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Children of Morta

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Children of Morta: find our test as well as our guides to help you start and finish this retro indie roguelite!


Children of Morta, the test of the retro indie rogue-lite Children of Morta, the test 01/06/2021 Adventure, Coop, India, Test Children of Morta test: all about this game, upgrade system, rogue-lite, co-op, lifespan and design!
Family trials Children of Morta, the test Family Events Children of Morta 11/06/2021 Extension, Test Family trials Children of Morta: find in this test the information on the new game mode, which acts as stand alone!


Children of Morta Guide 06/06/2021 Full Children of Morta Guide: Rea's Book, Ben's Workshop, Life and Regeneration, Deeds, Gems, Runes, Relics, Corruption, and more!
Children of Morta classes and builds, the complete guide Children of Morta classes and builds guide 03/06/2021 End game, Characters Children of Morta classes and builds: find all the builds and info for the Apan, Lucy, Linda, Joey, John, Kevin and Mark classes!


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