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Best Diablo Immortal Crusader build, to destroy the game from the start
Build Mage Diablo Immortal, to start the game well with this class

Dungeons Rifts Diablo 2 Median XL 115-120

Dungeons and Rifts 115-120

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Dungeons Rifts Diablo 2 Median XL 0-110: dungeons and rifts and in order, from level 115 to 120, continued from guide 50-110!

Best Diablo Immortal Crusader build, to destroy the game from the start
Build Mage Diablo Immortal, to start the game well with this class
Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming


  • Intro: (00:00)
  • 12. Bull Prince Rodeo, Fool's Gold: (00:18)
  • 13. High Heaven, Zakarum's Ear: (02:18)
  • 14. Tran Athulua, Sunstone of the Gods: (03:25)
  • 15. Kurast 3000 BA, Hammer of the Taan Judges: (04:05)
  • 16. Rathma Square, Spirit Trance Herbs: (05:05)
  • 17. Heart of Sin, Azmodan's Heart: (05:48)
  • 18. Legacy of Blood, Legacy of Blood: (07:07)
  • 19. Black Road, The Black Road: (07:55)
  • 20. Quov Zin, Silver Seal of Ureh: (09:25)
  • 21. Twin Seas, Weather Control: (10:40)
  • 22. The Triune, Corrupted Wormhole: (12:00)
  • 23. Teganze, Umbaru Treasure: (15:00)
  • 24. Duncraig, Demonsbane: (17:45​​​​​​)
  • 25. Invasion II, Greater Riftwalker's Essence: (20:25)
  • 26. Judgment Day, Crystal Flame Medallion: (22:23​​​​​​)
  • 27. The Veiled Prophet, Idol of Vanity: (24:58)
  • 28. Banisher of Light, Soul of Kabraxis: (25:55)
  • 29. Kingdom of Shadow, Eternal Bone Pile: (28:34)
  • Final words and Baal: (32:42)

12. 115 Bull Prince Rodeo

First instance of this guide, the second level of the Cow Level. It is not very hard and you can die at will. Collect Writ's leg from the old Tristram, transmute it in the chest and go to the first Cow Level. Then kill the Cow King, get the other leg of Writ, transmute while being in the Cow Level, and you will have access to the boss. Just avoid the cow loads by standing behind a barricade, be careful however the cows also appear in the middle of the map.

  • Location: Act 1 Cow Level, use Writ's other leg
  • Specificity: avoid cows, you can die at will
  • Reward: Fool's Gold, Attribute and Defenses

Cow Level Median XLThe Secret Cow Level entrance

Fool's Gold Median XLFool's Gold Charm

13. 115 High Heaven

To get to the High Heaven, you have to kill Izual again, take the TP and go activate the WP. You will have 6 Avatar of Zakarum, with a one in three chance of dropping the spell. If you can't hit him, then you have to kill a minion next to him. Watch out for their death there is a meteor shower.

  • Location: Act 4 High Heaven, accessible by killing Izual
  • Specificity: use AOE spells, you can die at will
  • Reward: Zakarum's Ear, Attribute, and Experience

Silver City Median XLThe entrance to Silver City to go to High Heaven

Zakarum's Ear Median XLZakarum's Ear Charm

14. 115 Tran Athulua

Instance identical to the challenge, but harder. Go to Halls of the Deads level 3 in Act 2, then kill the three Amazon bosses to combine the three charms. Remember to activate the Waypoint which is located just after Tran Athulua, at the top on the right.

  • Location: Act 2 Hall of the Deads level 3
  • Specificity: that of enemy archers, you can die at will
  • Reward: Sunstone of the Gods, Health, Mana, Elemental Damage
  • Bonus: don't hesitate to farm the trophy, giving 5% physical resistance. Each shard has a 4% drop chance on each boss, and you need 3 of them.

Tran Athulua Median XLEntrance of Tran Athulua

Sunstone of the Gods Median XLSunstone of the Gods Charm

15. 115 Kurast 3000 BA

Kurast 3000 BA is also similar to the challenge, but more difficult. Go to Torjan Jungle, then go north where boss Akarat is located. The TP is right behind her, no need to kill the boss to access it. Kill the Necromancer at the bottom of the map to get the charm, however you have a 3 in 10 chance of getting it back, personally I did it XNUMX times without dropping it, don't despair too much!

