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Amazon Arc Physics leveling and endgame

Amazone Diablo 2 Resurrected Dm Gaming

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My guide to playing Physical Damage Amazon with Magic Shot, Smart Shot, Multishot and Burst from start to finish in Diablo 2!

  • Intro Sponsors: (00:00)
  • Amazon Arc Physics Diablo 2.4, leveling, MF and Split runs: (00:12)
  • Reminder, Javazon leveling skills: (00:38)
  • Reminder, Skill leveling Arc Elements: (01:02)
  • Physics Arc leveling skills: (01:17)
  • Final skills with Flurry: (02:25)
  • Final Skills with Multiple Shot: (03:00)
  • Normal and nightmare leveling equipment: (03:34)
  • Equipment farm MF hell : (04:30)
  • Endgame split farm or PvP equipment: (05:27)
  • Mercenary leveling :(06:35)
  • endgame mercenary :(07:08)
  • Best areas to farm with this build :(07:39)
  • Normal gameplay leveling: (08:02)
  • Gameplay MF Diablorun Hell : (08:26 )
  • Thank you for watching this video, don't forget to follow the channel! :(08:50)

  • Bowa Physical Diablo 2.4, from leveling to MF and Split runs: (00:00)
  • Reminder, leveling skills as Javazon: (00:22)
  • Reminder, leveling skills as Bow Elemental: (00:47)
  • Bowa Physical leveling skills: (00:55)
  • Bowa Physical final skills with Strafe: (01:20)
  • Bowa Physical final skills with Multiple Shot: (01:42)
  • Equipment leveling normal and nightmare: (01:57)
  • Equipment Mf Hell farm: (02:33)
  • Gear Endgame split farm or PvP: (03:03)
  • Mercenary leveling: (03:35)
  • Mercenary endgame:(04:02)
  • Best areas to farm with this build: (04:24)
  • Normal leveling gameplay: (04:34)
  • Gameplay MF Diablorun Hell: (04:45 )
  • Thanks for watching this video, don't forget to follow the chanel!: (05:00)

Preamble, why this build?

The amazon has always been better in Javazone to begin with, but I worked on this build so that it was fun and easy to do with arcs and physical damage, because also the elemental spells were better before the patch 2.4.

  • an ultra pleasant character to play in endgame
  • very versatile, you can do whatever you want
  • no need for mana potion in leveling

Leveling and final attributes

Here are the attributes:

  • Strength: only what to wear your equipment, about 100 in the end
  • Dexterity: only what to wear your equipment, about 150 in the end
  • Vitality: everything else
  • Energy: 10 points max on the first levels if necessary, then 0

Skill leveling physical arc 1 to 50

Here are the two standard ways to level up your Amazon, if you don't wish to go through the arc physics tree, which you can do up to level 50:

  • javazon lightning
  • amazon bow elements

Skills leveling arc elemental amazon diablo 2 resurrectedThe Level 50 Elemental Arc Tree

Skills leveling javazone lightning diablo 2 resurrectedThe level 50 tree in javazon lightning

Skill leveling physical arc 1 to 50

You can of course choose to do your leveling in Javazone or Elemental Arc, but you will see that this physical leveling is very powerful. Magic Bolt will no longer cost you mana and you can easily move up in the game:

  • Magic Bolt up to level 20
  • As soon as possible a point in Interior Vision
  • As soon as possible 4 points in Critical Hit
  • One point in dodges and drill
  • The rest of stitch in Penetrate
  • Fully Penetrate and 7 points in Critical Hit
  • Possibly Valkyrie or Pierce

Skills before reset Bowa Physics Arc Diablo 2 resurrectedYour level 50 physical arc tree

Flurry Final Skills

Here is the tree when choosing burst as a spell:

  • Flurry has an attack score bonus but costs an additional synergy (so 20 points)
  • it is more suitable before having large endgame equipment

Final Skills Bowa Physique Arc Diablo 2 resurrected with BurstYour skills by choosing Rafale

Multi-Shot Final Skills

Here is the tree when choosing burst as a spell:

  • Multiple Shot clears areas faster and requires less points but requires better equipment
  • he will be perfect at the end of the game

Final Skills Bowa Physique Arc Diablo 2 resurrected with Multiple ShotYour skills by choosing Multiple Shot

Leveling equipment

If you have any doubts about how to recover this equipment, you have the information of the mBest Diablo 2 leveling gear here. For the Amazon, many runic words are little known but very powerful. I still advise against Melody, because you will lose a lot of damage.

  • Normal
    • Level 17: Stealth Tal Eth armor for you and your mercenary
    • Level 21: Arc Zephyr Irt Eth, damage and movement speed
  • Nightmare
    • Level 25: Arc Edge Tir Tal Amn, attack speed and life stolen
    • Level 39: Arc Harmony Tir Ith Sol Ko, damage and Vigor aura
    • Level 43 - Treachery Shael Thul Lem for you and your mercenary

To find the best diablo 2 leveling items.

MF Equipment

Intermediate equipment allowing easy recovery of objects:

  • Helmet: Helmet with 3 Perfect Topaz or Circlet Amazon
  • Armor: Wealth then Skulder
  • Weapon: Harmony Rune Word
  • Gloves: Mf gloves and chanceguard as possible
  • Boots: rare and as soon as possible War Traveler
  • Ring: two nagel ring
  • Amulet: a good rare or Cat's Eye
  • Belt: a rare or goldwrap

Endgame Equipment

Intermediate equipment allowing easy recovery of objects:

  • Helmet: a circlet movement speed amazon with 2 x 15 attack speed and damage if possible
  • Armor: Fortitude
  • Weapon: Faith on a Gaia Bow
  • Gloves: 20% attack speed and additions
  • Boots: Bloody Gore Riders
  • Ring: A ring with stolen life and mana and a ravenfrost
  • Amulet: Wrath of the Lord Highlord
  • Belt: Razortail

Here are the steps to have:

  • Fast recovery FHR 52% or 86%
  • Attack speed 50% or 95% with Faith level 13

Take as many damage, life, and attack rating charms as possible.

mercenary leveling

You won't need any mana for your character, so you can:

  • Mercenary act 1 with Harmony
  • Mercenary act 2 with power and a stolen life weapon
  • Mercenary act 3 with enchant
  • Mercenary act 5 for his resistance

Final Mercenary

Here are the possible options for your mercenary:

  1. Act 1 cold with Fog Mist, you will have cold damage and the aura bonus
  2. Act 2 power and Infinity, but much harder to get

Areas to farm

You can farm whatever you want with this character, be it Diablorun Baalrun or level 85 instances!

PvP version

Take the final version of the equipment to simply destroy your opponents.


Here is the gameplay made with this character:

  • Travincal, in seconds
  • Diablorun, very simple to clear it with the skeletons susceptible to lightning traits
  • Baalrun, to do only if you have Enigma, but otherwise also very simple


  • 2.4: creation

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Alchemists dm gaming

If you don't want to do like the majority by playing Paladin FoH Fist of the Heavens or Sorceress Hydra, here is my atypical build to start the new season, playing Amazon Arc physical damage from start to finish! You can of course do MF runs and then split runs very easily and quickly on Diablo 2 Resurrected!

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By Alchemists, April 2022

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