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The Void Inarius Guide Median XL

Guide The Void Inarius

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The Void Inarius, the information to access it by killing the bosses of the Planes and then protecting Lilith to recover the Books of Kalan

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  • Intro: (00:00)
  • Access Instance, Chapel of Vanity, Black Abyss: (00:14)
  • Plane of Sloth, Soul of Sloth: (00:29)
  • Plane of Gluttony, Soul of Gluttony: (00:58)
  • Plane of Greed, Soul of Greed: (02:13)
  • Plane of Lust, Soul of Lust: (03:25)
  • Plane of Wrath, Soul of Wrath: (04:23)
  • Plane of Envy, Soul of Envy: (05:34)
  • Plane of Pride, Soul of Pride: (06:32)
  • 41. Inarius, Books of Kalan: (08:10)
  • Last word: (09:38)

Principle of the instance

Particular instance with its own functioning, it is important to understand the tasks to be done before embarking on it:

  • each Plane features an uber boss with various strengths and weaknesses
  • each boss must be killed to get a scroll, then on the last a ring
  • you will therefore have 6 scrolls and a ring to transmute in the cube
  • the boss giving the charm must be activated by destroying a pylon using the previously created ring
  • you can switch from one instance to another without killing the boss, to quickly go to the end of the Planes
  • you must collect each boss item only once, the ring created will then be usable at will

Access Instance, Chapel of Vanity, Black Abyss

In order to be able to access the different blueprints of The Void, you will have to kill the Chapel of Vanity boss again. it's in Silver City, north at the Red Portal (where you have the Spirits of Zakarum). Kill the pylon then its boss to open another portal giving access to Black Abyss. Note that if you do not annihilate this boss in a few seconds, it will indicate that your level of equipment is not sufficient to make the instance which arrives.

Then enter Black Abyss and go north, take the portal for the first Plan to Plan of Sloth.

Access The Void median XLTo access The Void via Chapel of Vanity

Plane of Sloth, Soul of Sloth

First Uber of Plans, you will kill him without any problem but he can possibly one shot you. Be careful to have a gate open in case you die. Once killed, get the Scroll of Sloth and go on.

Plane of Sloth, Soul of Sloth Median XLThe first Soul of Sloth boss, rather simple

Plane of Gluttony, Soul of Gluttony

Second uber, but much more complicated. It has a life point regeneration that you will have to compensate with your DPS. If you don't have enough damage, you won't be able to kill him. Consider having your mercenary with good gear to add DPS, it made the difference on my two characters. Once killed, pick up the Scroll of Gluttony.

Plane of Gluttony, Soul of Gluttony Median XLSoul of Gluttony, high DPS or impossible to kill

Plane of Greed, Soul of Greed

The third uber is simpler, you'll just have to deal with its mana burn, so grab some potions if you're casting spells. If you are the attack type, you won't have to worry about killing him. The only downside is that it is impossible to pick up the gold that it drops! Pick up the Scroll of Greed upon death.

Plane of Greed, Soul of Greed Median XLSoul of Greed, quite simple if you manage the mana burn well

Plane of Lust, Soul of Lust

The fourth Uber can be found in the south of the map, with a very strong resemblance to Blood Raven. She doesn't hurt much or resist much, but consider dealing with aggro so that she can be killed more easily. You'll also need to teleport or run fast so you can catch up and kill her. Then collect the Scroll of Lust.

Plane of Lust, Soul of Lust Median XLSoul of Lust, nothing complicated if you manage its creeps

Plane of Wrath, Soul of Wrath

For this fifth uber, you will have to stand the test of fire. You will therefore have to stay near him for two minutes so that his life drops and eventually kills him. Plan the stockpile of potions, and if you don't succeed, possibly reroll your character with vitality attributes and resistance spells. Then collect the Scroll of Wrath.

Plane of Wrath, Soul of Wrath Median XLSoul of Wrath, the test of fire to resist its damage

Plane of Envy, Soul of Envy

Penultimate and sixth uber, this one is very well balanced. He hits hard and resists well, to kill him you will need a character well balanced between defense and attack. Use the three minutes available to die at will and deal as much damage as possible. Then collect Scroll of Envy.

Plane of Envy, Soul of Envy Median XLSoul of Envy, a resilient, damage-dealing boss that's perfectly balanced!

Plane of Pride, Soul of Pride

Last uber before the big boss, and the most complicated. You must take the attacks of his minions in order to do damage to the boss. The big problem is that the damage he receives (when his minions attack) is mostly based on his remaining life and very slightly with a flat damage bonus. That is to say that it will be extremely easy to lower his life to 10%, on the other hand much more complicated to lower it to 1%, and even more complicated to kill him. No quick fix, take a character with the same build as Soul of Wrath if needed. Once killed, collect the Ring of Pride.

Plane of Pride, Soul of Pride Median XLSoul of Pride, probably the most complicated boss, resist the attack of his minions

41. Inarius, Books of Kalan

Once all these uber's are killed, you can face the real boss of the instance. You will need to have a decent DPS in order to kill Inarius before Lilith dies. Here is how the fight works:

  • Inarius is invincible, except when he's in Lilith's circle
  • This same circle does a lot of damage to you, be careful not to stay in it
  • If you die, Inarius will attack Lilith, otherwise he will focus on you.
  • Walk on the ice orbs, in order to destroy them and prevent them from exploding and quickly killing Lilith
  • Lilith will cast two spells in addition to her circle, a poison attack and explosive golems, try to avoid them they do a lot of damage!

The summary of Inarius:

  • Location: Act 4, Silver City, Chapel of Vanity, last instance
  • Specificity: bring Inarius to Lilith's circle to kill him and protect Lilith
  • Reward: Books of Kalan, Skill, and Teleportation

The Void, Inarius Median XLInarius, the Uber Boss of this instance, to kill while protecting Lilith

Charm Books of Kalan, to be able to teleport

Alchemists dm gaming

A particular instance requiring an extremely versatile character, and moreover with a lot of DPS, that's why I recommend it in instance 41. You can however benefit from the teleportation spell if you manage to kill Inarius on Median XL!

Median XL Dm Gaming submenu

By Alchemists, September 2021

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