My finals build, for me the best PvP build!
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250 boots 10 million gold bet, gambling gf Diablo 2 Resurrected

250 boots by betting

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250 boots bet against 10 million gold on Diablo 2, to try to obtain triple resistance boots and 30 FRW!

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  • Sponsors intro: (00:00)
  • Video presentation: (00:12)
  • Goal of betting boots: (00:21)
  • Results: (00:38)
  • Feedback on the 30 FRW triple resistance boots: (02:02)
  • Profitability of MAJ bets: (02:44)
  • Next bets: (03:01)
  • Last word: (03:14)

Objective of bets

For the boots, the objective is to obtain resistance and FRW! With a holy grail in triple resistance and 30 FRW!


Here are all the boots obtained:

  • number of boots: 250
  • rare boots: 20
  • magic boots 229
  • useful boots: 7
  • almost insane boots: 1
  • unique: 0
  • set: 1 immortal king

Here are the useful boots:

  • 34 MF
  • 23 MF, FHR, resistance
  • triple resistance, GF
  • resistance, FRW, GF
  • 40 FRW 39 cold resistance
  • 40 FRW 20 poison resistance
  • 30 FRW double resistance

250 diablo boots 2The 250 boots recovered by betting

remaining bootsThe rest of my boots!

A look back at the 30 FRW triple resistance boots

The ideal to recover this type of boots is located at level 50, because you can obtain normal boots (non-elite or exceptional) with the three resistances and the FRW. If you have a level higher than 50, you will be able to obtain other mods replacing the resistances and therefore less chance of having all three. For example with this one below, the affix dexterity could not have appeared. Note also that at level 50, you have a chance to obtain War Travelers, ilvl 50. Even if it is 1 in 2000!

For this video I didn't have a character of this level, so I did it with my usual character.

30 frw double resistance dex bootsDouble resistance boots with 30 FRW

Profitability of bets

Here is the usefulness of each bet in order:

  1. Coronets clvl 87, can quickly be very profitable and practical while waiting for a Shako for example
  2. Clevel 87 boots, moderately useful, but can still help out
  3. Amulets clvl 87, little interest

Next bets

Here are the next bets I have in mind:

  • amulet clvl 90
  • rings

Do not hesitate if you have other ideas!

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Alchemists dm gaming

Rather useful boots, but the triple resistance with 30 frw will be rather interesting in clvl 50, to have all the chances on our side. Here only one in 250 could have had these four affixes!

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By Alchemists, October 2021

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