My finals build, for me the best PvP build!
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Build Smiter SSF Season Start to kill Ubers without unique, CTA, draculs etc! Diablo 2 Resurrected

Smiter Uber Start of Season

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Smiter Uber Diablo 2: a very efficient build where each object is easily found on its own, perfect for a start of the season or SSF!

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Build objective

This build allows you to quickly kill the Ubers at the start of the season, that is to say that I will give you all the equipment obtainable on your own. I will also tell you later which items to collect to improve your character.

The gameplay part will of course be with low cost equipment to show you its power.


For statistics take level 80:

  • strength: enough to wear your elite shield, 124 for a Kurast shield
  • Dexterity: to have a 75% chance of blocking, be careful each level taken will require you to restore dexterity to reach 75%. It also depends on your sacred shield
    • example: 141 level 77 with sacred shield level 27
  • vitality: the rest
  • energy: 0

For the bearings:

  • RBF: 0
  • FCR: 0
  • FHR: 86
  • IAS: 26 with Fanaticism level 23

In terms of resistance:

  • you must have 75% to all resistances, and 85% to lightning

statistics build smiter uber cheap Diablo 2 resurrectedBuild statistics and resistances


Here are all the skills to take:

Combat Skills:

  • Atonement (Smite): max
  • Sacred Shield: max

Offensive Auras:

  • Fanaticism: max

Defensive aura:

  • Stamina: 1 point
  • Lightning resistance: max (1% max lightning resistance every 2 points)

For the rest of the points:

  • 1 point to get Conviction
  • the rest in Defiance

Cheap equipment

Here is the very affordable full equipment:

  • Weapon: Runic Word Black
  • Shield: Spirit on an Elite Paladin Shield
  • Helmet: circlet or Face of Guillaume
  • Amulet: resistances and skills
  • Armor: Smoke for resistances or Treachery
  • Gloves: craft with CB
  • Belt: craft with OW
  • Boots: resistances
  • Rings: Raven frost and ring resistances + stats
  • Charms: life and resistance
  • Switch: Necromancer Wand with Life Scales

Alternative perfect gems:

  • you can also opt for a version with perfect gems for maximum resistance
  • 4 hole armor, 3 hole helmet, 4 hole shield

Calculation of CB:

  • 10% (gloves) + 40% (black) = 50%

Calculation of IAS:

  • 15% (black) + 15% (helmet jewel) = 30%

Calculation of FHR:

  • 20% (Smoke) + 55% (Spirit) + 20% (Shael helmet) = 95%

skills build smiter uber cheap Diablo 2 resurrectedThe skills of my Smiter Budget

EndGame Equipment

Here is the very affordable full equipment:

  • Weapon: Stormlash then Grief Phase Blade
  • Shield: Zakarum UPG
  • Helmet: Face of Guillaume
  • Amulet: resistances and skills
  • Armor: Fortitude
  • Gloves: Draculs
  • Belt: Thundergod
  • Boots: Gore Rider


For this build, you won't need a mercenary because he won't be holding the Uber. For story mode, you can take a Mercenary Act 2 Nightmare with the Power aura.


For the leveling phase, refer to our build leveling Smiter Diablo 2.

Furnace of Pain, Matron's Lair and Forgotten Sands

It will be much easier to collect one set of organs rather than three sets of Hate, Terror and Destruction keys. However, if you have the keys, here's how:

  • Matron's Lair and Furnace of Pain have complicated creeps to kill for with a Smiter, so you'll have to either take your time or ask for a friend of yours (witch, amazon, barbarian, necromancer, etc.) who can kill them more easily. enemies
  • Forgotten Sands do not present any difficulty, you will kill them without problem
  • you have to open all three instances in the same map, because each key set opens a random instance, but you cannot open the same instance twice, so you will have all three open by creating all three
  • you will collect the Horn of Diablo, Eye of Baal and Brain of Mephisto

Pain Furnace, Matron's Lair, Forgotten Sands and Uber Tristram Diablo 2The four open instances

Uber Tristram

Once the organs are in your possession, you will be able to open the passage to Uber Tristram, where you will meet Diablo, Baal and Mephisto. You will need to progress with the following steps:

  1. Isolate Mephisto, cast Life Balance and use your Total Rejuvenation Potions to kill him
  2. This will give you more skeleton summons, so clean the remaining skeletons
  3. Isolate Diablo and kill him, which should be really easy
  4. Do the same with Baal, beware of specters burning mana and his anti-mana attack, take a stock of potion before!


  • 1.0: creation

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Alchemists dm gaming

And here's to easily kill the Ubers of Diablo 2 Resurrected, and that without any expensive equipment! Personally with my setup I was able to fall in the Ubers three days after the start of a new season, do not hesitate to share your records!

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By Alchemists, October 2021

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