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Manage bots and kill bosses with

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Play with 2 Blightbound bots: I show you how to play solo using bots and killing bosses with them!

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  • Intro: (00:00)
  • Order bots: (00:12)
  • Kill the bosses with the warrior and two bots: (01:29)
  • Kill the bosses with the assassin and two bots: (03:17)
  • Kill the bosses with the mage and two bots: (04:05)
  • Last word: (05:10)

Manage and order bots

Even if it is not explained, you can give orders to the bots. This will allow you to pass all the trials and traps of the game with your bot comrades. Note that I completed all the dungeons in solo, I was never blocked because of a bot that did not activate a mechanism. Here is what you can do:

  • ask a bot to attack: when you attack, it attacks too. Very useful for asking the Mage to attack an element located at a distance, which you could not therefore reach with the Assassin or the Warrior
  • move a bot on the plates: the bot goes in the direction you are going, even if you are walking against a wall. The most obvious example is the dungeon where you have to activate levers and then each one enters a box which closes with a grid. Enter a box and keep your joystick in the direction you want your bot to go, it will go nicely in it!
  • watch the bots: the last puzzle is when you are separated from the group. Bots will go where they need to go, allowing you to do whatever mechanics are requested. As on the video, we see that the bots cross the grid to maintain it

manage bots on BlightBoundBots automatically go to the other side to hold the grid open

Kill the bosses with the warrior and two bots

When you are on the Warrior, the easiest way is to do the following:

  • don't mind the bots, let them take their life and die
  • don't try to resuscitate them unless you have a fairly large niche
  • blocked attacks until you have at least 1 rage point and use it (with a normal hit)
  • you heal yourself more than you take damage
  • you just have to time the shield and attack alternation well and you can kill any boss solo

the warrior with two bots on BlightBoundThe warrior, two bots (dead) and a boss.

Kill bosses with the mage and two bots

For the mage, it's relatively simple:

  • always start a boss fight with 3 mana
  • stay away and shield bots, and do as much damage as possible
  • heal bots when they run out of life and get back at a distance
  • if your bots die, avoid resurrecting them unless you're safe
  • continue in the worst-case scenario solo, dodging and waiting for shield or heal to do damage to the boss
  • the more you keep the bots alive, the less it will take to kill the boss, but that's not essential

the mage with two bots on BlightBoundA mage, two bots and a boss. Think about having max mana!

Kill the bosses with the assassin and two bots

The assassin is probably the most complicated in solo and will require a prerequisite:

  • Equip two items with health steal, at least 4%
  • if possible take skill damage and cooldown reduction
  • let the bots do their living, don't take the risk of resuscitating them
  • use only your skills or even ultimate shot to always stay at a distance
  • you will heal yourself through the use of these
  • it will be quite long in general, but you will kill the boss for sure

the assassin with two bots on BlightBoundThe assassin, two bots and a boss. The use of skills will be essential

Alchemists dm gaming

Even if playing solo will be more difficult than with a group, with this guide you will no longer need to have any blockages to complete a dungeon and kill your boss with bots on BlightBound!

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By Alchemists, August 2021

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