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Median XL Craft and Leveling Guide

The types of objects with their associated level!

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Median XL Crafting and Leveling Guide: Description and When to Use Honorary Items, SU, SSU, SSSU, Crafted and Rune Words!

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  • Intro: (00:00)
  • Preamble and explanation of the guide: (00:17)
  • Honorary: (01:27)
  • Sacred Unique, SSU, SSSU: (04:01)
  • Advanced Runic Words and Specific Runes: (06:29)
  • Advanced Shrine Craft: (09:30)
  • Assessment, which level for which equipment: (13:45)
  • Last word: (18:35)


In this guide I will tell you in more detail the types of advanced objects and when to use them according to your level. It will give you a referencing base for your equipment, even if it still depends on your builds and your Hack & Slash experience.


As a reminder, Honorific items are basically a blue item (magic) that has received a mark of infusion, allowing the effects of all mystical orbs to be doubled. You must collect the Infusion Marks one by one by killing Sheink at the first Waypoint of Act 5. Honorary items work very well as a buffering item, i.e. replacing a sacred item, sacred craft or word. runic. You can choose which mystical orb to put and thus fill a weakness of your character (for example resistance to poison) and / or maximize damage, armor, etc. Here are some examples of honorary objects:

  • Mercenary Arc A1: max damage, ED, EWD, crushing blow, life steal
  • Armor: spell damage, attributes, ED

The level required to wear the item works this way:

  • It returns to level 30 following the infusion mark
  • Each basic mystic orb adds 4 required levels
  • If you insert a rune, jewel or gem, the required base level will be the highest level, for example by putting a required level 60 rune, the item will increase to base level 60.

So be careful because if you are level 120 and you upgrade your Honorific to the required level 120, you will not be able to put runes. It's up to you to see if you prefer to use runes or have more room for mystical orbs and thus use gems (with a required level lower than 30)

Honorary Median XL

Sacred Unique (Su), SSU, SSSU

You may have already wondered why some players trade Holy Unique Thirds much more expensive than others, it's simply because there are multiple Holy Unique Thirds. These third parties are the SU (Sacred Uniques), SSU and SSSU. Here is their description:

  • SU: the standard sacred unique object that you all know
  • SSU: the upper third, rarer and only obtainable in instances of level 120 and above, because ilvl 120
  • SSSU: the even higher third, even rarer and only obtainable in instance level 130 and above, because ilvl 130

Obviously the higher the third, the more powerful the object. There are not all types of SSU and SSSU, especially on SSSUs where there are few types. To know the third of the unique sacred object, you have two ways:

  • Look up its name in the Median XL table: column 1 SU, 2 SSU, 3 SSSU
  • Watch his ilvl, <120 SU, 120 SSU, 130 SSSU

For instances, be careful not to confuse instance level with the level required to enter it. For example the SSSU can drop in Fautzville. However, do not count on a frequent drop in SSSU, these are excremently rare. So if you are looking for SUs instead, Duncraig will be much more efficient with her Drop Bias Sacred Items, meaning she drops more sacred items. To summarize :

  • SSSU: Fautzinville, Bremmtown, Lab tiers 11+, Scosglen
  • SSU: Duncraig

Advanced runic words and specific runes

In order to get the best runic words, you need to understand all types of runes:

  • The basic runes, the gray ones
  • Enhanced Enhanced Runes, Yellows, and much rarer
  • Elemental runes, resulting from the fusion between a primary rune runestone and an essence, obtained in Tengaze
  • The runes specific to Toraja Sha'ads Krys Auhe, Sha'ads being also much rarer than the other two
  • Runes specific to Fauntzinville Taha Gal Qhor

So you see that depending on the runic word you want to do, it will be extremely complicated to get it, but also super powerful.

Runeword type and associated Median XL level

Advanced Shrine Craft

Another way to get an item is to use Shrines. Count about fifty Shrine (10 x 5) for a correct object. Here are the types of existing Shrines, categorized:


  • Hidden: Random Monster Reanimation
  • Magical: resistance and life of invocations
  • Tainted: Attack Rating and Summon Damage

Damage physical attack

  • Intimidating: ED and Deadly Strike (weapon)
  • Weird: ED and damage added

Damage spells

  • Facscinating: fire damage and decreases fire resistance
  • Ornate: Lightning damage and decreases lightning resistance
  • Sacred: Ice damage and decreases resistance to ice
  • Shimmering: poison damage and decreases poison resistance


  • Abandoned: Dexterity and Attack Rating
  • Creepy: strength and Cruhsing Blow
  • Eerie: energy and Spell Focus
  • Quiet: vitality and health point regeneration


  • Intimidating: ED and Physical Resistance (armor)
  • Trinity: Elemental Damage and Attributes
  • Spiritual: regeneration of mana, mana and maximum mana

It will then be easier to use the right shrines:

  • you mainly type in elemental damage, take Shimmering, Facscinating, Sacred or Ornate
  • you type in physical damage, use on your weapon Intimidating or Weird

Below are some examples of crafting:

Craft of Shrine example Median XL

Assessment, which level for which equipment

Level 1 - 80, story mode, items T1 to T4, low level runic words, instances both challenges

  • Story Mode

Level 80 - 110, story mode, sacred items, basic runic words, honorary items.

  • Story Mode
  • Challenge 80: sacred objects
  • Island of the Sunless Sea: experience and gold

Level 110 - 125, full set, then unique sacred, SSU, advanced runic words and honorary items.

  • Secret cow level: experience
  • Torjan jungle: experience and bookmarks
  • Tengaze: essences and runestones, experience
  • Duncraig: sacred objects SU, SSU, experience

Level 125+, change the set to SSU and Advanced Runic Words. Farm areas:

  • Toraja: Great runes of Toraja
  • Fautzinville, Bremmtown: Great runes of Fautzinville and runes, SSSU
  • Scosglen: Sacred Objects SU, SSU, SSSU, Runes

honorary, sacred, SSU, SSSU, runic words Median XL

Alchemists dm gaming

Honorifics, SU, SSU, SSSU, Runewords, and Shrine Crafting should no longer be obscure when crafting your items. You will also know when to use them!

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By Alchemists, September 2021

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