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130 Uldyssian Nephalem's Sacrifice Median XL

Uldyssian, Nephalem's Sacrifice

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Uldyssian Nephalem's Sacrifice: Kill iconic Diablo 2 bosses in Destruction level so you can face the Uber Boss!

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  • Intro: (00:00)
  • Access Nephalem's Sacrifice: (00:18)
  • Blood Raven, Burial Grounds: (00:40)
  • The Dark Countess, Bloodthrone: (01:25)
  • Radamant, Sewers: (02:19)
  • Jazreth, Arcane Sanctuary: (02:54)
  • Zhar, Seal of Hatred: (04:54)
  • Nihlathak, halls of Vaught: (05:55)
  • Les Ancients, Arreat Summit: (06:41)
  • Duriel and Andariel, Tal Rasha's Chamber: (07:39)
  • Belial, Azmodan, Heart of Sin: (08:30)
  • Diablo, Mephisto, Baal, Tristram: (09:28)
  • 39. Uldyssian, Neutrality Pact: (10:28)
  • Last word: (13:47)

Go to Nephalem's Sacrifice

To access the first level 130 instance that I recommend you will need to go to Silver City, then through the red portal to go to Crystal Arch. Go past the instances of Imperius and Malthael (you can do them if you are looking for the trophies), and go up the stairs to get to the first level. Ten levels will follow one another, with each time 3 minutes to be able to return to town. After this time, if you die you will have to start over. Once at the end, you will face the boss Uldyssian to try to recover the charm. Remember to do a lab at each area so you can come back to the instance if you die. entrance to Nephalem's Sacrifice

Level 1, Blood Raven, Burial Grounds

First boss of this level, it is the equivalent of Blood Raven that you will face. Quickly kill Skeleton Archers, as well as Edyrems as needed, then focus on Blood Raven. She has nothing in particular, except that she flees the fight.

Blood Raven Median XL Moreina Nephalem's SacrificeBlood Raven on Destruction difficulty

Level 2, The Dark Countess, Bloodthrone

For the second level, go directly to the throne room, and clean the countess's henchmen. Be careful, when you arrive they will jointly launch a ranged attack, remember to avoid it. The Countess has a lot of resistance but doesn't hurt very much, you will be able to kill her with a little patience.

The Dark Countesse Median XL Nephalem's SacrificeThe Dark Countesse

Level 3, Radament, Sewers

The difficulty begins to be present with Radament at level 3. This one does a lot of poison damage and resists well. If necessary go back to town if the potions do not compensate for his poison.

Radament Median XL Nephalem's SacrificeRadament in its Uber version

Level 4, Jazreth, Arcane Sanctuary

One of the more complicated stages is at level 4, where you will have to face Jazreth. He is the summoner just before Duriel in story mode. His spells aren't particularly hard to take, but he will constantly summon Edyrems, and these will be able to summon Dark Meteors from the sky, doing significant damage. Here are some strategies:

  • from the start send all possible damage to the Summoner
  • try to kite the Edyrems, never stand still to avoid their meteors
  • if you are overwhelmed with Edyrems, take the time to kill them
  • then return to the boss

You will therefore need a lot of damage, but also crowd management to pass this level.

Median XL Summoner Jazreth Nephalem's SacrificeSummoner Jazreth

Level 5, Zhar, Seal of Hatred

Short break after sweating on level 4, you have two options, kill Zhar if you are powerful enough, otherwise clean up the little creeps and aim for Zhar. If you still have problems, but which should not be the case if you have passed the previous level, separate the three bosses of this level in order to kill them one by one, knowing that only Zhar will open a portal for the next level. .

Zhar The Mad Median XL Nephalem's SacrificeZhar, The Mad

Level 6, Nihlathak, Halls of Vaught

Level 6, not the most complicated but probably one of the most annoying. Nihlathak has a lot of health and teleports out of combat. He doesn't do much damage though, though you'll have to be careful of his multiple frost nova. Run after him and deal as much damage as you can until he dies, there is no other strategy.

Nihlathak Median XL Nephalem's SacrificeNihlathak, a lot of hit points but little damages

Level 7, Les Ancients, Arreat Summit

Reunion with the Ancients, this time very upset. You can try to pull them apart to target only Korlic, the only one opening a passage to the next tier. Otherwise the kite will be your best option to kill them, always targeting Korlic as a priority.

The Ancient Talic Median XL Nephalem's SacrificeThe Ancients, consider targeting Korlic

Level 8, Duriel and Andariel

These two act bosses won't be very hard to kill. Only Andariel opens the passage, but kill Duriel first in order to avoid having the two bosses on you. Once Duriel is dead, go kill Andariel and go to the next level. You should not encounter any difficulty on this level.

Andariel Median XL Demon Queen Nephalem's SacrificeAfter killing Duriel, Andariel will open the passage to the next level

Level 9, Azmodan and Belial

Penultimate level, you will have to face Azmodan and Belial. Azmodan opens the portal to the next level, so focus your efforts on him. Be careful, they hit hard enough, remember to always have an open gate.

Azmodan and Belial Median XLAzmodan and Belial, be careful they hit hard

Level 10, Diablo, Mephisto and Baal

Last level before the boss, and pretty straightforward if you deal with it the right way. Only Diablo opens a portal to the next level, so you're only going to bring Diablo, carefully preventing his comrades Mephisto and Baal from joining in the fight. You'll get it just by going to the top when you get to Tristram, like in the video. Kill him and go to the boss!

Diablo Median XL Diablon Nephalem's SacrificeDialon, or Diablo on Destruction difficulty

39. 130 Uldyssan, Neutrality Pact

After all of this effort you will finally be facing the Uber Uldyssan, however, the real fight will begin here. The boss in himself is not complicated, but requires a very good method, here are his attacks first:

  • it will permanently summon Edyrems, however they do not have the Dark Meteor ability
  • when the earth trembles, it will launch a star-shaped Dark Meteore
  • it may also freeze you, consider taking an Anti-freeze item
  • if you die, he heals himself

In order to manage them:

  • as soon as your screen shakes, move back, you will avoid its devastating attack and take advantage of this time to kill the Edyrems
  • if there are too many Edyrems kill them, don't rush
  • buy potions, a lot of potions, especially when the timer is at 1 minutes completely fill your inventory
  • if necessary put Zods or jewels to make your items indestructible
  • for your information, it took me 40 minutes to kill the boss, 25 of which without being able to die

Uldyssian's summary:

  • Location: Act 4, Silver City, Nephalem's Sacrifice
  • Specificity: do the 10 levels, then avoid the Dark Meteor of Uldyssan
  • Reward: Neutrality Pact, skills, Edyrem life

Uldyssian The Tainted Median XL Nephalem's SacrificeUldyssian, the Uber Boss of Nephalem's Sacrifice

Neutrality Pact Median XL UldyssianCharme Neutrality Pack

Alchemists dm gaming

With patience and recklessness you will be able to triumph over Uldyssian, and thus enjoy his very interesting charm! Do not hesitate if you have any questions !

Median XL Dm Gaming submenu

By Alchemists, September 2021

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