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Guide Blade Assault, attacks, currencies, rewards, item types, characters, risk level, customization and more!

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First element of this guide, and not the least. Currencies are not very intuitive, but it is important to understand how they work. Here are the different currencies and their uses:

  • Gold: allows you to buy everything that is before your run, whether it's items for a single run or permanent upgrades
    • you keep your gold if you lose your run
  • Roses: one use only, allows you to upgrade your weapon only during your run with Hank
    • collected from elites, bosses and level chests
    • you lose your unused roses by dying
  • Plates: Improves one of your weapon skills, max level 10
    • you keep your plates if you lose your run
  • Cubes: to improve your relationship with an NPC
    • recovered only from level bosses
    • you lose your unused roses by dying
  • red gems: for all purchases during the run, except the improvement of the weapon possible thanks to the roses
    • you lose your unused gems by dying

Blade Assault CoinsThe currencies of the game

Types of attack

Here are the types of attack, it is very important to know them well to have the associated buffs:

  • normal attack, the attack with successive blows
  • Skill attack, your main power
  • Sub Weapon attack, your shot
  • Dash, be invulnerable and move fast
  • Hyper Core Attack, your special power, has a great cooldown and is not available from base
  • Active Gear, allows you to use an item, not available at the base

Heart level rewards

You will often have the choice for the next room, here is how they work:

  • resource icon: you will have a chest containing the currency corresponding to the icon
  • lightning icon: a heart of lightning, allows lightning to shock enemies, increase chance and critical damage and have lightning projectiles
  • fire icon: a heart of fire, fire allows you to burn your enemies and increase your total damage
  • ice icon: a heart of ice, ice allows you to freeze enemies but also to improve your resistance
  • heart icon: a heart of health, allows you to heal yourself, increase your max life or your mana

Blade Assault level rewardSome level rewards

Character customization and rogue-lite

Here are the possibilities for improving your character, which you can achieve once you have collected enough resources.

  • improved relations with NPCs (see below)
  • weapon upgrade and item purchase with gold (see below)
  • improve your weapon skills
  • weapon purchase
  • improve your liabilities

For your weapon skills, you will have 3 possible skills but only one active. Each skill can be leveled up to level 10 using the plates, but choose wisely to avoid using your plates for nothing! You can also unlock 2 additional weapons (3 at the end of early access), with the same principle of weapon skill improvement.

The main place to spend your gold will be the improvement of the passive tree, allowing you to choose a new passive, every 10 levels, upgradeable up to level 5. Please note, you can only choose one passive per column row! There are currently only two columns available, so 8 passives to choose from. Think as well before spending your gold for nothing!

Blade Assault PassivesThe two columns of liabilities available

You can spend your gold to upgrade your gear for a single run, it doesn't cost a lot of coins but you will have to do it for each run:

  • from the blacksmith to improve your weapon, at the cost of 10 gold, only one choice possible
  • from the item vendor, priced at 10, 20, and 30 gold

Non-player characters

NPCs are critically important to successfully completing the game, I would give you a full guide on the subject, but here's what they do:

  • Hank: weapon upgrade with gold before a run and with roses during a submarine run
  • Honk: purchase of elite and legendary items at the hotel
  • Sophia: purchase of items with a buff and a debuff, alternative to Honk at the hotel
  • Max: purchase of healing items and buff at the hotel
  • Leo: decrease the level of risk at the hotel or at the submarine
  • John: purchase of a gold item before a run
  • Haley: to improve the robot (coming soon)
  • Doctor: improve the difficulty level

Type of objects and chests

You will be able to open 3 chests per level, allowing you to obtain in each chest an object of your choice among three. You will have several types of objects, such as:

  • earning red gems: very practical for improving your overall rewards, especially if you collect them early enough
  • damage increase: attack speed, condition damage, damage type improvement, cooldown reduction
  • charged effects: every X seconds you will get a buff. It charges on its own and activates on attack, like stun or lightning damage
  • drop: allow you to obtain items by killing creeps, healing, poisonous mushroom, etc.

Blade Assault itemsItems from chests

Risk level and types of elites

The risk level is the indicator at the top right, the more time passes, the higher the risk level. This level also increases faster depending on the progress of your run. Note that this point will change soon, the risk level will increase after each teleporter or if you do not want to spend red gems. The higher the level:

  • the more creeps there will be
  • the more powerful the elites will be, with a level displayed on them
  • the more elite modifications will be unlocked

Here is a table with the affix with the risk level and the meaning:

Icons Risk level Meaning
Bouclier 1 to 3 Control spell immunity
Teleport 1 to 3 Teleports near you
Explosion 4 to 6 Explodes while dying
Lightning 4 to 6 Electrifying Attack
Gem 4 to 6 Steals 50 gems by touching you
Frenzy 7 to 9 Unchanging to death for 3 seconds
Grenada 7 to 9 Three grenades when he dies
Poison 7 to 9 Poison area when moving
Ancient 10 to 12 When another enemy dies and each time regains their shield and gains 20% damage

Note that currently it is random, but expected very soon for the game (normally August 2021).

Blade Assault risk levelAlways keep an eye on this level!

How runs

I'll give you a full guide on how it works, but to get started here's what you need to know:

  • each level completed you will go either to the hotel zone or to the submarine alternately
  • you currently have 4 bosses and 8 levels
  • the hotel and submarine areas are rest areas allowing, among other things, to take care of oneself and to buy equipment

Character level

You will gain levels as you run, allowing you to unlock passives. Note that I have not seen a difference in statistics between the different levels of your class.

level 29 Blade AssaultClass level 29

level 31 Blade AssaultClass level 31

Transform your currencies

You have the opportunity to transform your coins during a run, via the blue robots. Keep your eyes open because they are not necessarily easy to see in a rush. Here are the possibilities and their interest:

  • gold in red gems: very interesting if you already have your liabilities to the maximum and no longer need a lot of gold
  • red gem plate: not very useful, costs a lot of plates for a little change
  • red gems in pink: very expensive for little pink, to avoid
  • red gem roses: handy if you don't want to upgrade your weapon

transmute his Blade Assault currenciesThe computer to transform your resources

The classes

You can currently play a single character, but Darcy will be playable as of August. So do not try to harass other characters to play them, it is not yet possible!

  • Main character
  • Darcy - August 2021 (be careful in the game her name is Dalsy, but Darcy in all the patch notes)
  • Jenny - after Darcy, at the latest for Q1 2022 game release
  • Jett - after Darcy, at the latest for Q1 2022 game release

future classes blade assaultDarcy is coming soon as a playable second class

End game

The end game allows you to replay the story mode by increasing its difficulty and its rewards. Currently there are 10 stages that you must do successively.

endgame blade assaultThe Blade Assault endgame system

Alchemists dm gaming

A lot of information to know to play the game well, but with all this information it will be easier! Don't hesitate if you have any questions!

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By Alchemists, July 2021

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