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Complete BlightBound Guide, easy to play

Complete Guide

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Complete BlightBound Guide: Classes, Skills, Level, Statistics, Items, Crafting, NPC, Objectives, Unlock, Riddle, Dungeons ...

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  • Intro: (00:00)
  • History and reconstruction of the refuge: (00:30)
  • Classes: (00:55)
  • Skills: (03:05)
  • Level and statistics: (05:32)
  • Objects: (06:52)
  • Craft, blacksmith and merchant: (07:44)
  • Currencies: (09:17)
  • Hero story and objective: (10:12)
  • Unlock all heroes: (11:41)
  • Dungeons: (12:19)
  • Old, Refuge Level and Prosperity: (13:52)
  • How bots work: (15:00)
  • Mentor and Steward: (16:00)
  • Solve the puzzles that bug (17:25)
  • Minimap: (18:16)
  • Endgame last dungeon (spoiler): (19:27)
  • Endgame flaws trials (spoiler): (20:08)
  • Last word: (21:00)

History and reconstruction of the refuge

You killed the Shadow Titan, but after he destroyed the sun. The world is a mess and filled with filthy monsters. Your story begins here and you must rebuild your refuge by completing the objectives given by the old one. It is also the only way to complete the story of the game.

Blightbound Shadow TitanThis boss is already dead, you won't have to face him

The three classes

Three classes are playable but also inseparable. That is to say that you will necessarily have in your team a mage, a warrior and an assassin.

The warrior will play the role of tank, or off-tank and take the majority of blows. His resource is rage, which he gains by blocking a hit with his shield. Each point of rage is displayed below its health, and when you deal a normal hit you use that rage to hit harder and heal you.

The assassin is your main source of damage, this is often based on critical damage and does massive damage. Their resource is the combos, just as for the warrior the points are displayed under the bar of life. When you hit with a normal hit you gain a combo point and can spend them with the special hit increasing the damage of this one.

The mage is the third available class and will play the support role. Even though he has damage spells, his main strengths are his shield and healing spell. Its resource is mana, which you gain by picking up mana orbs from the ground. Note that only the mage uses it even if anyone can pick it up, which will directly give him a point. Each healing spell costs one mana point, and it's the only skill that costs it. The shield makes it possible to make invulnerable and is therefore very practical on the assassin who resists little.

BlightBound Mage Assassin Warrior ClassesThe three classes Warrior, Assassin and Mage


Each hero will have a similar skill set:

  • Normal Attack, the standard move associated with your class weapon
  • Special move, mage heal, assassin combo, and warrior's shield
  • Two Titan skills that have a cooldown
  • A dodge, mage teleport, assassin roll and warrior charge
  • An Ultimate Attack ability that must be charged
  • A liability

The heroic ability is charged by taking hits but especially according to your class as follows:

  • When the mage heals
  • When the warrior blocks an attack
  • When the assassin kills an enemy

Some hero skills are common, meaning that you will quickly get to know them while playing. What is essential to read quickly are the liabilities. These are different for each character and very related to the gameplay of it. For example, the mage who remains motionless for three seconds increases his critical strike chance by 50%. A very strong liability but complicated to guess without reading it!

BlightBound's skillsBlightBound's skills

Level and statistics

Each Hero can gain levels, which he will do when you successfully complete a dungeon, up to level 8. If you lose the dungeon you will not gain experience and therefore will not be able to level up. At each level you will have statistical points to put in the following characteristics:

  • Potency: increases your damage
  • Agility: Increases critical hit damage and movement speed
  • Vitality: increases your life and the quality of care received
  • Willpower: decreases the cooldown of both skills
  • Chance: Increases your critical strike chance and finding rarer items

You will therefore have to think carefully about your build, even if we can make the shortcut of vitality for the warrior, luck and agility for the assassin and willpower for the mage, there will be many possibilities, especially depending on the passives of the hero.

BlightBound levels and statsThe max hero level with associated statistics


In order to help your heroes you will be able to give them various equipment:

  • One or two weapons: two daggers for the assassin, a staff for the mage, a sword and a shield for the warrior
  • Two or three charms: 2 for the assassin and the warrior, 3 for the mage
  • A consumable item

Having the right items to match your build will be crucial if you want to do high level dungeons. Items can be normal "white", magic "green", rare "blue", epic "purple", legendary "orange". The higher the rarity, the more the effects are numerous and powerful, so you will have to master the craft to achieve good items!

