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Blade Assault NPC, Order of Relations

Improvement of NPCs

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PNJ Blade Assault, the good order guide to improve character relationships in an optimized way!

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Upgrade order of non-playing characters

Cubes are collected from game bosses. The further the boss is in the game, the more cubes he will give you. Here is the order I suggest you to improve your friendship levels:

  1. 3 cubes then 9 Honk cubes, allows you to have legendary items much cheaper
  2. 3 Angela cubes, cheaper care
  3. 3 Leo cubes, lower the risk level cheaper
  4. 3 Max cubes, second food available
  5. 9 Angela cubes, cheaper care
  6. 15 Honk cubes, legendary even cheaper
  7. 9 Leo cubes, cheaper risk level
  8. 15 Angela cubes, cheaper care
  9. 15 Leo cubes, cheaper risk level
  10. 9 cubes then 15 Max cubes, 3 then 4 available foods
  11. 3 cubes, 9 cubes, Hank, weapon boost with gold before the run
  12. 3 cubes, 9 cubes, John, purchase of gold object before the run
  13. 15 Hank cubes
  14. 15 Jean cubes
  15. 3 cubes, 9 cubes, 15 Sophia cubes, alternative to Honk but not really of interest

Clarification for Hank, Sophia and Jean:

  • Hank and Jean cost gold, prefer the use of gold for liabilities, hence my investment at the end
  • Sophia is frankly less interesting than Honk, unless you have a specific build or more red gems

Order the NPCs and their affinity resistance Blade AssaultNPC Priority Summary

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Improving your friendships with Blade Assault Resistance should be much easier with this guide! You will no longer spend your cubes unnecessarily and will progress much faster in the game!

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By Alchemists, July 2021

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