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Three new Arc Mist runewords, Pattern claws, and Flickering Flame helmet
Assassin Trombe Whirlwind, the power of physical damage and traps Diablo 2 Resurrected

Build Druid Metamorphic Endgame Wolf Werewolf Diablo 2 Resurrected

Metamorphic Druid Bear and Wolf EndGame

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Metamorphic Druid Wolf Werewolf: a fast and efficient nag build to easily destroy enemies and bosses in Hell and PvP!

Three new Arc Mist runewords, Pattern claws, and Flickering Flame helmet
Assassin Trombe Whirlwind, the power of physical damage and traps Diablo 2 Resurrected
Lexicon and acronyms Gamer and Hack and Slash by Dm Gaming


  • Sponsors Intro: (00:00)
  • Build presentation: (00:12)
  • Preamble, Wolf VS Bear: (00:30)
  • Attributes, levels and resistances: (01:18)
  • Skills: (02:00)
  • Equipment: (02:275)
  • IAS attack speed calculation: (05:47)
  • Mercenary: (07:23)
  • Travincal gameplay: (07:45)
  • Diablorun Gameplay: (08:22)
  • Last word: (12:15)

How the build works, Bear or Wolf

Before going into the details of the build, here is some information:

  • Even if the bear brings more health and defense points, it is overall much slower and less interesting.
  • The bear benefits from the standard attack speed bonuses, however the wolf does not.
  • Only the speed of the weapon and the level of Werewolf are taken into account for the speed of attack (I will detail this point later)


For statistics take level 80:

  • strength: to reach 118 and wear upg Duriel
  • dexterity: 0
  • vitality: the rest
  • energy: 0

For the bearings:

  • RBF: 0
  • FCR: 0
  • FHR: 86 (3 frames!)
  • IAS: cf. the IAS section

In terms of resistance and offense:

  • around 50% to all resistances and 10% damage reduced
  • at least 5000 offensive power (no buff)
  • crushing blow 65%
  • death blow 15%

Damage & Stats Metamorphic Druid Endgame Wolf Werewolf Diablo 2 ResurrectedBuild statistics



  • Night Howler 20
  • Lycanthropy 20
  • Fury 20
  • Animal Rabies, the rest

Invocations :

  • Serval heart 20

Note that I do not play Grizzly, I do not need teddy bears to tank with this build

Skills Metamorphic Druid Endgame Wolf Werewolf Diablo 2 ResurrectedMy Wolf Transfiguration Druid's Skills


Here is the complete equipment, it is very affordable, you will only need to collect two Um and a Druid Torch.

  • Weapon: upg Ribcracker with Shael (required)
  • Helmet: jalal with Um
  • Amulet: rare, craft or highlord's wrath
  • Armor: upg duriel's shield then fortitude
  • Gloves: rare with mana steal, health, and resistances
  • Belt: string of ears
  • Boots: gore riders
  • Rings: raven frost, rare with mana steal, life, and resistances
  • Charms: torch and physical damage

IAS and FHR calculation

Here's what you need to understand:

  • IAS ONLY depends on your weapon and your wolf level
  • it is therefore very important to have a Shael to obtain the last level in your weapon
  • your weapon: 10 base + 50 with the weapon + 20 Shael
  • the last level of IAS is reached with your wolf level 2, on the other hand it is impossible to reach it without the Shael
  • Note that using the Fury skill does not change the calculation, you will just have the levels in the form 5/5/5/5/8 or 6/6/6/6/9

Here are the calculations I made for you:

  • Baton without Shael, max IAS 2.77 attacks per second (regardless of Wolf level)
  • Baton with Shael, max IAS 3.12 attacks per second, from Wolf level 2

To summarize :

  • put a Shael in Ribcraker and you will have the last level of IAS

ias table attack per second druid wolf diablo 2 resurrectedThe three IAS calculations

For the FHR, I assure you it's much simpler:

  • 50 (baton) + 30 (helmet) + charms to reach 86 and 3 frames, being ultra fast

Mercenary Equipment

Choice of mercenary:

  • Act 2 offense normal difficulty or nightmare, will have power for the damage or for the offense (aimed)

Equipment to be recovered:

  • Helmet: Tal Rasha
  • Weapon: Any weapon that hits, or Pride if you can afford it
  • Armor: Rune word of armor

Mercenary statistics


For the leveling phase, refer to Metamorphic Druid Leveling Guide available here.


Here are some examples of instances very easily done with the druid:

  • Diablorun Hell
  • Travincal Hell

Attention Baal, the problem is the dinosaurs to be taken one by one to avoid being surrounded.


  • 1.0: creation

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Alchemists dm gaming

If you like fast and nagging builds to kill everything in your path, this Metamorphic Wolf Druid build should appeal to you on Diablo 2 Resurrected! It is also very useful in PvP, just remember to have enough movement speed!

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By Alchemists, October 2021

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2 months ago

Hi team

Thanks for this guide. I am a fan of the Druid. It’s nice. I am still on my hard core Druid build Zoo. I have a question about the mercenary. You mentioned and also mentioned in this video a visual bug in his aura. Can you explain in detail what is this bug? I chose a Power Aura mercenary, I play Switch safe and Laura that I have is a sort of Eouge aura with dotted lines that roughly form a line. It is not that of the wolverine heart. It is indeed another aura. Closer to the character's center of gravity. I just want to know if I have the right mercenary. Thanks in advance. Still a great job. Goodbye.

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