BlightBound objectsBlightBound objects

Craft, blacksmith and merchant

I am talking about craft because it is a generic term but here we are more about assembly. That is to say that all your objects also act as material, and you will therefore have to use for example a normal sword and materials to make a magic sword. Once this concept is assimilated, the rest is quite simple, never sell your equipment! I haven't seen an inventory limit, so keep whatever you find. The only time you will need to sell is if you ever have a hero to buy or an epic item, in which case sell some of your gear.

With each expedition, whether won or lost, refresh the stock of the goods by paying the 250 and buy all the epic items, then rare then magic. Possibly the normals you would need. For example, you need 3 rare items to make a magic, so you will rarely have extra non-normal items!

Then create the necessary equipment according to your needs.

craft blacksmith BlightBoundCrafting with the blacksmith will quickly be very useful


You have four currencies, of which two types, the standard currency and the class currencies.

  • Shards of Aetheri (gray), the main currency of the game to buy from the merchant and craft
  • The Embers of Siurd (red), currency linked to the warrior
  • The Oboles of Duron (blue), currency linked to the mage
  • The Scales of Zerrish (green), currency linked to the assassin

To get the currencies linked to the classes, you must play the class in question in a dungeon. It is also possible to collect all three currencies at once by playing randomly in matchmaking, but this does not work with bots. These currencies will be used only for crafting.

BlightBound currenciesBlightBound currencies

Hero story and personal goal

For each hero you will have two missions to accomplish: a story and a personal objective. Even if they can be linked, they are indeed two distinct objectives:

  • The story is exclamation marks, when the game tells you that your hero's story can progress. Once completed, you will no longer have those exclamation points while playing the hero. You must complete the dungeon for the story to progress. This will give you a reward at the end of the story in the form of a piece of legendary equipment.
  • The personal goal is usually much longer. It will ask you for a specific goal that you will need to achieve in order to eventually get a reward.

Here are some personal stories and goals as an example:

  • Ezzouhn,
    • story: you will unlock Nilbous, a hero mage by completing the story
    • personal objective: recover the 500 orbs of mana but no reward
  • Tek'ka
    • story: collect 5 misty crystals
    • personal objective: forge the legendary staff from the crystals, so you will have this item
  • Believe
    • story: kill the boss mage, you will get a legendary weapon
    • personal objective: use your ultimate attack 10 times during a dungeon, no reward
  • Triss
    • story: kill his nemesis, a legendary weapon
    • personal objective: steal an equivalent of 500 hp, reward unknown

BlightBound story and personal goalStory and personal goal completed

The Elder, level of refuge and prosperity

You have a global experience system representing everything you have achieved in the game, namely:

  • your number of heroes unlocked as well as their level and equipment
    • each of your heroes is also noted to give you an idea of ​​his power
  • the number of refugees rescued
  • the craftsmen recruited

All this will allow you to improve the overall level and unlock a large number of upgrades, whether it is NPCs, heroes, blacksmith plans or statistics points. It is therefore in your best interest to concentrate your efforts on this progression in order to improve your overall level.

The refuge level with the Old BlightBound npcThe level of your refuge will be crucial

Unlock all heroes

The majority of heroes will be on an expedition or at the merchant (even if it is a bit of a slave, it is very practical!). It's the case for :

  • Guerrier
    • Malborys
    • Believe
    • Kromn
    • Ezzouhn
    • Poor, requires dungeon level 15
  • Assassin
    • Scarlet
    • Triss
    • Mouse
    • Wodania
    • Seirinne
  • Mage
    • Korrus
    • Tek'ka
    • Kujuk

For the others, it will be a little more technical:

  • Nibous: Complete Ezzouhn's Story
  • Roland: reach level 19 Old
  • Karrogh: first chapter in the history of Wodonia
  • Bu: complete Seirinne's story
  • Clegg: go into the depths of the pit, you must have the room on the far right accessible, otherwise quit the game and start over. Once access to the room completely to the right, go to the end to kill the mini-boss and retrace your steps, the cell where Clegg is located will be open. Attention to the level of the dungeon, I unlocked it in level 8
  • Ziram: go into a bloody desire to find it, then after the first beacon, go and light the one on the left. You will find him on the way back. Attention dungeon level 15 required
  • Karue: go into the creeping infection to find her, be careful dungeon level 15 required
  • ? : this mage is not yet available, there are 7 warriors, 7 assassins, 6 mages

One clarification, leaving the game does not change the level of the dungeons, you must die or complete the dungeon. On the other hand, leaving the game changes the depth gates of the pit!

Thanks to gamover44 for the precision on the level of the dungeons to unlock the heroes!

