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Three new Arc Mist runewords, Pattern claws, and Flickering Flame helmet
Assassin Trombe Whirlwind, the power of physical damage and traps Diablo 2 Resurrected

Children of Morta classes and builds, the complete guide

Classes and builds

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Children of Morta classes and builds: find all the builds and info for the Apan, Lucy, Linda, Joey, John, Kevin and Mark classes!

Three new Arc Mist runewords, Pattern claws, and Flickering Flame helmet
Assassin Trombe Whirlwind, the power of physical damage and traps Diablo 2 Resurrected
Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming


  • Intro: (00:00)
  • John, tank swordsman: (00:15)
  • Linda, distance archer: (01:39)
  • Kevin, thief assassin: (02:40)
  • Mark, the dance of death: (03:15)
  • Joey, off tank to ground: (04:16)
  • Lucy, the quintessential mage: (05:37)
  • Apan, combatant healer: (06:55)
  • Last word: (07:46)


John is the family dad, he will do anything to protect her and his kit is oriented that way.

  • Archetype: tank, swordsman
  • Synergy: works great with remote dps

The talents obtained for the family are:

  1. Increases health
  2. Heavenly Strike Rune Gain
  3. Anti-death every five minutes
  4. Health regeneration

It is very important to quickly get John level 20 in order to unlock the family regeneration talent, which will be of great help to you. All of John's talents are interesting, I advise you to put at least one point in each. Then according to your desires orient in this way:

  • tank version: improve armor, stamina and thorn shield
  • dps version: improve celestial strike
  • anti-boss: improve the guardian's rage

John Children of Morta Talent TreeAn example with my versatile build on John


Linda is the oldest of the family, armed with a bow she has a good dps from a distance

  • Archetype: distance, archer
  • Synergy: works very well with melee

The talents obtained for the family are:

  1. Movement speed
  2. Explosive Crescendo Rune Gain
  3. Stun on damage received - every five minutes
  4. Movement speed when weapon stowed

Unfortunately Linda has the worst talents in families and it won't be necessary to ride her to help your other classes, unless of course you want to play her. Here are the best spells to improve:

  • explosive crescendo for damage
  • one point in each rage talent
  • harmonious strike for the duration of the stun
  • talents level 20

Linda Children of Morta Talent TreeMy Linda build at level 20


The youngest of the family, with unparalleled speed and daggers

  • Archetype: melee, assassin
  • Synergy: medium synergies, with a tank or distance

The talents obtained for the family are:

  1. Critical damage
  2. Gain Runes
  3. Execution on fierce enemies every 5 minutes
  4. Critical damage

Kevin has rather nice family talents, do not hesitate to ride him. For my part, I didn't really like his style of play, so I theorized you about his talent tree. Each talent is interesting, so put at least one point in it, then:

  • the range of knives for aoe
  • the coat for resistance and the single target

Kevin Children of Morta Talent TreeI theorized you because it's the only character I haven't played, sorry Kevin!


Let's move on to Mark, the eldest son of the family. He combines combat and grace with his blows.

  • Archetype: melee, combat
  • Synergy: medium synergies, with a tank or distance

The talents obtained for the family are:

  1. Siding bar regeneration
  2. Guardian's Rage Gain
  3. Lash after hits every 3 minutes
  4. Avoidance bars +1

The talents are quite practical, especially the extra dodge at level 20. Mark is also very well balanced, he hits hard and resists well. I also recommend a point everywhere and max of the whip, which hits excessively hard and in a wide area.

Mark Children of Morta Talent TreeMy build of Mark


Joey is Uncle Ben's only son (not Rice!), His gameplay is quite peculiar and uses a mace.

  • Archetype: melee, tank
  • Synergy: with a dps distance

The talents obtained for the family are:

  1. Gain of rage
  2. Whirlpool if surrounded by enemies every 5 minutes
  3. Divine Shattering Rune Gain
  4. Rabies duration

If you like rage spells, you should increase Joey's level in order to buff your family. Joey's skills are frankly not that interesting, even his rage spell, so you can increase all of his spells except smash, rage, and whirlwind.

Joey Children of Morta Talent TreeIf I had known I wouldn't have taken any assets on Joey


Lucy is the youngest of the family, and the only real mage in the game

  • Archetype: distance, mage
  • Synergy: very good with a tank

The talents obtained for the family are:

  1. A gem
  2. Gain Runes
  3. One lure every 5 minutes
  4. A gem

Family talents are quite special, but you will earn two gems, and if you play 2 you will therefore have four, which is quite handy for collecting chests early on and then improving your passives at home. Lucy's talents are also very interesting and strong, you should take a point in all the passives but at all costs the lure. On the other hand, the form of rage is not very practical, you can go your way if necessary.

Lucy Children of Morta Talent TreeLucy's powers are all really strong, except at the limit the rage


Apan, a newly added class, is not part of the family but kindly helps you out! She is warrior and careful.

  • Archetype: mage and melee hybrid
  • Synergy: average, with a dps distance it's not bad

The talents obtained for the family are:

  1. Increases the care of the globes
  2. Creates a shield when you take elemental damage
  3. Shield runes
  4. Increased number of globes found

Apan will very quickly bring you a not insignificant comfort of life once you have recovered the last level of family. Combine it with John's family talents to have a good serenity during your runs! Likewise, Apan's talents are all very interesting, with above the rest his magic glyph which is completely broken, so remember to max him out!

Apan Children of Morta Talent TreeSave points for Apan's Magic Glyph, one of the best spells in the game!

Alchemists dm gaming

With this information you will need to be ready to choose your characters, do your builds and complete story mode as well as story mode +!

By Alchemists, June 2021

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