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Baalruns Diablo 2, join, optimize and avoid server communication bug

The Baalruns

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Baalruns on Diablo 2 are the fastest way to gain experience, I'll explain everything about how they work!

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  • Sponsors intro: (00:00)
  • Video objective: (00:12)
  • Important to know: (00:54)
  • Abbreviations: (02:06)
  • BR rules: (04:12)
  • Effectively join a BR: (06:19)
  • Avoid communication server error bugs: (08:25)
  • After the theory, practice: (09:45)
  • Levels and number of Baalruns, complement # 1: (14:19)
  • What should be my level, complement # 2: (14:56)
  • If no one joins my Baalrun, complement # 3: (15:53)
  • Last word: (16:30)

Important to know

Before going into details, you have some crucial information to understand:

  • Baalruns are the fastest way to gain experience, there is no equivalent
  • the faster a run, the more you will chain and therefore the more experience you will have
  • there must therefore always be a witch who teleports (or a character with minimum Enigma), especially in Hell
  • walking and killing the creeps to reach Baal is less advantageous
  • killing Baal wastes your time (and therefore experience), but you can possibly have items


Since this activity is done in a group, you must know these abbreviations:

  • leech: gaining experience without fighting
  • tele, tp: teleport, the role of the witch to go to Baal
  • bo: battle order, barbarian buffs, a player who asks you for a barbarian buff
  • walk: walking to go to baal
  • ng: next game
  • i: me / i
  • u: you
  • up: the tp is available in the Baal room
  • hot / warm: the tp is risky, there are monsters around
  • safe: the tp is secure, no more monsters around
  • clean: to kill the creeps around the tp
  • BR: BaalRun
  • Esp, Fra, Eng: espanol, français, english

So for example:

  • iboutelebaal-01 literally means, I (barbarian) do the boosts and you (witch) teleport

Last case, if you have weird names like:

  • kamabaal-01, it is probably that the creator of the game has his nickname which starts with Kama or looks like it, it is therefore very practical to recognize the creator

BR rules

Baalruns are an organized activity governed by automatic rules, meaning that all Diablo players are expected to respect it. If you do not respect these rules, you waste time, therefore experience, and also risk being removed from the group:

  • the creator of the original BR is the only one to have to create the next game, unless he stops
    • if you create a game for it, it will probably create the next number
  • at normal and nightmare level each must help kill the waves
  • at hell level you can leech if you see the creeps die directly
  • the barbarian (or if you have CTA) must bo the witch
  • everyone must help clear the room
  • if the witch dies during her TV, in general it is ng
  • if you have errands to do, do it while the soso tele is to be ready
  • you don't take the gold of your dead comrades!
  • if you are in leech mode, do not take a drop

Join a BR effectively

Finding a good BR isn't easy, but here are a few tips:

  • if the elapsed time is more than 6 minutes, take the next number
  • if you enter a game and no one teleports, change the run

In order for the game to appear in the lobby, it must meet these conditions:

  • be created for more than 30 seconds
  • not be complete

Which means :

  • if you see a baalrun game, it is in most cases because the players have just left it, so do not enter it and type the following number
  • games with a number -01 are the BRs that have just started, and these can therefore be joined as there are no players following this number yet

this baal run is over Daiblo 2This Baalrun is finished

Avoid joining this Diablo 2 baalrunJoin the following number

Avoid communication server error bugs

Unbearable error on D2R, the fact of not being able to join a game. This bug happens when:

  • you are trying to join a game that does not exist (not yet created or misspelled)
  • you do not have the correct password

For the bug to pass, there isn't much you can do except wait. You can try to leave the lobby (without leaving the game!), Change characters, etc., it won't change much. Waiting will cause the bug to pass and you will probably lose your spot in the baalrun. Here is how to limit this bug:

  • when the creator of Baalrun leaves, also quit and wait 10 to 15 seconds
  • this value is crucial, it gives the creator time to do the next part
  • as well as to prevent this part from being public (less than 30 seconds)
  • the only way to "get caught" is if one of the members of the current game asks someone who knows to join the BR, which is quite rare

there was a problem communicating with the game serversYou will see much less of this message after this guide

After the theory, practice !

In the video you will see how to efficiently join a BR and how it works, while avoiding connection problems.

Complement, level and number of Baalruns

If you like to gain experience, here is the number of runs you will need to do:

Levels and Baalruns Diablo 2 resurrectedThe Baalruns will be more and more numerous

Complement, what should my level be?

Taking levels is not mandatory, especially depending on your activity, namely:

  • PvE: 80 (MF, Cowhide, Boss runs, etc), you don't need a lot of levels
  • PvP: 90-94, in order to be on the same level as everyone else
  • Craft and bets: 90+, but also depends on type of craft and bets

Complement, no one joins my Baalrun

If no one is joining your Baalrun, here's some information:

  • if it is the first one, you will have to wait 3-4 minutes before having a good influx
  • if you are not a teleporting witch you will not have much success

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With this complete guide to the Baal Runs, they will have no secrets for you, and it will be much easier to level in Diablo 2 Resurrected!

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By Alchemists, October 2021

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