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Keras Shady Dealer NPC

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Keras Shady Dealer Chronicon, you sometimes come across it in your maps, but how to find it and is it worth it?

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The appearances are randoms and very rare, in 70 hours I have only met him 3 times! However, it pops anywhere, whether you're in story or endgame mode.


Keras is going to have 2 very interesting items, the crowns and the legendary true. Even if you don't need them yet, they are essential in late game, so I advise you to buy them!

You can also purchase potions and keys as needed.

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Here is for the little tip, for my part I would like an up (whether in drop rate or power of item sold) of this NPC, which unfortunately remains anecdotal for the time being!

By Alchemists, July 2020

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