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All Diablo Immortal legendary gems, their effects and usefulness depending on your class and build
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Fautzinville, Bremmtown, XazaX, Viz-Jun Instances 125 Part 1 Median XL

Fautzinville, Bremmtown, XazaX, Viz-Jun 125 Part 1

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125 Part I Median XL instances: how to access Fautzvinville, Bremmtown and collect the Great Runes, then Viz-Jun and XazaX

All Diablo Immortal legendary gems, their effects and usefulness depending on your class and build
Broforce, one of the best co-op games to get through a good night, in 60 seconds
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  • Intro: (00:00)
  • 30. Access to Fautzinville and Bremmtown: (00:14)
  • 30. Dragon Claw Charm, Fautzinville and Bremmtown unfolding: (02:52)
  • 31. Viz-Jun, Cold Fusion Schematics: (04:54)
  • 32. Xazax, Xazax's Illusion: (06:21)
  • Last word: (09:55)

30. 125 Access to Fautzinville and Bremmtown

With your level 125 you will be able to access Fautzinville, an instance to drop three Great Runes specific to this area. To access it, you will first need to upgrade your The Black Road charm. Go through Warriv's trailer to reach Bramwell and go kill his boss then take the portal for the Kabraxis instance. You do not need to face this boss, take a teleportation spell and teleport to the side at the level of the seals. You will have 5 totems to destroy one by one, each releasing one by one an elemental resistant to its type of element. Once killed, collect his Great Gem. When you have the 5, put them in the cube with the charm The Black Road and transmute everything. You will now be able to create portals to Fautzinville. Go back to town and put a rune in your cube as well as your improved The Black Road charm, transmute and you will get a scroll to go to Fautzinville. You will have to redo the manipulation each time, but the runes can be any, so take runes that you don't need!

Collect Median XL Great GemsTeleport to collect the Great Gems on Elemental Golems

The Black Road Improved Median XLThe Black Road improved

30. 125 Charme Dragon Claw, unwinding of Fautzinville and Bremmtown

Once you activate the scroll, you will have access to Fautzinville then Bremmtown, an instance inside. Fautzinville has nothing in particular except its runes, this instance contains 5 boss golems scattered across the map but which do not grant specific items or charms. Bremmtown is just at the top right when you get to Fautzinville, you will have to recover a charm with a bonus there by managing to kill the boss in less than 1 minute 30. There is only one type of enemy in Bremmtown and they teleport to you to attack you. You will therefore have to be resistant enough to quickly travel the path and kill the boss to obtain the charm. It's not overly complicated, you should get there on the second or third try. Be careful not to die for the bonus quest, preventing you from completing it. You can then do these instances multiple times to get experience and possibly one of the runes. Be careful, the bonus quest depends on the class that transmutes the charm!

  • Location: Fautzinville, top right then Bremmtown
  • Specificity: 1 min 30 to kill the boss, without dying
  • Reward: Dragon's Claw, transmute with the correct class

Precision (again thank you Fex!), The trophy gives you 10% experience, but you must kill the Dragon in less than 30 seconds!

Access to Bremmtown Median XLAccess to Bremmtown via Fautzinville

Enhanced Dragon Claw Median XLDragon Claw upgraded with Barbarian class

31. 125 Viz-Jun, Cold Fusion Schematics

Second level 125 Rift, accessible by act 3, Flayer Jungle, Proving Ground then directly the red portal. Then go all the way to the bottom right of the map to kill the boss with the Purify skill. Remember to take the Waypoint! (thank you Fex ^^)

  • Location: Act 3, Flayer Jungle, Proving Ground, red portal then at the bottom right.
  • Specificity: Death at will, kill the boss with Purify
  • Reward: Cold Fusion Schematics, attributes

Access to Vizjun Median XLThe entrance to Vizjun

Cold Fusion Schematics Median XLCold Fusion Schematics

32. 125 Xazax, Xazax's Illusion

Xazax is the first dungeon that I recommend in 125, it is accessible and gives a charm with skills, up to +2 for your class. Take the portal for Tran Athulua and go up towards the wormhole. Go through both levels quickly, because you can't kill the worms but they will attack you. You arrive in front of the Xazax arena. It sends out three types of attack, poison, ice cone and meteor shower, and physical attack. You have to avoid its meteor shower at all costs, but the rest doesn't do much damage. In addition to managing his spells, you will need to pay attention to his summons, which will increase in number over time. You cannot kill them and you have four minutes to die at will. Use them to lower the boss's life as much as possible. After these four minutes, attract the summons in a corner, then go hit the boss, and go back to attract the summons in a corner. With a little patience you will fall the boss without taking the risk of dying.

  • Location: Act 2, Tran Athulua then the wormhole to the north
  • Specificity: Four minutes to die, more and more invulnerable summons
  • Reward: Xazax's Illusion, repeat it until you find +2 skills in your class

Access to Xazax Wretched Sands Median XLThe entrance to the arena to face Xazax

Xazax's Illusion Median XLXazax's Illusion with the +2 to my class

Alchemists dm gaming

Here are the first instances to perform once you have level 125 on Median XL. They start to get tough but are complete without a lot of equipment.

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By Alchemists, August 2021

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