My finals build, for me the best PvP build!
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Build Witch Speedfarm Median XL 2.0

Build Speedfarm Lightning Witch 2.0

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Build Witch Endgame Median XL 2.0: a build using the power of the witch's lightning damage combined with her mobility

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Principle of the build

Here is the overall operation of my build:

  • 0 potion: with life per second and life by killing creeps, and enough mana regeneration, so no potions
  • 200 FCR: Lightning teleportation will give you the maximum cast speed tier
  • Clear: the Tempest spell will clean all mobs without any worries.
  • Single target: for the bosses, we will use an ultra powerful single target, Thunderstone
  • SSF: all your late game items can be crafted or farmed simply


For statistics take:

  • enough to wear in strength and dexterity, avoid more than 100 points for each
  • in energy up to 1800-2000 without the crow
  • the rest in vitality
  • the FCR level will be reached with the lightning teleportation spell
  • for the FHR level, avoid getting touched ^^
  • 80+ resistances everywhere and 30+ physical
  • life per second and life per creep killed

Statistics Sorciere Lightning SpeedfarmMy witch's statistics


Here are all the skills to take.


  • Thunderstone: max, 0-1 Eye of the Storm point
  • Tempest: max, 1 Mind Spark point
  • Overlay: 1 point


  • Living Flame, max, 1 firedance point
  • Vengeful Power, 10, 1 Hive point


  • Raven Familar: the rest


  • Meditation, max
  • Endurance, max
  • Tenacity, max


  • Witch blood, max
  • Symbol of Esu, 5
  • Force Blast, 1

Witch Median XL skillsMy witch's skills


Equipment to be recovered:

  • Helmet: craft circlet +3 skill, lightning damage and penetration
  • Armor: craft witch armor +3 skill, lightning damage and penetration
  • Belt: craft lightning damage and penetration
  • Boots: craft lightning damage and penetration
  • Gloves: craft +2 skill, lightning damage and penetration
  • Weapon: orb craft +4 skill, lightning damage and penetration
  • Shield: Avatar runic word or craft lightning damage and penetration
  • Ring: rare +1 skill, lighning damage and penetration
  • Amulet: The Dreamcatcher, or rare +3 skill

Mystic Orbs:

  • everywhere: lightning damage
  • prop: mana regeneration
  • weapon: life after each kill
  • stats and elemental resistance as needed

Mercenary Equipment

Choice of mercenary:

  • Abjure, Act 3, only lightning damage combining with your character

Equipment to be recovered:

  • Same as your items, lightning damage and penetration

Feasible instances

Here is the list of instances feasible with this build:

  • 0-125: all, be careful, however, they require a good mastery
  • 130 +: requires better equipment


Here are some leveling tips, if necessary refer to complete Median XL leveling guide  :

  • story mode: basic and honorary runic words as needed
  • level 110-125: Elemental Children set, the lightning set
  • level 125 +, as recommended in the guide

For skills:

  • as a priority, set Tempest to the bottom
  • then Coven and Rewards
  • then the Masteries
  • then Raven Familiar
  • then the rest
  • ThunderStone: at max when you run out of single target damage


The build being focused on speedfarm, especially in Duncraig, below are some examples:

  • Speedfarm Duncraig, 1 single or set every two minutes, no mf
  • Speedfarm Fautzinville, experience and runes


  • 2.0: creation

Asuna dm gaming

A perfect lightning witch build if you like to teleport and destroy all enemies in your path! Recommended for speedfarming in Duncraig, and killing bosses from instances up to 125 on Median XL!

Median XL Dm Gaming submenu

By Asuna, September 2021

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