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Best Chronicon Berserker Build

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Best Build Chronicon Berserker, ice and fire combined with lightning speed and AOE to destroy Mythic 15!

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This build uses the Berzerker fire set as well as the Sun & Moon, boosting your damage to 10 billion per hit. Ultra fast and based on the regen of life, you will have no difficulty destroying the Mythic 15 and endless dungeons very quickly!


Here are the stats to have for this build. These are the ones you will get by taking the same stuff / liabilities.

  • Life: 150k (changes to 250k)
  • Damage reduced: 40% + (goes to 60% +)
  • Everything Resistances: 80% (in Mythic 15)
  • Damage stagerred: 50% +
  • Rage: 300
  • Cooldown: 50% +
  • Critical chance: 5% (via anneuau jeopardy)
  • Critical damage: 500% + (increases to 800%)
  • Damage: 20k +
  • Fire damage: 500% + (increases to 1.5k)
  • Overpower: 100% (with rage buffs)

Spells, Passives and Masteries

Below are the spells to take:

  • Frost claw: buff fire damage
  • Flamewrath: AoE flame
  • Rhyme: damage buff, to be activated permanently
  • Dragon within: damage buff, no need to activate
  • Protector: max life, to be activated for healing
  • Dragon flight: movement speed, to be activated on bosses


Below the equipment, beware it requires 3 greater runes, so do not hesitate to farm before starting Mythic 15!

  • Helmet set Dragonfire with greater rune Weiryck Crown
    • set + stats with gems
  • Balgar's binding accessory with elemental
    • staggered damage + damage buff
  • Amulet Frostmoon, no interesting runes
    • second set
  • Claw set Dragonfire with flame dragon rune
    • Remove cooldown on AoE spell
  • Dragonfire fist set with face breaker
    • stack your damage to add it
  • Dragonfire armor set with flamebound
    • Embershield cast and life regeneration
  • Pathmaker boots with stagger rune
    • regeneration according to movement speed and stagger
  • Ring Sun with jeopardy
    • critical buff and second set

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Ultra fast
- AoE covering the screen
- Damage constant at 10 billion
- Resists big aggro

- A bit long to kill the bosses


  • 0.98: creation
Alchemists dm gaming

One of the best Berzerker builds for speed farm the mythic 15 and more! If you combine it with a boss killer, like this build, you will have an ultra powerful combo to push the endless!

By Alchemists, July 2020

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