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Witch Blizzard Diablo 2 Resurrected, the Hydra Orb transition for the rise of the best farms

Witch Blizzard Diablo 2

Witch Diablo 2 Resurrected Dm Gaming

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To transition from Witch Hydra Ice Orb to Blizzard, when how and why on Diablo 2 Resurrected!

  • Intro Sponsors: (00:00)
  • Hydra Orb Witch in full Blizzard Diablo 2 : (00:12)
  • When, how and why? :(00:33)
  • Blizzard cold witch skills: (02:05)
  • FHR FCR Steps, Attributes, MF and Resistances: (02:42)
  • Blizzard cold soso gear : (03:04)
  • Mercenaries, the full guide below: (03:56)
  • Next equipment to collect: (04:12)
  • And the PvP? :(04:35)
  • Uberdiablo :(04:50)
  • Splitruns P5 Tomb Summoner: (05:52)
  • Splitrun P5 Mephisto: (06:37)
  • Splitrun P5 Diablorun: (07:20)
  • Speedrun Diablorun in a minute :(08:36)
  • All ! :(10:00)

  • Transition from Frozen Hydra Orb to full Blizzard Sorceress Diablo 2: (00:00)
  • When, Why and How?: (00:19)
  • Blizzard Sorceress Skills: (01:11)
  • FHR FCR breakpoints, stats points, MF and resistances: (01:28)
  • Blizzard Soso Equipment: (01:55)
  • Mercenaries, full guide below the video: (02:40)
  • Next equipment to get: (02:52)
  • What about PvP?: (03:10)
  • Uberdiablo:(03:20)
  • Splitruns P5 Summoner and Tomb: (04:10)
  • Splitrun P5 Mephisto:(04:40)
  • Splitrun P5 Diablorun: (05:17)
  • Speedrun Diablorun in a minute :(06:10)
  • All on : (07:04)

When and why to transition to Blizzard?

The Hydra Ice Orb witch makes it possible to manage immunes without any worries with very little equipment. However, with good equipment, you will be more effective with Blizzard due to the damage of the spell, even if you lose your ability to kill cold immunes. Here are the crucial objects before transitioning:

  1. A solid mercenary, he will be your only source of anti-cold
    • Eth Insight CV - Lifesteal Helmet - Treachery - Call to Arms CTA (same tier 1)
  2. The two crucial objects for playing cold
    • Death Fathom and Nightwing, take low stats to start with, also consider cold 4/4 gems which are very affordable
    • I remind you that you must have his items to considerably boost your damage


Here are the character stats:

  • strength: what to wear your equipment
  • Dexterity: 0
  • vitality: the rest
  • energy: 0
  • FBR quick release speed: 0
  • RCF casting speed: 105%
  • FHR Fast Recovery Speed: 60%, 55 spirit + 5 charm
  • Fast Attack Speed ​​IAS: 0
  • 75% to all resistances
  • 350 MF


Here are your final skills:

  • Cold Spells:
  • Ice Armor: 1
  • Ice Bolt: 20
  • Ice Discharge: 20, secondary spell
  • Ice Spear: 20
  • Blizzard: 20, main spell
  • Cold Mastery: the rest
  • Lightning Spells:
  • Static field: 1
  • Telekinesis: 1
  • Fire Spells:
  • Heat: 1


  • Ice Blast hits much harder than Ice Spike (or Ice Bolt)
  • Ice Spike just allows you to apply even more control effect and remains of little use
  • Use Blizzard for packs and combine with Ice Blast for bosses and elites

Blizzard Witch Diablo 2 Resurrected skillsBlizzard Witch Skills


Here are the Blizzard witch items:

  • Helmet: Nightwing Nightsail with Cold RBF Jewels
  • Shield: Spirit 35 fcr
  • Armor, belt, amulet: Tal, with topaz on the armor
  • Weapon: Death Fathom DF with cold RBF jewels
  • Gloves: Trang Oul
  • Boots: Sandstorm or Waterwalk or War Traveler or Infernal March
  • Ring: two resistance or MF rings
  • Switch: CTA 1 or 2 and Spirit
  • Charms: non-witch torch, annihilus, resistance and MF charms

Mercenary, choice, equipment and leveling

Choice of mercenary:

PvP version

This build is also very strong in PvP, you can easily kill your enemies with a Blizzard, the hardest part being hitting them!

Next equipment

Although you can do P7 on a large number of instances, here are the next steps for equipping:

  • A witch torch
  • Better DF and NW
  • Change your Tal Rasha gear (upcoming update)
  • Possibly cold damage charms


Here are some examples of instances very easily done with the witch:

  • P5 Tomb, Summoner and Mephisto, you can also do it in P7
  • P5 Diablorun
  • Speed ​​Diablorun
  • Uber Diablo, you will also very easily be able to kill it even with several people in the game


  • 1.0: creation

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Alchemists dm gaming

If you want to farm very quickly and you have the equipment indicated for your Blizzard Witch on Diablo 2 Resurrected, you can change to this build! You will be able to do splits at 7 to get your hands on some HR!

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By Alchemists, March 2022

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