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Barbarian skills guide to the best Diablo 2 Resurrected builds

Barbarian skills

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Barbarian Diablo 2 skills: to fully understand what are the best skills to use and builds on the Barbarian!

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The Barbarian is quite a special class in terms of builds, as he has a lot of very useful skills. There will therefore be few points remaining depending on your builds. In this guide I will take the example of a barbarian level 85, with 85 + 12 skill points = 97.

Systematic skills

Here are the mandatory points for a Barbarian doing damage:

  • Combat Orders: 20, bonus life and mana
  • Battle Command: 1, +1 to skills
  • Shout: 1, defense bonus
  • Mastery of a weapon: 20, for damage
  • Increased Speed: 1, to run faster
  • Galvanization: 1, defense
  • Natural Resistance: 1, resistances
  • Jump: 1, mobility

By counting the skills needed to get those above:

  • 48 skill points for 49 used, i.e. 2 skills to upgrade max

Mandatory skills barbarian diablo 2The skills of any good barbarian

Possible skills

You therefore have several possible choices:

  • Trombe, which has no synergy with Shout for more defense, leaving 5 points to put in Natural Resistance
  • Berzerk, which synergizes with Shout (to put in full) and Howl (put the 5 remaining points)
  • Frenzy, which synergizes with A Deux Mains (to be used fully) and Provocation (put the 5 remaining points)
  • Double Throw, which synergizes with A Deux Mains (to be used fully), put the rest in Cri

This is why Trombe is played so much, because it does not ask for a lot of points. If, however, you want to play Berzerk, Frenzy or Double Throw, see below!

Skills double cast barbarian diablo 2The Double Launched Barbarian build

Barbarian frenzy diablo 2 skillsThe Barbarian Frenzy build

Skills waterspout ww barbarian diablo 2The Trombe WW Barbarian build

Skills berzerk barbarian diablo 2The Berzerk Barbarian build

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You will no longer have any trouble choosing your Barbarian skills on Diablo 2 Resurrected, whatever your choice of build!

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By Alchemists, September 2021

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