  • Location: Act 3 Torjan Jungle, portal behind Akarat
  • Specificity: you can die at will and rush to the boss
  • Reward: Hammer of the Taan Judges, skill, weapon damage, spell focus

Kurast 3000 BAThe entrance to Kurast 3000 BA

Hammer of the Taan JudgesHammer of the Taan Judges Charm

16. 115 Rathma Square

Direction act 3 Caldeum, then on your left. You will be invaded by Diablo 1 monsters, summoned to infinity. Fight your way through its summons and go to the boss. This one doesn't have a lot of health or damage, so try to get on it as quickly as possible. Rathma Square also gives you the option to die at will, but I recommend against it in order to avoid being overwhelmed.

  • Location: Act 3 Caldeum, staircase on the left
  • Specificity: run to the boss, avoid dying so as not to be overwhelmed
  • Reward: Spirit Trance Herbs, attack and cast speed, attack rating

Rathma Square Median XLThe entrance to Rathma Square

Spirit Trance Herb Median XLSpirit Trance Herbs

17. 115 Heart of Sin

Heart of Sin is an instance only accessible through Key of Sin, which you consistently get by killing Gomm in Act 4, Diablo's Seal Keeper on the right. Once obtained, click on it to open a portal to Realm of Sin. Then go to the bottom left of the instance to find Azmodan. You can die at will, get out of the area when he summons towers, and kill his minions as needed.

  • Location: Act 4 Realm of Sin, lower left
  • Specificity: avoid his tower summons, you can die at will
  • Reward: Azmodan's Heart, maximum elemental resistance and resistances

Realm of Sin Median XLThe entrance to Realm of Sin

Azmodan's Heart Median XLAzmodan's Heart Charm

18. 115 Legacy of Blood

Go to Torjan Jungles then down right. Enter the cemetery and go directly to the boss to kill him. Don't worry too much about his summons, focus especially on the boss. Be careful, golems explode when they die.

  • Location: Act 3 Torjan Jungles, lower right
  • Specificity: go directly to the boss, do not die
  • Reward: Legacy of Blood, Life and Mana Steal, Passive Unlock

Blood Necromancer Median XlThe entrance to the Cemetery to kill Bartuc

Legacy of Blood Median XLLegacy of Blood Charm

19. 115 Black Road

First Instance of Bramwell, to access it go through the secret passage of the trailer, at the bottom left of act 1. Once in the instance, go north to find Buyard Cholik there. Be careful, he suffers damage only when he is inside the ring of fire. It will also send a lot of minions, think of AOE spells.

  • Location: Act 1 Bramwell, by the trailer
  • Specificity: the boss must be in the ring of fire, type the boss and his summons at the same time
  • Reward: The Black Road, life and mana, passive unlock

The Black Road Median XLBramwell Entrance

The Black road charm Median XLCharm The Black Road

20. 120 Quov Zin

First instance of level 120, there are still levels 115 but they are more complicated. So I advise you to raise your character to level 120 and achieve these. To find Quov Tsin, go to Caldeum then at the top right, there is a mage after the few trolls to kill. He opens a portal to the Vizjerei Temple where the boss is located. It attacks in tri-element and physics, but doesn't hurt extremely, you can also die at will. Think all the same about your resistance before facing it.

  • Location: Act 3 Caldeum, then top right by killing the mage
  • Specificity: be fast enough to run after the boss, avoid being too far away to take too much damage
  • Reward: Silver Seal of Ureh, attributes and skill
  • If you block: use the Topspin helmet or the Wheel of Fortune shield

Quov Tsin Median XLThe entrance to Vizjerei Temple to find Quov Tsin

Silver Seal of Ureh Median XLSilver Seal of Ureh Charm

21. 120 Twin Seas

We will take advantage of our level 120 for this instance which is located in Tran Athulua (via his WP, or act 2, Hall of the Deads). You must have in your possession the Askari scroll, which is collected from the three bosses of the Sunstone. If you don't have it anymore, you just have to kill the bosses of the Tran Athulua instance. Head north and go straight to the center of the WP, where you will activate the scroll. The boss is not very hard and you can die if needed.

