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Corrupted Items

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Corrupted Objects BlightBound: The Guide to Help You Recover Corrupted Objects, Higher Thirds Than Legendaries!

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Corrupted items

Unlike legendary items (with one or two rare exceptions), Corrupted items will have three bonus lines as well as a passive. So they will very quickly be key to your characters, if you manage to get them! The only way is to get through a rift, it will be your reward for completing it.

Blighted BlightBound Corrupted ItemA corrupted or blighted object in English


It will therefore be crucial to find your flaws, but above all to put an end to them, so I will give you all the information because it will not be an easy task! To find the flaws:

  • they always appear in the same place in a dungeon, but there can be several locations within the same map (a priori 2). For example in the dungeon where you search the crypts, you will have one possible in the northeast and one in the southeast. For the ritual, put on the skull and go just left.
  • rifts are more likely to appear in dungeons with high difficulty, not to be confused with the level of the dungeon (Very difficult vs 10 for example), because I have already found some in level 10
  • I very often have a flaw in every high level expedition, no matter the dungeon
  • you can very well find loopholes with allied bots (unlike info wiki)
  • the appearance of a rift will always be accompanied by minions, kill them before entering the rift
  • leaving a game (without dying) keeps the difficulty level but changes the type of rift, so you can do it at will
  • you can lose after winning a rift, you will keep the item, but above all, do not quit!
  • a fault can activate after a second passage, for example after having excavated a crypt

Here is the sequence of the faults:

  • there are four, collection, light, glide or separation, obtainable a priori two types per dungeon and not linked to the region
  • each arena consists of several waves or even an additional objective
  • after completing all the waves you will have the boss then the reward if you win
  • if you lose you are kicked out of the rift but don't lose the dungeon
  • So there is always an interest in going into the rifts, unless you hit a dungeon
  • the rifts give a random item, so you can farm the rift you prefer

appearance of a flaw on BlightBoundA flaw appears on BlightBound

Collection flaw

Probably the simplest flaw in the game, here is its information:

  • you need to collect 15 mana orbs, Korrus will be especially appreciated for this rift
  • enemies are made up of many elite shields, protecting all minions, be careful not to get overwhelmed
  • plan movement spells, so you can collect the mana orbs once they appear

Collection flaws

Slip fault

Not the hardest but by far the most annoying, here is his information:

  • as soon as a target is hit, whether it's you or an enemy, you slide in the opposite direction
  • the creeps will therefore not be easy to kill
  • the difficulty of this arena is simple, if you manage to reach the creeps
  • watch out for the general (before the boss) who spins an ax around him and can get you stuck in a corner
  • always avoid finding yourself in a corner in order to be blocked by the sliding mechanism and die

The BlightBound Ice RiftThe gliding fault will attack your nerves!

Rift of light

The fault of light is the one that will require the most precision, here is its information:

  • you have three panels that activate three laser batteries that must be avoided at all costs
  • the difficulty of this flaw is quite important, so it will be quite hard not to step on the slabs
  • try to stay in the middle area which is quite large

arena of lightThe scheme of the arena of light

Separation fault

The separation flaw is by far the hardest in the game, namely:

  • you will be separated from the mage, but can stick to him to get a cure
  • the mage will be surrounded by pike traps, requiring permanent dodge
  • the mage can also cast his spells, but with a very reduced range
  • there is also a lot of elite density and creeps, good luck!

The BlightBound proofs flawsThe separation rift, the hardest in the game

List of corrupted objects

Here is the list of objects that I found, do not hesitate to post in comments those that you have as well as your nickname that I update the list!

  • Seal of Despair
    • 40% skill damage
    • 100% ultimate damage
    • 60% damage elites, bosses, generals
    • when you launch an ultimate attack, reset all cooldowns
  • Aetheri Amulet
    • 40% opportunity damage against enemies under CC
    • 60% special damage against elites
    • 12% dodge recovery
    • enemies are slowed down after Transfer (mage dash)
  • Lemna of Duron
    • Skill damage + 40%
    • 60% special damage against elites
    • 30% Aetheri Shard per pickup
    • 3% more health when you receive a treatment, up to 50%
  • Truth of Tergaron
    • Skill damage + 100%
    • Ultimate Damage + 40%
    • Decrease in cooldown + 20%
    • 20% chance of not consuming the hero's resource

Alchemists dm gaming

Corrupted items are a great surprise to the game and allow the more adventurous to have a loot that lives up to their expectations on BlightBound! Do not hesitate to share on the comments those that you have found!

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By Alchemists, August 2021

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