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Family trials Children of Morta, the test

The test

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Family trials Children of Morta: find in this test the information on the new game mode, which acts as stand alone!

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  • Intro: (00:00)
  • Content and interest: (01:02)
  • Rogue-lite quality: (02:15)
  • Balance sheet and note: (04:44)
  • Last word: (05:24)

Content and shelf life

The family trial mode was released in April 2021, offering new free content for those who already have the game. You can therefore choose to do the story mode or the family trials. I advise you all the same to do at least the beginning of the story mode so as not to be lost in this new mode.

In it, you chain dungeons in order to be able to complete the difficulty. The first consists of 13 levels, and the following difficulties increase their number. You will also have merchant levels to buy equipment and boss levels. The big advantage of this game mode is that it removes all the "complexity" of the story mode, whether you like it or not, and allows you to directly play Children of Morta without the hassle.

You will be able to do three difficulty levels, each unlocking by completing the previous difficulty level.

bonuses and bonus objectives Family Trials Children of MortaYou will have a main and bonus objective for each floor

Rogue-lite quality

To help you in your runs, you will be able to unlock starting bonuses when, for example, you have killed a number of bosses or gone through enough levels with a family member.
You can however choose only one buff, and we do not find the story mode system where you start again to improve your character, suddenly we are almost on a rogue-like without real improvement between runs. I would have preferred a sharper system, either no improvement or a more extensive system rather than a rather incidental system in the end.

On the Rogue-like side you will be served, each run being totally different. You have a main mission to move to the next floor and a bonus objective to obtain an item if you succeed. This will also be quite important if you want to complete the difficulty level in question.

The real idea of ​​genius in this mode, however, consists in taking talents, as soon as you have taken a level, you have the choice between three talents. These talents are a cross between all the possibilities in Rea's book, Ben's workshop, character talents and family runes. That is to say that you can for example take an explosive whip on Mark without having to manage your rune. Your spell will be directly more powerful until you finish your run by winning or dying. So after several levels your character will be more and more explosive, because you will be able to combine several effects of runes, something which was impossible in story mode. For example Lucy who sends lots of tornadoes in all directions and who also has Mark's buff.

The only complaint is that there is no object allowing to reroll talents, for example at the cost of a gem it would be less random and would allow better synergies by paying.

The Great Family Trials Children of Morta talent systemThe very good talent system

Balance sheet and note

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- easy to access and immediate fun
- completely free content
- a good lifespan
- the very good talent system
- more explosive than story mode ...

-... but deviates a bit from the original design
- the starting buffs without more

Alchemists dm gaming

Children of Morta Family Trials are a great addition to the base game. More accessible, it will allow new players who do not want to worry about the story to fully enjoy the game. In addition free if of course you have the game, the only negative side would be that we want more! Even if in the end we are moving away from the original minimalist design of the game, these new features make it a much more accessible mode, due to their simplicity and immediate fun.

So I rated this mode 4/5

By Alchemists, June 2021

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