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Three new Arc Mist runewords, Pattern claws, and Flickering Flame helmet
Assassin Trombe Whirlwind, the power of physical damage and traps Diablo 2 Resurrected

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All bosses

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Boss Blade Assault: find in this guide the four bosses and how to beat them more easily, even at a high level of assault!

Three new Arc Mist runewords, Pattern claws, and Flickering Flame helmet
Assassin Trombe Whirlwind, the power of physical damage and traps Diablo 2 Resurrected
Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming


  • Intro: (00:00)
  • First boss, Mac: (00:19)
  • Second boss, Ratmotan: (01:00)
  • Third boss, Charlotte: (02:09)
  • Fourth boss, Plantos: (04:44)
  • Last word: (07:42)

First boss, Mac

First boss of the game, Mac has several attacks but quite easy to manage when you know them:

  • Bullet shooting - shooting a bullet in one direction
  • Empty magazine - empty its magazine in one direction
  • Be careful, it can chain the empty magazine and the bullet firing in different directions
  • Exploding Barrels - drops barrels that explode after a certain time
  • Stun Grenade - throws grenades all over the place that explode and stun you (dealing 1 damage)
  • Jump - move to another location without dealing damage

To kill him easily:

  • The platforms allow you to hit the boss below
  • Stick to him and move from side to side
  • Quietly dodging the barrels is what hurts the most, don't rush
  • Type it when it reloads if you haven't beaten it often yet

Boss Mac Blade AssaultThe first Mac boss

Second boss, Ratmotan

This boss is quite complicated in appearance but is ultimately rather simple. His attacks are slow and easy to dodge knowing them

  • Charge - dash to the other end of the map and get stunned on the wall
  • Ground Attack - launches a wave on the ground
  • Jump - jump over an area to deal damage

He gains two attacks after half his life:

  • Poison - creates a cloud of poison around it for a few seconds
  • Large explosives - throws grenades that explode and deal damage

To kill him easily:

From the start the boss will jump in the middle of the field, always in the same place. Remember to load your gun during this time. For the load you just have to jump above or dash in its direction. Its jumps will also be easy to avoid, you just have to be out of range. The most complicated attacks are his ground attacks that you must time well, dodging with a jump or a dash. For his poison attacks, stay away that doesn't last very long. For grenades, wait for them to land to place you. Watch out for other boss attacks during this time

Boss Ratmotan Blade AssaultThe second boss Ratmotan

Third boss, Charlotte

Great leveling compared to previous bosses, his attacks are much more complicated to dodge and extremely punitive.

  • Ground Charge - dash on the ground dealing damage and stun
  • Summon Spiders - create cocoons that will hatch into elite spiders
  • Acid slime - spits acid continuously and moving
  • Acid Bubble - launches acid bubbles that split on impact

To kill her without too much trouble:

For his Acid Drool and Acid Bubble attacks I strongly advise you to stay away and wait quietly. You can lose a few hundred HP very quickly without paying attention. The ground charge will be a very good time to inflict damage on it, still avoid sticking it until it has made its charge so as not to take the damage from you. For the cocoons you have two strategies, the first being to kill them as quickly as possible, and the second that I prefer to go back and hit the boss as soon as it appears. Elite spiders aren't a big deal, you'll kill them by hitting the boss at the same time. However, be careful of the elites who remain alive after their death and will do damage to you.

Boss Charlotte Blade AssaultThird boss Charlotte

Fourth boss, Plantos

Last boss and not the least, he has a full panel of spells and summons that go in all directions (at first glance!), But I have peeled them for you:

  • Lianas sweeping - lianas roam the map back and forth
  • Direct lianas - the lianas come straight out of the ground
  • Summon Minions and Plants - summons elite minions and two plants that throw projectiles in all directions
  • Thorn attack - shoots thorns out of his body
  • Creeper attack - slap the creeper at you

Once his life is halfway, he gains two skills:

  • Summon Flowers and Invulnerability - summons flowers that shoot projectiles, while the boss locks himself in his cocoon and is invulnerable
  • Laser - launches a large laser continuously and aimed at you

To kill him without too much problem:

You have two strategies overall, one on the dash and the other on the platforms. The first is to dodge all his attacks including the vines, allowing the boss to be quickly killed. However, it is the most technical and will require a good mastery of the timing. The second is to use the platforms to dodge all of his vines. As soon as there are lianas jump on the platform then go back down. You won't take any damage but it will take a bit longer. When he summons his elite plants and creeps, kill the plants as quickly as possible while still focusing your energy on dodging to avoid taking too much damage. Then go back and hit the boss, the elite creeps will die from collateral damage (be careful of those who remain alive).

For the second phase, kill the flowers as soon as they appear, and go from one side then the other so that its laser does not hit you. Once his life is zero, no bad surprises, you will have won!

Final Boss Plantos Blade AssaultLatest Early Access boss, Plantos

Alchemists dm gaming

Charlotte and the end boss both gave me a hard time, especially Charlotte who remains punitive if you rush. The boss at the end of Blade Assault will be rather a bad memory once you get to know his attacks!

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By Alchemists, July 2021

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