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Curse of the Dead Gods, the test in 2021 with the Dead Cells update! Find all the information to find out if it's worth it!



In Curse of the Dead Gods you play as a courageous temple explorer to recover the treasures there. You can choose among three types of temple and then unlock new levels if you succeed. That is to say that the more you progress, the more your expeditions will be long and difficult! The temples are divided into several rooms, leaving you the choice of which one you will take. You can therefore choose between a room full of gold, improve your weapon, boost your statistics and many more! You will then have enemies to kill and traps to avoid, in order to complete all the rooms and reach the level boss. You will also have a corruption / curse system, the more you are corrupted the more you will receive new curse, for example spawning new creeps, removing gold, etc., which will happen when you progress in the temple or when you donate your blood to get items.

curses curse of the dead gods dm gamingYou will have to manage your corruption well to overcome the temple


The gameplay is directly linked to rpg action, that is to say crazy about dodging or parries, and good attack management. To help you, you will have a primary weapon, such as a sword, mace, or throwing knife, a secondary weapon, such as a dagger or pistol, and a two-handed weapon, such as a bomb, bow, or hammer. Each action you take will cost you one or more stamina points, preventing you from dodging or attacking when you run out of it. You also have a torch, allowing you to light fires and prevent darkness from surrounding you, increasing your damage received.
Make no mistake, Curse of the Dead Gods is tough and demanding. If you like challenges, you will be delighted, if on the other hand you want to relax in a quiet game, it will be more complicated. You will have to manage your stamina points well and know all the attacks of the enemies in order to be able to progress in the temple. You also have a Greed Kill system, allowing you to increase the gold collected by killing monsters if you don't get hit.
Note however that the Dead Cells update adds an assistance mode, making it easier to win but disabling all achievements. Moreover if you activate it you will not be able to go back and will have to start again from 0 to have the achievements.

curse of the dead gods dm gaming weaponsWeapons and their management will be at the heart of the gameplay


The object of the game is to collect types of currency in order to improve your overall equipment. You will be entitled to three blessings, allowing you to have more gold at the start, increase your dexterity if you do not get hit, etc. You can also improve the quality of your starting weapons by unlocking new weapon altars and improving their quality. You can also unlock new weapons and block those that do not interest you in order to perfect your arsenal during the run. If you are killed during the run, you will have to start all over but can use the resources collected to unlock the above items.

resources curse of the dead gods dm gamingThe coins collected will be very useful to improve your character


Curse of the Dead Gods makes you want to surpass yourself, and the system is very well done to encourage us to replay when we lose. The fact that it has multiple temples is quite nice, although I did note some redundancy. The bestiary and the rooms are quite varied, and you will have some surprises in some rooms. Bosses are pretty cool too. Overall the only flaw is that I would like to have more !!!

benediction curse of the dead gods dm gamingImproving your character will be a big reason to play the game


To finish on the graphics, those are rather pleasant with a comic book style. The animations are clear and the boss fights explosive, and they don't lose in quality whether on monitor or TV!

graphics curse of the dead gods dm gamingClean and clear graphics from creeps to bosses!

Balance sheet and note

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Very additive with the desire to improve his character
- Dynamic and pleasant combat
- Good artistic direction

- A redundant hair
- We want more!

Alchemists dm gaming

Curse of the Dead gods is a very good Rogue-lite action rpg, which will satisfy players looking for a challenge! So I rated this game 4/5 and highly recommend it if you like this style!

four star dm gaming

By Alchemists, May 2021

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