  • Location: Act 2 Tran Athulua, then at the top with Askari's scroll
  • Specificity: you can die at will, the boss does not hit very hard and is not very resistant either
  • Reward: Weather Control, Attributes, Elemental Damage

Twin Seas Median XLThe area to call the boss

Weather Control Median XLWeather Control Charm

22. 120 The Triune

The Triune will allow you to create your own charm. You will need to collect charms like those from Diablo 2, Small, Medium, Large, and combine them with your Corrupted Wormhole charm. First go to Caldeum, then to the left Rathma Square. Kill the boss to access The Triune. You will then have to go to the top left to retrieve the Tome of Possession, on a mini-boss. Then go to the top right where you will pass a first boss Malic, ignore him for now. Continue until you find Lucion, whom you must lure on Malic. Once the two bosses are side by side, use the spell granted by Tome of Possession and cast it on Lucion. This one will be vulnerable to Malic's attacks and you just have to launch Mind Control on Lucion as soon as she disappears. This will give you the Corrupted Wormhole charm.

  • Location: Acte 3 Caldeum, Rathma Square, The Triune
  • Specificity: collect the Tome of Possession then charm Lucion, dead at will
  • Reward: Corrupted Wormhole, customizable

The Triune Median XLEntrance to The Triune via Rathma Square

Corrupted Wormhole Median XLCorrputed Whormole Charm (transmuted)

23. 120 Tengaze

Large instance of farm located in Torjan Jungle, Tengaze is the place to collect the essences for the runes. Go through the WP of Torjan Jungles, on the right the passage of the cemetery then straight ahead towards Tengaze. The boss is located in the middle, he will give you the Umbaru Treasure. The monsters all hit in the middle and can get complicated quickly depending on your build. The Umbaru Treasure can be merged with essences, up to 20. Each essence gives between -3 and +5 to three attributes, or on average +6 attribute to each essence. Be careful, essences are worth a little TG, so avoid wasting them. To finish on the boss, he is not ultra complicated but is invulnerable in the form of a bat. Also avoid dying, it heals, rather return to town.

  • Location: Act 3 Torjan Jungle, Cemetery, Tengaze
  • Specificity: gasoline farm area, death at will
  • Reward: Umbaru Treasure

Teganze Median XLThe entrance to Tengaze via the cemetery of Torjan Jungles

Umbaru Treasure Essences Median XLUmbaru Treasure charm with 8 transmuted essences

24. 120 Duncraig

Third farm area of ​​level 120, you will be able to get to Duncraig via Bramwell, via the passage located to the right of the boss. Take the underground to reach Duncraig. You have to kill the enemies until you find the 5 Sigils to scatter in fixed places on the map, and a random Ring of Five. You can then combine them to get Assur's Bane. Equip it and put the Purity spell, then find the fire elemental Assur in the middle of the map. Use Assur's Bane to kill him, it is not easy to aim at him but two shots will be enough. Be careful, he hits hard!

  • Location: Act 1 Bramwel, underground, Duncraig
  • Specificity: farm area, death at will
  • Reward: Demonsbane, +2 skill

The Black Road Median XLGo back through Bramwell to reach Duncraig

Demonsbane Median XLDemonsbane Charm

25. 115 Invasion II

To find it, go to the Realm of Sin (where you killed Azmodan), and go to the top where you will find a red portal. Big brother of invasion boss I, this one is very similar to the first boss you killed. It does more damage but keeps the same dodge mechanics. The only big difference is the quick kill ice summon. You can do the bonus quest, if you don't get hit by the Rift Storms transmute your charm alone.

  • Location: Act 4 Realm of Sin, at the top
  • Specificity: do not die and avoid its spells
  • Reward: Greater Riftwalker's Essence, +1 skill
  • Bonus quest: Avoid Rift Storms, 2% health, mana if bonus quest

Invasion 2 Median XLPass through Heart of Sin to reach Invasion II

Riftwalker Charm with Greater Essence

26. 120 Judgment Day

Let's go back to the level 120 dungeons, going to the Silver City of act 4. Go through Crystal Arch, to the right of the city and do the two levels. You will then come to a level 120 portal, where after animation, two portals will open, one to Malthael and the other to Imperius. Avoid going into town during this animation, it makes it buggy. You must then enter from one of the two portals to kill one of the two bosses. If you are well equipped you can kill one then go up and kill the other in less than a minute to do the bonus quest, if you succeed transmute your charm alone.

