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Gameplay Diablo 2 Resurrected Worms, Viper, Summoner

 Gameplay Act 2 Verse, Vipere, Summoner

Gameplay Diablo 2 Resurrected: this time I present to you the iconic bosses of act 2: the big worm, viper altar, arcane summoner


  • Intro: (00:00 )
  • The big Coldworm worm: (00:13 )
  • The Viper Altar: (01:20 )
  • Arcane Sanctuary Summoner: (01:58 )
  • Last word: (02:50 )

The big worm Coldworm

One of the most hated areas in diablo 2, especially in multiplayer, to find the Horadrim staff! After getting lost, stuck and finally taking turns in the meanders of the sand hole, you can finally face the boss on the third floor and collect the stick!

the big worm coldworm act 2 diablo 2 resurrectedImpossible to forget this big verse filling the whole room!

The altar of the vipers

Second place and this time nicer than the labyrinth under the sand, the temple of the vipers. You will be able to admire the brand new design of the altar while knocking out the viper minions guarding it! In addition, you will break the curse and turn on the light again, to be able to contemplate the design of D2R again!

The light animation of the altar of vipers

Summoner of the Arcane Sanctuary

I was eager to reach the Arcane Sanctuary area, in order to see what it looked like. I was frankly not disappointed and it was even beyond my expectations! The red teleportation portals are particularly sublime. I remembered the damage from the area boss, the Summoner, but I forgot how quickly he would die! In a few fireballs it was over for him!

The Summoner, Arcane Sanctuary Boss

Alchemists dm gaming

Just like Act 1, Act 2 is sublime. Some areas are really worth a look, and you can witness some very beautiful light shows, especially in the area of ​​the Arcane Sanctuary!

By Alchemists, April 2021

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