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Chronicon is a super HnS playable up to 4 in coop, and very complete! All our guides and tutorials to complete the game!

chronicon game test Chronicon test: hack & slash retro 4-player coop 25/06/2020 Coop, HnS, India, Pixel Art, Test The very good hack & slash pixel art from 1 to 4!


berzerker chronicon build Best Chronicon Berserker Build 13/07/2020 End game, Guerrier A fast, powerful and area damage build!
templar mythic 15 chronicon Best Chronicon Templar Build 29/06/2020 Guerrier The perfect build to kill all enemies!
warden mythic 15 chronicon Best Build Chronicon Warden 07/07/2020 Distance, End game The build to hit 300 billion!
warlock mythic 15 chronicon Best Chronicon Warlock Build 07/07/2020 End game, Mage The mage with damage and area effect!


guide complete craft chronicon Craft Chronicon enchantment guide 25/06/2020 Craft, Premium For crafting and transmuting equipment!
complete guide chronicon Chronicon game guide 13/07/2020 Full Stats, items, runes, npc, spells, ...

keras shady dealer chronicon Keras Shady Dealer, the NPC! 08/07/2020 NPC How to find it and the interest of this NPC!
power level chronicon Power Level Chronicon 13/07/2020 Leveling Second character in 5 minutes!

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