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Three new Arc Mist runewords, Pattern claws, and Flickering Flame helmet
Assassin Trombe Whirlwind, the power of physical damage and traps Diablo 2 Resurrected

TEST Blade Assault, super rogue-lite scroller

The test

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Blade Assault TEST: find our test of this new rogue-lite in 2D scroller in a neo-futuristic universe!

Three new Arc Mist runewords, Pattern claws, and Flickering Flame helmet
Assassin Trombe Whirlwind, the power of physical damage and traps Diablo 2 Resurrected
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Blade Assault offers super nervous and precise gameplay, you can dash and jump to dodge and attack enemies on the platforms. Regarding the attacks, you will have a panel of possibilities with standard attacks, skill attack, shooting and heroic power. You will therefore have to manage all this arsenal in order to be able to complete the game. In addition, each of these attacks as well as the dash can be improved and customized via the level bonuses.

The enemies are rather diverse and quite interesting, they are not ultra complex but each offer attacks to know well to dodge them, which makes it a very good beat'em all. You will have two types of enemies, standard and elite, taking advantage of buffs that increase their armor, for example, allowing them to teleport or poison you.

The bosses are also well thought out, all very different and requiring to know all their sets. The last boss is much stronger, but not insurmountable.

The difficulty is well balanced and increases over time, although I can note some redundancy which should be fixed in future additions (cited in the patch notes from the developers). You will also have a level of risk, a good idea to spice up the game according to your progress.

I also noticed some big losses of Fps, especially during large packs or when using too much effects (lightning for example). However, it is stated in the patch that the developers must correct this known problem.

boss Blade assault MacThe gameplay of the first boss is well done!

Content and rogue-lite

Key point in a rogue-lite, wanting to improve your character by starting over, which is very well done. You will be able to improve your weapon, NPCs and passives:

  • you have three weapons each with three abilities to develop
  • NPCs will allow you to heal better, have more loot or lower the level of risk
  • passives will give you powerful buffs depending on your level

The game currently has 8 levels composed of 3 sub-levels and four bosses, something to take care of before you get to the end. Once done, you can restart the game to complete the difficulty levels as you go. Also being in early access, the game is frequently updated with soon an additional level and a new class, so you can already get the game or wait for the updates!

You can also customize your runs with chests and level rewards. There are currently a good number of upgrades available, although I started to take the tour after 15pm, still good for early access.

As a guide, I completed the story mode (without the endgame) in 15 hours.

Blade Assault ax character statsImprovements recoverable during your runs

Global design

On the design side, we are obviously on Pixel Art but rather neat. We don't have a crude design and the characters, bosses and creeps are well done. The diversity is ok, the first levels are not exceptional but the last two at the top.

On the music side, this is the biggest problem with the game (and almost the only one), although I personally love jazz, killing a boss on smooth jazz is quite unusual and will not suit everyone. In addition, some music is very redundant including one in particular that reminds me of the Macarena ... If necessary you can cut the music and put your own, but it's always a shame not to have a good playlist of epic music !

Design Jazzy Blade AssaultThe Jazzy design of Blade Assault

Most The lessers
- Very nervous and precise gameplay
- A very good rogue-lite system
- A good lifespan for a game in early access
- Developers working on the negative points

- Music without more
- Some loss of fps
- No coop

Alchemists dm gaming

For early access, Blade Assault offers a very solid copy, with substantial content and super cool gameplay. Very interesting point is that the developers make a point of resolving the negative points raised by the community. I am personally delighted to have taken this Early Access and look forward to the next game content! My only real regret is not having a two player mode, which would be quite possible in this type of game.

I rated Blade Assault 4/5

four star dm gaming

Blade Assault Logo submenu Dm Gaming

By Alchemists, July 2021

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