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Chronicon Guide: stats, items, runes, NPCs, currencies, spells, passives, masteries, transmutation, story mode and late game! In short, know everything!

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Below is the list of important game stats!


  • Health / Mana: life and mana
  • Damage: your damage base for your spells
  • Attack speed: attack speed
  • Critical hit chance / damage: your chance and critical hit damage
  • Overpower: your armor penetration
    • ex: 25% overpower and a creep with 50% resistance, will drop the resistance to 37.5%
  • Elemental and physical damage: multiply the damage by this percentage
  • Class-specific damage (archery, sword, etc.): multiply the damage by this percentage


  • Evasion: your chance to dodge
  • Damage reduction: reduction of damage suffered
  • Physical and elemental resistances: your resistance to damage, aim for 80% everywhere in M15

Specific to the game:

  • damage staggered: spreads damage over three seconds
  • reach: increases the AoE of spells
  • rage: increases the power of inheritance spells, and can be released with the passive "rage release"
  • Pickup radius: increase the range to pick up
  • Pickup strength: increases the power of drop life / mana globes

Good to know: Chronicon will put the direct figure by taking into account your bonuses (ex: the displayed effects of a gem will take into account the "increase gem effect" bonuses)


Below is the list of items and their uses!

  • Enchanted (blue): if you really have nothing else to wear!
  • Rare (purple): ok for story mode
  • Unique (pink): while waiting to have legendaries
  • Legendary non-set (red): handy for their effects and runes
  • Legendary set (red): very good to have a set effect, however no base rune
  • True legendary (orange): powerful objects with a greater rune
  • Empowered legendary (red): a legendary with the power of a true legendary


Runes are a super important part of Chronicon once you are level 100.

  • There are two types: lesser and greater
  • They correspond to the text in dark orange (not light orange)
  • You can only have 3 greater runes equipped
  • You can add a single rune to any object
  • Your late game stuff will therefore have to have one more rune per item of equipment.
  • Non-set items can therefore have the effect of 2 runes (one basic + one added)
  • To extract and add runes, cf. the transmutation part


Below is the list of NPCs and how they work, they are all very useful!

  • Korem: quests and reset spells / passives (free)
  • Tinka: in late game spell / passive reset (free)
  • Sarek: potion and equipment, useless except in story mode
  • Tarot: find set and legendary, very useful in late game
  • Chantie: to enchant your objects
  • Chantelle: to enchant your objects by going beyond the cape of Chantie
  • Gemma: upgrade your gems and put sockets
  • Keras: a seller who appears a few times, info here!

The proper functioning on Chantie and Chantelle, these NPCs being the most important and quite complex. They allow you to mod your piece of equipment as you want, remember to follow these steps:

  1. Via Chantie, block (lock) the enchantments to keep (critical hit on a weapon for example)
  2. Via Chantie, reroll the other enchantments
  3. Via Chantie repeat 1 and 2 until you have all the desired enchantments
  4. Via Chantie, put your enchantments to the max
  5. Via Chantelle, put additional points in the main characteristics. Be careful, this is expensive! So prioritize the greater runes then the lesser runes

Examples of craft stuff here

There are 9 gems, one for each element and can be improved up to level 3. You can also have passives on your piece of equipment to improve its power!


Here is the list of in-game currencies and their use

  • Crystals: for equipment gamble (avoid paying for your resurrection with!)
  • Magic essence, crystal essence, soul essence: to improve gems and enchant your equipment
  • Memory essence: to exceed the enchantment cape (be careful, it takes a long time to obtain)

Death in Chronicon costs nothing, unless you want to respawn on your corpse or at the entrance to the dungeon. Instead, head back to town and hit the road! (except in extreme cases or late game when the crystals are no longer used), you will have millions to spend on gamble!

Spells, Passives and Mastery

In Chronicon you gain spell points and mastery points. You can level up to level 100 with 1 spell point per level. Masteries start from the start and have no limit.
You have 4 trees corresponding to a type of damage (example: fire, ice, physics, lightning), plus a mastery tree. Combinations are very important and are the essence of Chronicon builds. It will therefore be necessary to read all the passives of all the trees to make a coherent build that works in late game. Fortunately you can change your spells for free! You can choose 6 spells in total (remember to replace your self-attack with the spell of your tree).

If you don't want to bother, we've created 1 build per character to ride the Mythic 15!


Transmutations work like the horadrim cube in Diablo 2, put in ingredients, press the button and magic! You have the complete guide here, but I give you the most useful formulas.

  • Extract a rune: object + crown + empty rune
  • Add a rune: object + crown + rune
  • Empower an item: legendary item + crown + true of the same type
  • Add a socket: object + crown + stone (circle, amethyst, square)

Story Mode

The story mode is a bit like the tutorial or the warm-up of the game, take the time to start to understand how it works and your build. Take the time to discover the combo too, the yellow bar that rises and accumulates. Each time you type a creep it gets refreshed, the more combo you have, the more gold and experience you will gain (be careful not to die of the reset).

The simplest progression (be careful not necessarily the most fun): as soon as you kill the creeps at once, increase the difficulty level. You can also automatically set the 3rd level of difficulty for a more spicy challenge (it will be much longer however).

The story mode is divided into four acts (soon to be five), via a waypoint acting as an act. With each act you unlock an NPC, so don't worry if you don't have them yet! Once the four acts are completed, you unlock the late game mode.

late game

The late game is available as soon as story mode ends, unlocking the latest NPC and Mythic difficulties. Mythic levels range from 1 to 15, with 15 a few hundred million times harder, so be careful! You can choose the difficulty level and the instance.

  • Random anomaly: to make instances in succession (no interest)
  • Dungeon anomaly: the most common instance, to make three instances then a boss, you can die, except on the boss
  • Elite dungeon anomaly: an instance where you can't die, but earns more!
  • Endless anomaly: once you pass Mythic 15, this one allows you to push even further, with an infinite level. So, for example, you can do a Mythic 15 Tiers 200 run!

Power Level Up

This section is for those who want to make other characters, it is very easy to make a second level 100 character in five minutes.

The full tip here!

Alchemists dm gaming

Thanks to this guide on Chronicon, you should no longer have to worry about playing the game and can appreciate the depth of it!

By Alchemists, July 2020

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2 years ago

Thanks for the video! rare to find information in French on this game, it helps me to understand 🙂