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Complete Guide Curse of the Dead Gods to know everything

Complete Guide

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Complete Guide Curse of the Dead Gods: I explain resources, stats, darkness, weapons, relics, blessings, room, etc!


  • Resources: (00:24)
  • Statistics: (01:33)
  • Light and dark: (02:22)
  • Weapons and stamina: (03:27)
  • Relics: (05:45)
  • Rarity and equipment level: (07:15)
  • Offer to the gods: (09:02)
  • Blessings, Favors and Altars: (09:56)
  • Curses: (11:17)
  • Damage and Modifiers: (12:47)
  • Secret exploration and passage: (14:02)
  • Room types: (14:41)
  • Backup: (17:03)
  • Last word: (17:46)


You will have three types of resources with a completely different use, these first two will be collected during your expeditions and kept when you die or pass your run:

  • the jade rings: to unlock weapons
  • crystal skulls: to unlock blessings, altars and divine favors

The third resource is gold, which you will accumulate and spend directly during your expedition. Whether you die or win your run, you will lose everything you find, so remember to use it!

Corruption can be used as currency to replace gold, I will come back to this in the curse part.

You will also unlock Blood Seals, which unlock access to the following temples as well as certain blessings, but which is more of an advancement than real currency (you cannot spend it).

Curse of the dead gods coinsGame resources


You have three stats that correspond to the three temple types in the game:

  • Constitution (red): increases your max life
  • Dexterity (blue): increases the base damage of all your weapons
  • Perception (green): increases the value of all gold drops as well as the chance to get loot

Stats are an important part of the game which will easily allow you to hit harder, have more health or more loot. Also note that a lot of weapons have increased damage percentage affixes based on your stat value, making it very interesting if you have a high stat value.

Curse of the dead gods statisticsGood stats will be a great ally!

Light and dark

Original aspect of the game is the management of light. You have a torch to light and light braziers, avoiding being in the dark. You take 50% more damage in the shadows, which obviously isn't super nice! At the start of the game it will be very important to watch the light indicator in the bottom middle of your screen, then when you know the enemies, you will be hit much less and it will be less useful to always “turn on the light”. Note that many curses and weapon effects play with light, for example a curse that transforms the torch from light into shadow, or a weapon that increases damage when you are in the light. You will therefore have to pay attention to these affixes in order to manage the light in the right way. I have personally done quite a few runs in complete darkness or full light because of my equipment.

Note that the light can also reveal hidden traps.

light curse of the dead godsFollow the indicator at the bottom of your screen

Weapons, dodge, parry, and stamina

You will have several weapons in your possession, which have different effects and management:

  • Primary weapon: fast, damage and area of ​​effect low, uses one endurance point for the final blow
  • Secondary weapon: medium everywhere, in speed, damage and area of ​​effect, uses one endurance point per attack
  • Two-Handed Weapon: Slow, high damage, and large area of ​​effect, uses one endurance point per attack
  • Torch: ignites fires and enemies, no stamina hit

The main weapon will therefore be perfect for managing the single target or staying fast, the two-handed weapon will be more for cleaning monster packs. Personally, I'm not a fan of the secondary weapon, I only use it to make the primary weapon then secondary weapon combo.

You will have two defensive options, beware the stamina points are common with the attacks. You will therefore not be able to use them if your stamina is at 0.

  • Dodge: allows you to roll to dodge an attack, costs 1 stamina and restores 1 stamina if the timing is perfect, i.e. you dodge neither too early nor too late, you will see a halo on your character
  • Parry: allows you to block any attack, costs 1 stamina and restores 2 stamina if the block is successful. It is more technical but restores more endurance.

I advise you to practice on a defense style, it will be easier than trying to master both.

A cursed weapon, an asset but beware of the negative effect


Relics are items that you will find in the temple, you can wear 6 of them and exchange the new ones you find with the old ones. It is very important to synergize your relics with your equipment, which will be an important key to the success of the expedition. If you strike in lightning, take a relic that increases lightning damage, if you have too much corruption, anti-corruption, etc. You will also need a way to heal yourself, there are relics to gain life on critical hit, when you kill an enemy that burns or an enemy via a trap.

Some relics are also very interesting, like the one that gives you the same amount of gold as the damage received, combined with a build that heals I could easily collect 30 gold on an expedition; or the one that increases your damage according to your gold or the one that allows you to avoid dying once. In short, it will be very important to know the relics well and to adapt them to your equipment and style of play.

Note that the relics also give statistics, and the more you progress in the temple, the more the stats granted will be powerful. Finally, like equipment, relics have a level and a rarity.

the relics Curse of the dead godsA relic with a healing effect

Rarity and level of equipment

For weapons and relics, you have a rarity level (the frame around the object) and a power level (the number circled):

  • the level of rarity influences the effects of weapons and relics
  • power level increases weapon damage and stats granted by relics

Here are the rarity levels:

  • basic: no affixes
  • rare: an affix
  • very rare: improves the value of affixes
  • cursed: special effect

Cursed weapons and relics can be super interesting but also have negative effects (loss of HP, increased corruption, etc.). Still, if you can equip it, that is to say if the penalty it gives you is low thanks to your equipment, you should strongly consider this option! Their power is really disproportionate.

rarity Curse of the dead godsA rare relic versus a very rare relic, corruption reduced from -1 to -2

power Curse of the dead godsPower 5 against power 6, weapon damage is increased

Offer to the gods

Every item found in the temple can be offered to the gods for favors: stats, gold, healing, less corruption or divine favor. Even if at the beginning it is not very interesting, later the favors will be much nicer. The relic increasing favors when you offer an item to the gods is also ultra strong in late game, you can for example get +10 bonuses from a statistic by offering an item.

