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Build Barbarian Endgame Median XL 2.0

Build Barbarian Endgame 2.0

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Build Barbarian Endgame Median XL 2.0: a build based on physical damage combining the power of the barbarian and his resistance

The Diablo 2 Resurrected Test
Barbarian skills guide to the best Diablo 2 Resurrected builds
Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming



For statistics take:

  • vitality up to 15 health points
  • the rest in force
  • FHR and IAS level will be automatically reached by the build
  • mystical orbs: ED on weapon and stolen life, armor and total defense on armor
  • 80+ resistances everywhere and 40+ physical
  • life stolen at least 20%

My Barbarian EQ stats


Here are all the skills to take.


  • Wolf stance max
  • Mountain king max
  • Ancient blood, the rest
  • Wolf Companion, 1
  • Hunter's Mark, 1
  • Spirit Guide, max


  • Earthquake, max
  • Shower of Rocks, max
  • Aftermath, max
  • Heart of Stone, max


  • Runemaster, max: defense
  • OR Gladiator's Dominance, max: dps
  • Immortal 1
  • Thundergod 1


  • Melee Devotion, max
  • Endurance, max
  • Tenacity, max

The skills of my Barbarian Earthquake


Equipment to be recovered:

  • Helmet: Barbarian Helmet crafted with% Strength or Royal Circle
  • Armor: Erawan runic word
  • Belt: crafted with% strength (damage) or Truce (resistance)
  • Boots: Nephilim
  • Gloves: crafted with% strength
  • Weapon: Labrys crafted with 200% ED or Labrys Dawn or Labrys Grief
  • Ring: Assur's Bane x2 or rare with health, skill and damage
  • Amulet: Locket of Dream or rare with health, skill and damage

Mercenary Equipment

Choice of mercenary:

  • Ranger A1, good damage and physical damage buff

Equipment to be recovered:

  • Helmet: craft dexterity or SSU
  • Armor: Erawan runic word
  • Belt: Runic Word Truce
  • Boots: craft dexterity
  • Gloves: crafted dexterity
  • Weapon: 200ed bow or Zol
  • Amulet: skill and damage

Feasible instances

Here is the list of instances feasible with this build:

  • 0-125: all except Spirit of Giyua
  • 130+: Nephalem's Sacrifice, the rest requires better equipment


You will find gameplay in the videos made with this build, with for example Astrogha and Belial. You can also easily farm Fautzinville and Scosglen as you can see in the video.


Here are some leveling tips, if necessary refer to complete Median XL leveling guide  :

  • story mode: basic and honorary runic words as needed
  • level 110-125: Tundra Walker or Mount Arreat set
  • level 125, as recommended in the guide

For skills:

  • in priority put everything in Earthshaker
  • then Wolf Stance thoroughly
  • then the Rewards
  • then Mountain King and the rest


  • 2.0: creation

Alchemists dm gaming

If you are looking for a versatile build that will take you far in Median XL, look no further! This barbarian allows you to combine power and resistance, and will suit all types of players looking for this gameplay!

Median XL Dm Gaming submenu

By Alchemists, September 2021

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1 months ago

To have tested this build, it is very resistant and easy to learn! Handy for killing big pack of mobs and for killing bosses 😀

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