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60 Narmari Hell 2 Diablo Immortal dungeons, legendary drops, sets, sellable gems and caps

Build Mage Diablo Immortal, to start the game well with this class

Build Mage Wizard

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My best Mage Wizard DPS build for very quickly clearing Diablo Immortal instances and bosses!

  • Build Mage Wizard Diablo Immortal :(00:00)
  • Mage Skills: (00:17)
  • Attributes, Equipment and Gems: (00:45)
  • Parangon Conqueror and Gladiator : (01:18)
  • Don't forget to follow the channel, thank you! :(01:34)

  • Build Wizard Diablo Immortal: (00:00)
  • Wizard skills: (00:17)
  • Stats, gear and gems: (00:37)
  • Paragon Vanquisher and Gladiator: (01:12)
  • Don't forget to subscribe, thanks! (01:24)


This build is a build planner, in order to allow you to have a guide ready from the start of the game, so there will be no gameplay.


Here are the skills to use:

  • Magic Missile - Magic Missile: your single-target attack
  • Black Hole - Black Hole: your control spell
  • Meteor - Meteor: your damage spell
  • Disintegrate - Disintegrate: your damage spell
  • Teleport: your mobility spell

Magic Missile Magic Missile Skill Mage Wizard Diablo ImmortalMagic Missile

black hole black hole skill Mage Wizard Diablo ImmortalBlack hole

Meteor skill Mage Wizard Diablo ImmortalMeteor


teleport skill Mage Wizard Diablo ImmortalTeleport

Attributes, Equipment and Gems

Look for equipment with the following attributes, avoiding Willpower and Intelligence, providing little:

  • Intelligence: increases your damage
  • Determination: for armor penetration
  • Vitality: for a bit of life

Since we are playing DPS, you will need to have:

  • damage bonuses
  • critical hit chance and damage
  • cooldown discounts

For gems:

  • base: damage and armor penetration in priority
  • unique: related to attacks, basic attacks and critical

Diablo Immortal mage wizard unique gearThe type of equipment for his Black Hole combo

Wizard Mage Diablo Immortal Single GemThe unique gem type for single target damage boost


For Paragon points, we follow the same logic:

  • Conqueror Vanquisher, take all points to the max
  • Gladiator, take the top tree

Paragon Vanquisher Conqueror Diablo ImmortalTake the whole Conqueror tree

Paragon Gladiator Gladiator Diablo ImmortalTake the upper part of the Gladiator tree

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Alchemists dm gaming

With teleport, meteor and black hole you can very quickly clear the areas of Diablo Immortal. Magic missile and disintegration will be there to obliterate the bosses in a few blows, a very versatile build for the Mage Wizard!

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By Alchemists, May 2022

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