mageslayer - sanctified bone + coven black ash
  • Amulet set mageslayer - arcane lens + hexxer's delight
  • Epaulette set mageslayer - silk swatch + coven black ash
  • Shaman's Preserver Medal - wardstone + Stormclap glyph
  • Relic of the Quest or Iskandra's Balance, thanks to Dux for his comment!


If you want the GrimTool link, it is available here:

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Tank no matter what aggro
- Destroy everything very quickly
- Capable of doing all endgame content
- Complex gameplay ...
-... requiring a little practice
- He doesn't like damage spikes


  • 1.1.8: creation
Alchemists dm gaming

A great build to destroy your enemies, no matter how many! It will be perfect in shattered realm, dungeons or Nemesis hunting!

By Alchemists, November 2020

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