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Best Diablo Immortal Crusader build, to destroy the game from the start
Build Mage Diablo Immortal, to start the game well with this class

Build Druid Poison Rage Rabies, to kill everyone Diablo 2 Resuirrected

Build Druid Poison Rage Rabies

Druid Diablo 2 Resurrected Dm Gaming

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A build that hits 50k viable poison damage in PvP or PvE! The Rage Rabies version of the druid on Diablo 2 Resurrected!

Best Diablo Immortal Crusader build, to destroy the game from the start
Build Mage Diablo Immortal, to start the game well with this class
Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming


  • Sponsors Intro: (00:00)
  • Build presentation: (00:12)
  • Interests of poison druid build: (00:28)
  • Stats, speed, damage and resistances: (01:25)
  • Endgame PvE and PvP Skills: (02:36)
  • Endgame PvE and PvP Gear: (04:12)
  • Mercenary, leveling, choice and equipment: (09:07)
  • PvP gameplay vs Barbarian 4k life 75% resistance: (09:55)
  • Diablorun Hell PvE Gameplay (11:32)
  • Cowrun Hell PvE Gameplay: (12:51)
  • Don't forget to subscribe, it's free! thank you!: (13:52)

Interest of the Druid poison build

This build allows you to apply very high poison damage, and can also be very easily adaptable to direct it into a poison physical hybrid. It is also very resistant, has a good clear and is powerful in PvP! Please note that it is impossible to change the attack speed with equipment other than the weapon, unlike the Bear form (gloves, amulets, etc.). It will kill anyone with one hit in PvP, you just have to successfully hit it, you won't need to hit it again to kill your enemy, unlike the Necro Nova for example. For PvE, rage spreads to enemies without doing anything, which is very handy for clearing the Underworld.


Here are the character stats:

  • strength: what to wear your equipment
  • Dexterity: enough to carry a phase sword (136)
  • vitality: the rest
  • energy: 0
  • FBR quick release speed: 0
  • RCF casting speed: 0
  • FHR Fast Recovery Rate: 86
  • IAS Fast Attack Speed: n/a, given by weapon
  • 60% to all resistances
  • 50k poison damage

Build Druid Poison Rage Rabies stats diablo 2 ResurrectedStats with Endgame gear and Grief weapon


Here are your final skills:

  • Shapeshifter:
  • Lycanthropy 20
  • Night Howler 20
  • Rage Rabies 20
  • Animal rage the rest
  • Invocations
  • Poison Ivy (Rage Synergy) 20
  • Oak Sage (for life) or Heart of Serval (damage and offensive power) 20

Build Druid Poison Rage Rabies skills diablo 2 ResurrectedRage Druid Final Skills

Final equipment

Here are the items to collect:

  • Helmet: Jalal with a 5/5 poison jewel
  • Shield: Spirit then Hunter's Trophy with 3 5/5 poison or Monarch life with 4 5/5 poison
  • Armor: Barbed Bramble with the most poison damage possible (max 50%)
  • Poor
    • PvE Grievance Sorrow
    • PvP Death Web Drege of Death with Shael or 5/5
    • I find the Plague Bearer sword less interesting, it gives +5 to Rage but no attack speed or poison resistance drop
  • Gloves:
    • Drakul PvE
    • PvP Trang Oul for extra poison damage
  • Boots: Gore Riders Bloody
  • Ring: bul kathos and raven
  • Amulet: mara or metalgrid
  • Belt: Arach
  • Charms: +1 polymorph or poison charms (strongest but more expensive)


The mercenary is not crucial, because Infinity does not lower poison resistance but makes it easier to hit your enemies because it lowers defense. You can also lean towards Pride to increase your physical damage.


Here are some examples of instances very easily done with the druid:

  • a Diablorun
  • a Cowrun
  • PvP, thanks to GouGa for accepting the blows!
    • 4k hp 38% poison resistance
    • 4k hp 203% poison resist (28% more than max)


  • 1.0: creation

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Alchemists dm gaming

If you want to ridicule your enemies in PvP or kill any enemy in PvE, consider this Druid Poison Rage Rabies in Diablo 2 Resurrected! One blow of your fang and you will kill all your enemies!

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By Alchemists, January 2022

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