It will take you a bundle of hours to unlock all the classes


Main activity of the game, do the dungeons and preferably without dying! You will have a random difficulty for each, increasing your rewards. Each dungeon is strewn with enemies, generals, puzzles and loot, and always ends with a boss. There are 9 divided into three regions. Each region has an associated reward, once unlocked at your refuge.

If you lose the dungeon, you will keep any coins and items found, but not any survivors, story progression, or experience. You will also get loot by killing the boss and region rewards. If you want to scale quickly, then it is always going to be more profitable to do an easy dungeon rather than take the risk of losing it.

Here is the list of dungeons and their associated region:

  • The pit
    • lowering
    • the creeping infection
    • pit depth
  • The bloody mountain
    • distress call
    • a bloody desire
    • Khuliath, the mountain giant
  • Mausoleum
    • sinister ritual
    • For Whom the Bell Tolls
    • shadow embrace

Doing a high difficulty dungeon will vary many parameters, namely:

  • the number of enemies you face
  • more elite enemies (those with an indication below their nickname)
  • no more traps
  • more health and damage from enemies
  • more reward overall, whether in currency or equipment
  • on the other hand the experience received and the progression of the story does not change

all dungeons in BlightBoundAll dungeons with BlightBound difficulty

How bots work

Bots allow you to avoid using matchmaking, but there is a few things to know:

  • You cannot equip or choose the bot, it will be random with equipment and level equivalent to that of your hero
  • They don't gain experience, resources, or any story advancements
  • You can manage them and it is possible to do dungeons just with two bots, you have all the information on this guide 1 player two bots BlightBound

BlightBound Test bots, rogue-lite scroller 2.5D coopBots will go to the plates when you go

Solve the puzzles that bug

I wanted to make a point because I saw many comments which indicated that the puzzles were buggy. I think above all that there is a misunderstanding of it, because after 25 hours of play I have never been stuck in a riddle. Here is my tip for solving them:

  • when it lights up, see if there is a cross next to it, and if so, activate the
  • wait for the next ignition and iterate

It's not an exact science, if you see that it doesn't work you may have turned on one that was wrong, so play around with your solution a bit. Still, it takes me an average of 30 seconds to complete these puzzles, and up to 2 minutes if she struggles!

BlightBound's buggy puzzlesThe puzzles do not bug knowing this trick

Mentor, Quartermaster and Aetheri Crystals

There are two complementary NPCs in the game:

  • the Mentor, allowing you to see the latest activities and access the Bestiary to have information on monsters and bosses killed (except that this bug, it is reset when you quit the game)
  • the Steward, allowing you to consult your inventory but especially to obtain bonuses, remember to see him as soon as there is an exclamation point on him

The only way to get Aetheri Crystals is through bounties, be sure not to spend them unnecessarily and especially not to sell them! They will be very useful to you in the late game.

Aetheri Crystals will only be redeemable with Bounties


Of all the games I've played, I think this is the least intuitive mini-map! Here is some information to help you:

  • the active piece is in orange, this is where you are
  • there is no possibility to enlarge the map
  • exclamation marks represent objectives or the place to use a key, so you will have to go through that
  • the padlocks represent the doors, they are openable via a riddle, a key or simply not openable

The BlightBound minimapThe minimap is quite anti-intuitive

Endgame Rifts Trials

An endgame system can appear in your dungeons, in the form of a loophole in which you can enter, I do not yet have all the information on them but here is the one I have:

  • they appear randomly in dungeons
  • there are a lot of bosses, elites and creeps
  • if you die get out but don't lose the dungeon
  • in theory of the loot to the key
  • I saw them appear on characters with an advanced story level and in refuge level 24+

Here are the four proof flaws I found:

  • Light fault: avoid pressing on the plates otherwise it triggers lasers
  • Rift of separation: you are separated from the mage, who will be in an area with traps, by far the hardest test
  • Gathering Rift: Collect 15 Mana Orbs
  • Ice fault: the ground slips, apart from that nothing special

The BlightBound proofs flawsRifts will allow you to access a high level instance

Endgame Last Dungeon

Once you have rebuilt your refuge, just after completing the personal objective of 9 heroes, you will unlock the last dungeon to finish the story of the game. Be careful, this one is very complicated!

BlightBound herd last slaughter dungeonThe latest dungeon in the game and by far the best!

Alchemists dm gaming

With this guide you should be ready for all of Blightbound's challenges. There is a lot of information but it is crucial in order to understand the game and be able to more easily have fun! If you ever have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments.

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By Alchemists, August 2021

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