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Best Chronicon Warlock Build

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Best Build Chronicon Warlock, a mage with 500k pv and 500 million aoes, to easily destroy the mythic 15 and endless!

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This build combines immense survivability with 500k HP / shield and massive AoE areas hitting creeps at 500m. Once a creep dies, the corpse shatter will do a chain explosion and destroy all the aggro all at once. For the boss, he will become more and more debuffed and die in a few tens of seconds.

The two sets used permuting this effect are Sun & Moon and Deathbringer's Raiment


Here are the stats to have for this build. These are the ones you will get by taking the same stuff / liabilities.

  • life: 100k (without fight)
  • shield: 100k (excluding fight)
  • damage reduced: 30% +
  • resistance to everything: 80% (in Mythic 15)
  • damage stagerred: 50% +
  • Cooldown: 60% +
  • Critical chance: 5% (via jeopardy ring)
  • Critical damage: 500% + (increases to 800%)
  • Damage: 20k +
  • Overpower: 70% +
  • Frost damage: 2000% (with the set)

Spells, Passives and Masteries

Below are the spells to take:

  • Ritual of soules: defensive and offensive buff, activate to double the effect
  • Soul barrier: Ultra powerful defensive buff on hard hits
  • Ritual of performation: increase in piercing and damage, to activate
  • Firebomb: your self attacks
  • Frigid star: your first DPS
  • Deathly barrage: your second DPS


Below the equipment, beware it requires 3 greater runes, so don't hesitate to farm before you start Mythic 15!

  • Deathbringer set helmet with greater rune Weiryck Crown
    • set + stats with gems
  • Balgar's binding of the forest accessory with elementium stone rune
    • staggered damage + 40% enemy debuff
  • Sun & Moon amulet with hellstone
    • souls permanently and set that quadruple your damage
  • Spell book set Deathbringer with book of souls
    • +10 souls
  • Staff set Deathbringer brimstone
    • spell damage up
  • Deathbringer armor set with vestige of lost souls rune
    • shield permanently
  • Cloud runners with rune stagger
    • mobility buff + stagger
  • Ring sun & moon with jeopardy
    • critical buff + set insane

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Huge AoE with a lot of DPS
- An ultra tanky mage to take big aggro
- Explode all the creeps at once when there is one that dies
- Very strong against bosses with the infinite destack

- Less effective against solo creeps


  • 0.98: creation
Alchemists dm gaming

Best build chronicon Warlock, a frost fireworks display to annihilate all your enemies very quickly. You can also grind endless mode without any problem since the bosses and clears of maps are very simple! What to pass suddenly on a good moment

By Alchemists, July 2020

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