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Kill Atanna Khan Nymyr's Light easily on Median XL

Kill Atanna Khan Nymyr's Light

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Atanna Khan Nymyr's Light: to easily and quickly kill this boss in order to recover his charm with good stats on Median XL!

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  • Intro: (00:00)
  • 36. Preparations, very important: (00:12)
  • 36. Go to World Nexus: (06:05)
  • 36. Atanna Khan, The Sleep: (07:25)
  • 36. Charm, Trophy and Awaken: (11:03)
  • Last word: (12:44)

Preparation, very important

I tried several optimizations in order to kill the boss, after repeatedly trying to kill him in the standard way. Here are the statistics you will need to collect:

  • vitality and life, the more life you have, the less you will die, try to get over 20 HP
  • health regeneration, especially if you have a skill like this
  • FRW: To be able to walk faster than the boss's cross-shaped spells
  • FHR: to recover after a stroke
  • full potion inventory and belt, with the Chemestry passive

Depending on your class, a few spells that will be very useful to you:

  • Masteries:
    • Chemestry: increases the potency of potions
    • Endurance: max life
  • Barbarous
    • Gladiator's Dominance: FRW
    • Immortal: FHR
    • Eagle Stance: health point regeneration
    • Ancient Blood and Mountain King for max life
    • Melee Devotion: global resistance
  • Paladin:
    • Veneration of Justice, Stormlord, Dragon's Blessing: vitality
    • Spark of Hope: FRW, FHR
    • Possession: projectile dodge
    • Tainted Blood: health point regeneration
  • Witch :
    • Living Flame: health point regeneration
    • Snow Queen: max hit point
    • Raven Familiar: increases the levels of other spells
  • Necromancer :
    • Death Wish: dodge
    • Deathlord then Demonic Commune: FRW
  • Amazon:
    • Wild and Free: FRW and FHR
    • Fortitude: more endurance
    • Bacchanalia: max hit point
    • Paragon: life per equipped gem
  • Assassin:
    • Perfect Being: dodge
    • Shadow Refuge and Shadowrush: FRW
    • Pinnacle: increases the levels of other spells
    • Psionic Storm and Energyze: treatment
    • Prismatic Clock: max life and reduced damage
  • Druid:
    • Barkskin: max life
    • Harvesters and Bloom: FRW
    • Werebear, Idol of Scosglen: FRW and Max Life
    • Fearie Fire, Symbioss: dodge

Go to World Nexus

Once you are ready, go to Caldeum, go kill the mage Horadrim at the top right, take the TP Quov Tsin directly (no need to kill him) and go up to the top. Attack the dark traveler, take the TP, attack the second dark traveler, take the TP, attack the 3rd dark traveler and you will be in the instance.

Atanna Khan, The Sleep

If you followed the preparations well, this one should be extremely simple:

  • always walk in an arc, with sufficient FRW it will never touch you with its magic symbols
  • avoid the green waves, always walking in an arc
  • avoid melee, his melee attacks hurt extremely
  • when it teleports to you, just move away but you'll be tough enough not to die
  • the nova doesn't hurt very much, you can run in it to avoid most of the damage
  • use potion and healing spell, go to a secure area to put potions back in your inventory, the boss does not follow you when you leave
  • fight in an area where there are no ghost minions, their attack can quickly become a problem
  • take the time to aim with Purify, wait for the boss to stop moving and be sure to hit your target

World Nexus Nymyr's Light Atanna KhanEntering World Nexus to confront Atanna Khan

Charm, Trophy and Awaken

Particularity of this charm is that it can be improved via a Trophy. The recall trophy consists of three shards, with an approximately 5% chance of being obtained by killing a boss. Here is what I advise you:

  • collect a charm with at least 3 resistances, the charm ranging from 1 to 4 resistances
  • make a compromise between performance and time to recover the charm
  • for example Tran Athulua or Imperius / Malthael are very easy to recover, compared to Baal's much slower but much more interesting
  • so think carefully if you have the courage to recover the trophy, count about 80 times a boss to kill to get the 3 fragments

The Sleep Awaken Median XLThe Sleep Awaken charm with the Tran Athulua trophy

Alchemists dm gaming

You will normally have no trouble killing Atanna Khan and picking up a good The Sleep charm on Median XL!

Median XL Dm Gaming submenu

By Alchemists, September 2021

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