  • Location: Act 4 Silver City, Crystal Arch, after the two levels
  • Specificity: don't die and focus on the boss
  • Reward: Crystaline Flame Medallion, Absorption and Summon Edyrem
  • Bonus quest: kill both within a minute if possible, +1 skill +40 attributes

Judgment Day Median XLSilver City then Crystal Arch to face Malthael and Imperius

Crystalline Flame Medallion Median XLCharm Crystaline Flame Medaillon without the bonus

27. 115 The Veiled Prophet

You should be sufficiently equipped to complete the last instance 115, go to Silver City, then far north, between two Spirits of Zakarum, you will find a red portal. One of the most irritating instances if you are unfamiliar with how it works. As soon as you enter, go just above to get behind the coffin. Use your summons or mercenaries to keep enemies invulnerable, and as soon as the lightning stops, run, jump or teleport to destroy the totem. He doesn't have a lot of health and you should kill him before he throws his lightning again. Once dead, enemies are vulnerable and the boss will spawn. It's not particularly hard either, just avoid going south where two mages do massive damage. Kill the boss and go back to town.

  • Location: Act 4 Silver City, north then red gate
  • Specificity: hide while waiting for lightning, kill the totem and then the boss
  • Reward: Idol of Vanity, Combat Speed, and Passive Unlock

Cathedral of Vanity Median XLGo through Silver City then north to find The Veiled Prophet

Idol of Vanity Median XLIdol of Vanity Charm

28. Banisher of Light

Instance not simple but ultra important, which will increase your max resistances. To find it, go to Bramwell then kill the boss at the top left, who previously gave you The Black Road. It will open a red portal giving access to the Path to Enlightenment. Once inside, destroy the Pillar of Skulls which will spawn Kabraxis. If you don't like poison, you won't like this instance, as Kabraxis only casts spells of this type. However, not all attacks deal the same damage. His AOE attack around him doesn't hurt extremely, however his Acid Rain as well as his Acid Flame attack hurt extremely, so be sure to dodge them. If necessary, return to town for treatment. The simplest strategy remains to kit and to type when the boss teleports on you, as and when you will manage to kill him. You can also just stay out of his melee AOE to prevent him from teleporting.

  • Location: Act 1 Bramwell, Buyard Cholik then Path of Enlightenment
  • Specificity: avoid his poison attacks and kill him slowly
  • Reward: Soul of Kabraxis, max skill and resistance
  • Bonus quest: you can cube The Black Road and 5 greater runes to open a Time Rift, avoid for now!

Banisher of Light Median XLGo through Bramwell then kill his boss to reach Kabraxis

Soul of Kabraxis Median XLSoul of Kabraxis Charm

29. Kingdom of Shadow

I end with the instance that personally annoyed me the most, you have to go through Quov Tsin (without necessarily killing him, just go to the end of the instance), then arrive on a map where it is impossible to attack the enemies. However, they can, and they hurt a lot. As soon as you arrive on this map, look at the shrines, looking for poison resistance or endurance or even armor, as a last choice. Then follow the flaming arrow on the ground to find a hut at the bottom of the map. You will then have to enter the instance, avoid all the zombies to go to the end and face the boss. Some tips for this instance:

  • Adjust your gamma and contrast, this will allow you to see the zombies better
  • Buy lots of potions
  • If you have summons, use them as much as possible
  • When you get to the boss, first go just below to summon and put back your potions
  • Once ready jump on him, kill him and quickly pick up the charm


  • Location: Act 3 Caldeum, Quov Tsin, then Kingdom of Shadow
  • Specificity: avoid invulnerable enemies and quickly kill the boss
  • Reward: Eternal Bone Pile, skills

King of Ureh Median XLQuov Tsin, red portal, then hidden hut to get the charm

Eternal Bone Pile Median XLEternal Bone Pile Charm

Thank you

Thanks to FeX for clarifying the instances!

Alchemists dm gaming

It will take you a little while to find its 18 charms and upgrades, but with a little patience and farming they will be in your inventory! There is only Baal left pending 120, but it is not for now, he remains far too powerful at this level. I will come back to this in my next guide!

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By Alchemists, August 2021

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