My finals build, for me the best PvP build!
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Build Summon Necromancer EndGame

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Necromancer Summon Endgame Diablo 2: my build to easily play in Hell, skills, equipment and mercenary!

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  • Sponsors Intro: (00:00)
  • Video presentation: (00:12)
  • Preamble: (00:30)
  • Statistics, resistances, levels: (01:20)
  • Compulsory and optional skills: (01:44)
  • Equipment: (05:19)
  • Mercenary: (07:44)
  • Diablorun gameplay without skeleton mages: (09:08)
  • Baalrun gameplay with skeleton mages: (13:28)
  • Last word: (20:05)

How the build works

There are a lot of Summon Necromancer variations out there, so I'll point you out to mine with the required skills and which ones you can change. Namely that you can play in Hell only with the mandatory skills that I give you! The rest is just a bonus 🙂


For statistics take level 80:

  • strength: 118 to wear the boots (or 156 if you have a Spirit)
  • Dexterity: 0
  • vitality: the rest
  • energy: 0

For the bearings:

  • RBF: 0
  • FCR: 48 or 75
  • FHR: 0
  • IAS: 0

In terms of resistance:

  • about 50% to all resistances

Statistics build Necromancer Summon Endgame Diablo 2Necromancer statistics


This section is in two parts, what you need to take to simply do, and then as you wish to complete.

Mandatory skills

  • Skeletons: 20
  • Skeleton Mastery: 20
  • Clay Golem, Golem Mastery, Summon Resistance: 1
  • Macabre Explosion: 20
  • Amplify Damage: 1, increases physical damage received
  • Life Balance: 1, heal your summons
  • 1 point in the curses that serve you (Attraction, Weaken, Lesser Resistance)
  • 1 point in the golem of your choice and resurrect, personally I play Clay Golem, which slows down enemies
  • 1 stitch in bone armor

With this setup, you will be safe to kill all your enemies. All of your damage is in physics, which works great with Amplifier. If necessary, Balance of Life can heal your invocations.

Choice of skills

You then have two optics:

  • max skeleton mastery, for more summons
  • max bone wall and rib cage, for control

Both depend on your style of play, but are still dispensable.

Skills Necromancer Summon Endgame Diablo 2The skills of my Skeleton Mages oriented Necromancer


Here is the very affordable full equipment:

  • Weapon: arm of King Leoric
  • Shield: Spirit then Flame Bone with a Perfect Diamond
  • Helmet: circlet for necromancer then Shako
  • Amulet: necromancer skill and stats
  • Armor: Vipermagic or runic word Bone then Enigma
  • Gloves: TrangOul
  • Boots: Moellerine
  • Rings: resistance and statistics rings then Soj x2
  • Belt: resistances and statistics then Arach
  • Charms: summons and torch
  • Switch: teleportation stick


Choice of mercenary:

  • Act 2 Nightmare difficulty combat, will have power for the damage

Equipment to be recovered:

  • Helmet: Tal Rasha or Cot for Stolen Life
  • Weapon: Insight for damage and mana aura on an elite weapon
  • Armor: Lionheart for strength and endurance or Stealth

Mercenary Necromancer Summon Endgame Diablo 2Mercenary statistics


For the leveling phase, refer to Necromancer Summons Leveling Guide available here.


Here are some examples of instances very easily done with the Necromancer:

  • Diablorun: in a few minutes, about a single per run
  • Baalrun: once every three minutes


  • 1.0: creation

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Alchemists dm gaming

A Necromancer Summon build to easily clean up the Hells of Diablo 2 Resurrected! Bosses will also pose no problem to kill!

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By Alchemists, October 2021

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