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Complete Guide

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Children of Morta Guide: Rea's Book, Ben's Workshop, Life and Regeneration, Deeds, Gems, Runes, Relics, Corruption, and more!

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  • Intro: (00:00)
  • How the world works: (00:20)
  • Ben's workshop, improve it well: (01:15)
  • Book of Rea, improve it well: (02:28)
  • System of life and regeneration: (03:56)
  • Spend the gems well: (05:26)
  • The sanctuaries: (06:23)
  • The runes: (07:05)
  • The divine relics: (08:16)
  • The charms: (09:05)
  • Eggs, fatigue and build reset: (10:30)
  • Corruption: (11:40)
  • Create a build and classes: (12:11)
  • Last word: (12:26)

How the world works

The way the world works is very particular and unique to Children of Morta. With each attempt, whether successful or you die, you go to the family house so you can improve your stats, have some lore talks and then go back on a mission. Here is the structure:

  • Each act is divided into a zone
    • the zones are themselves divided into several levels
      • you must complete all the levels in the area to unlock the next one
      • if you die you start all the levels again

children of morta act 1Act 1 is made up of three areas

Ben's workshop, improve it well

Ben's Workshop will increase all of your combat stats, as long as you have gold. For Ben's workshop like Rea's book, with each point invests the next point will cost you more gold. It is however very useful to always put at least a point or even 2 in the characteristics as soon as you unlock them, since it costs next to nothing. Here is the order to improve and why:

  • Reinforced armor: increases your regeneration threshold and your max life (see the life section below)
  • Art of War: Increase your base damage
  • Precision: Increases your critical strike chance, 19% at level 10
  • Agility: Increases your dodge chance, 10% at level 5
  • Compulsion: increases your rage gain
  • Next, two points in speed (movement speed), razor-sharp weapons (critical damage), resilience (resistance to cc)

ben workshop complete guide Children of MortaBen's workshop with optimized points

Book of Rea, well improve it

Rea's book will give you a lot of utility and is very handy in helping you with your runs. I advise you not to spend more than the screenshot in order to prioritize your stats near Ben's workshop. Here are the points to buy:

  • Enrichment: allows to obtain more gold, very practical. 3-4 points to be profitable, then it's too expensive
  • Wisdom: increase in experience, 10% per step, very practical
  • Mastery of Divine Relics: at least 1 point to unlock another Relic slot
  • Runic knowledge: at least one point to unlock the runes
  • Remembrance of shrines (effectiveness of shrines) and gem collector (more chance of gems) at least one point

book of rea complete guide Children of MortaPoints to buy in Réa's book

System of life and regeneration

One of the most important aspects in Children of Morta is the management of life. Apart from the family talents which are explained in the class guide, you will be able to find life globes in your expeditions to heal you and your ally. However, you also have a minimum life threshold, that is to say that when you are out of combat, you will regain life up to a certain threshold, depending on your maximum life.

It is therefore important to have enough max life so that the only life regen is large enough. Once you have a sufficiently large health threshold, I recommend that you play with reduced health. That is to say that you do not take any more globes until the level is not finished, and you put yourself out of combat if necessary. The handy thing is that you can do this even if there are monsters and bosses around, so you can just dodge attacks and not hit, and you will be healed automatically.

Once the level is finished, collect the globes to be full life and go to the next level. This will be particularly useful before facing a boss.

Children of Morta regeneration thresholdThe regeneration threshold depends on your max life

Spend the gems well

Gems are the green orbs that you can find during your expeditions, they are lost if you die or end a run, so it is very important to use them during your run. There are two possible options, depending on the situation:

  • you have a great chance to finish the zone: wait until you find a merchant, you will necessarily meet one in one of the levels of the zone
  • you have just started a new zone or you need gold: open all the chests and do not spend especially at the merchant, the money collected is quite important especially at the end of the story mode

spend children of morta gemsThe merchant is not necessarily the best way to spend gems!


Shrines are random items giving a buff depending on the type of shrine. It is very important to choose the right moment before taking it:

  • sanctuary of life: once you have as little life as possible, as it heals you completely
  • armor shrine: before moving to the next level, for trying to get it along with the boss fight
  • sanctuary of luck: before a good pack of mobs preferably
  • .

improve the children of morta shrinesThe duration of the sanctuaries is not very useful

The runes

Runes are temporary spell enhancements, allowing you to add an effect to that spell. You will need to unlock the Runes via Family Talents in order to take advantage of them. Runes are to be used wisely, as they have a limited duration depending on the number of times you use them. You can only have one rune per spell, and picking up a new one will replace it.

  • try to save your side spell runes for bosses or big monster pack
  • target your spells rather than spam them to avoid wasting them
  • if you find another rune for the same spell, leave it, finish your current rune and come back for it afterwards

upgrade children of morta runesA few points in rune durability will be very useful

Divine relics

Relics are super powerful tools to aid you in your run. It's going to be very important to have one or two (after unlocking the Passive in the Book of Rea) and pair it with the right character if you're playing two. You have a relic cooldown that is reset if you level up, so be sure to test it out by collecting it.

  • take the relics in aoe around you for melee people for example
  • tank relics, for tanks, and dps, for dps!
  • there are all kinds, read the effect carefully before taking it

upgrade children of morta relicsUpgrade relics to have two

The charms

You can also pick up temporary and permanent buffs, which you will need to activate (with the up arrow on the controller). Read this buff very carefully before taking it, they have a positive and negative side, and will be useful depending on the class you are playing! So be very careful when using it, a buff with a bad effect could cause you to lose your run.

the buffs of children of mortaYour buffs are displayed just above your character

Eggs, fatigue and build reset

I grouped its items together because it requires the same resource, an egg. I strongly advise against using your eggs, as they are hard to recover. You will need to catch the running bug for this, you will have a portal leading you to an instance where you are chasing a bug. Run without stopping following in his footsteps and you will have 1 egg.

Class fatigue lowers their max health, and to remove it you can spend an egg (don'ts!), Or just play another character. This is great since it is very convenient to unlock Family Talents from other classes!

If necessary, use two eggs to reset your build, but be sure, because once again they are rare!

reset its build is expensive Children of MortaResetting your build will be very expensive, be careful not to use it often!


Corruption is the fact that monsters come out of corpses when killed; these are the little purple men. Be careful, they hit quite hard and are numerous. You can also find them without necessarily having to kill enemies. Be careful though, if you retrace your steps, they may come out of corpses even if they haven't done so before!

purple corrupt monsters children of mortaCorrupted enemies are purple

Create a build and understand classes

In order to create your build and know the best classes, I advise you directly my Children of Morta class guide

Alchemists dm gaming

You should have all the information to better understand Children of Morta, which is not super intuitive!

By Alchemists, June 2021

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