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Chronicon: Retro Coop Hack & Slash!


Chronicon test: a very good pixel art hack & slash, playable with four people in coop! Dynamic and with a very long lifespan, it will delight you!


Chronicon is a 4-player local co-op pixel art hack & slash, in which you travel through hero memories to destroy hordes of monsters. Made by Subworld, it is in early access.

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Ultra complete trees and liabilities
- Objects, sets; runes, very diverse craft
- A late game worthy of the name
- Possibility to play at 4

- Slightly redundant story mode
- Lack of diversity in creeps

Alchemists dm gaming

Chronicon is my favorite at the moment, for an “independent” game, it has unprecedented depth. If that's your style, it will keep you busy for a hundred hours, whether you play alone or with your mates!

Very good !

By Alchemists, June 2020

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