Be careful, each item equipped once cannot be offered to the gods, so think carefully before equipping it!

offer to the gods Curse of the dead godsOffer to the Gods in this case, practical if you have more life, otherwise zero!

Blessings, weapons, favors and altars

You will be able to unlock all its advantages thanks to the skulls, however be careful to respect a certain order to avoid spending a lot of skull unnecessarily. I will give you a guide to optimize your expeditions a little later!

The blessings allow you to have up to 3 bonuses during your expeditions:

  • quickly take 3 blessings
  • avoid those that are too expensive!

Forsaken weapons unlock and block your weapons:

  • unlock the weapons you prefer, for example I love claws and bombs
  • unlock the weapons you don't like and then block them, for example i hate bows

Divine Favors allow you to reroll Altars into Expeditions, as Relics and Weapons:

  • at first it is cheap, so you can unlock 2 or 3

The altars are a little more particular, you can and unlock their number, and unlock their rarity:

  • start by unlocking an altar and then improving the rarity of your favorite equipment
  • unlock the second altar and then again the rarity of your equipment

blessing, weapons, altars and divine favors Curse of the dead godsLots of things to improve and unlock, but be careful of the order!


Another crucial strategy for winning your run is to deal with your curse. At each door you pass through, you will be corrupted by 20 points, at 100 points you receive a curse. You can also suffer corruption when you get hit by certain spells, these are purple in color and therefore quite recognizable with a little practice. You can also spend Corruption to buy and upgrade your equipment, but be careful not to over-greed!

The curses in themselves are not very annoying, you will always have a bonus accompanied by the penalty, except for the curses concerning the traps. The problem being to accumulate several and to have no luck, your adventure can suddenly get complicated if you catch a bad curse.

The 5th curse will inevitably cause you to lose life continuously until you reach 0. It is obviously very complicated to manage, especially during boss fights where healing effects are rarer. So avoid having it at all costs unless you have equipment to manage it, for example the relic giving +40 to all statistics if you are under the effect of this curse.

Also note that offering a cursed weapon will remove a curse from you, to do in case of extreme necessity or if the equipment does not interest you!

curse curse of the dead godsA curse is ok, but be careful!

Damage and modifiers

You and your enemies can have four types of damage, with different effects:

  • physical damage, basic attack without special effect
  • lightning damage, causes a multiple attack on electrified enemies
  • poison damage, damage over time, and stamina regen speed
  • fire damage, damage over time and create light
  • Dark damage, weaken burning enemies, launch lightning on electrified enemies and further poison poisoned enemies

Here are the possible modifiers:

  • critical hit, like the last combo hit, appears yellow and does 50% more damage
  • weaken, would pair as a shield, provoked by certain weapons or in melee parry
  • interrupt, to interrupt an enemy's attack (loaded shield and whip, pistol combo, final dagger spear, heavy two-handed weapons) and bombs

Curse of the dead gods weapon effectSome weapon effects

Exploration and secret passages

Even if it is tempting to go straight ahead as quickly as possible to get to the next room, the rooms are full of secret passageways, hidden chests and path filled with gold. I therefore advise you to search in order to find the following elements:

  • the safe sarcophagi, often hidden in recesses and not easy to see
  • secret passages, when you break a wall, icicle with a heavy weapon, trap or enemy attack
  • the privileged passages, it will bring you to gold or even a chest rather than going to the next section directly

secret passage Curse of the dead godsIt would be a shame not to find the access!

Room type

In order to help you optimize your way in the temple, here is the information of the rooms and their usefulness. This list is of course subjective and will not necessarily be adapted to your style of play, see it more as a help:

  • Relic : very useful - one of the keys to winning, to combine with favors to find the right ones
  • Improvement : useful - one of my favorite rooms, more damage to your weapon!
  • Stats : useful - also handy to increase stats, damage, health and loot
  • Test : medium - you have a limited time to collect a pti packet of gold, but no equipment
  • Or : medium - to collect a little gold but also chests, on the other hand no choice in the drops and gold collected quite low. Handy if you are really short
  • Poor : almost useless - I strongly advise you to collect your weapon before your expedition, or possibly to make a weapon room from the start to recover it
  • Happiness : almost useless - even if very practical when you start to play the game, I advise you to have a setup of care rather than spoiling corruption, as a last resort only
  • Unknown : almost useless - avoid relying on luck to find your way! To be taken if, for example, you have an unknown or care choice. The piece will be one of the above mentioned
  • Safe : situational - if you are very good you can do 100% of the rooms, but be careful you don't have to get hit and kill 5-6 enemies to get three pieces of equipment

There remain the champion rooms, which will make you face the boss of the tier.

The different types of room


A fairly practical point but not necessarily obvious, it is possible to save in the game, each time you have just finished a room and you are at the start of the next one, an “available save” will appear, and by going to the menu you can click on save.

save Curse of the dead godsYou can save at the start of each room

Alchemists dm gaming

With this guide you will be ready to face the dangers of Curse of the Dead Gods. This will of course not replace practice but will answer all the questions to start the game well!

By Alchemists, May 2021

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