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Best Chronicon Templar Build

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Best Chronicon Templar Build: Ridicule the mythic XV with this utlra tanky, aggro, fast clear and big DPS build!

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This build is based on a huge tanking associated with a lot of stolen life. You can therefore aggro the whole card and cast your spells. Every time you hit a creep you trigger a kickout, so if you have a pack of 50 creeps it's 50 kickouts that will hit all the creeps. You always have swords mimicking your spells, that is to say 3 times more basic damage!
This build therefore combines the "more creep the more I do damage", with "I can tank lots of creeps"! For the bosses, you just have to keep pressing all the buttons, it is slightly long (about 10 min for the Mythic 15 boss), but no risk of dying.


Here are the stats to have for this build. These are the ones you will get by taking the same stuff / liabilities.

  • chance to block: 85%
  • blocked damage: 50%
  • resistance to everything: 80% (in Mythic 15!)
  • life: 150k hp
  • damage stagerred: 50% +
  • Cooldown: 50% +
  • Critical chance: 100%
  • Critical damage: 250% +
  • Damage: 15k +
  • Holy damage: 1.3k +

Spells, Passives and Masteries

Below are the spells to take:

  • Field training: will buff your sword damage, no need to activate it
  • Plea: aura defense, to be activated as soon as your life drops
  • Taunt: damage and aggro buff for the entire map, to be activated all the time
  • Smite: your self-attack, against bosses only
  • Divine salvo: your main spell, ultra powerful damage
  • Divine blade: your second spell, damage + damage buff


Below the equipment, beware it requires 3 greater runes, so don't hesitate to farm before you start Mythic 15!

  • Soulpurger regalia helmet with greater rune Weiryck Crown
    • set + stats with gems
  • Balgar's binding of the forest accessory with greater rune Heart of the forest
    • cooldown + mana combo + staggered damage
  • Tear of the Arch Druid amulet with star of the pure
    • not necessarily a must but not much else interesting
  • Shield set soulpuper regalia with rune Tome of venge
    • three swords permanently
  • Illuminate sword with potent
    • damage boost + mana combo with accessory
  • Armor set soulpurger regalia with greater rune elementium: increase gems effect, cooldown, health, all resistance
    • boost op of your resistances
  • Lusombra's Path Boots
    • insane boost of your damage + staggering
  • Ring of pure energies and blades + greater rune ring of blades
    • copies the spells of your swords

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Huge damage while being ultra resistant
- The possibility of aggro the map
- The possibility of speed farm or push
- Active gameplay

- The bosses take a long time to kill!


  • 0.98: creation
Alchemists dm gaming

Hope this Best Build Chronicon: Sword Templar gets you more! For me it is one of the best buids in the game, all classes combined. He has no weak point except the bosses which are a bit slow to kill. You can use it very well in all situations, and even put magic find runes if you want!

By Alchemists, June 2020

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