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Best Diablo 2 Resurrected Witch mercenaries

Diablo 2 Witch Mercenaries

Witch Diablo 2 Resurrected Dm Gaming

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I tell you which mercenary to choose according to the equipment, from the beginning of the season until the ultra endgame for Witch on Diablo 2!

  • Intro Sponsors: (00:00)
  • Which mercenary for your witch based on your gear :(00:12)
  • The best mercenaries step by step :(00:55)
  • Clarifications on the mercenaries: (02:30)
  • Mercenary Gameplay Act 2 Insight, Act 5 Focus and Frenzy, Act 2 Infinity: (04:20)
  • All ! :(06:10)

  • Which mercenary for your sorceress in function of your stuff: (00:00)
  • Best mercenaries step by step: (00:41)
  • Additional information: (02:02)
  • Gameplay Mercenairy Act 2 Insight, Act 5 Bash, Act 5 Frenzy, Act 2 Infinity: (03:15)
  • All on


Having a good mercenary for your witch is crucial, however of course you are not going to have the same ones at the beginning and at the very end. So I'm telling you step by step which mercenary to choose!

Mercenary depending on your equipment

Here are your mercenaries step by step:

  1. Act 1 Fire or Ice Rogue - Insight and Treachery - as long as you don't have a lifesteal helmet.
    Pros: best at staying alive without gear, gives mana and some damage
  2. Act 2 desert power or sacred immobilization - Insight Treachery Helmet Steal Life - will have more and the weapon can be ethereal unlike bows.
    Advantage: very good single target damage to kill immunes and mana aura
  3. Act 5 barbarian frenzy - Plague + Truncheon or Oath or Lawbringer Treachery and Arreat - ultra powerful, often cast Lesser Resistance and Lawbringer cast Decrepit.
    Advantages: very good resistance, debuff resistance, great mobility
  4. Act 2 wasteland power or immobilize - Infinity Treachery or Fortitude Lifesteal Helmet or Face of Andariel - best if you have the runes for
    Advantages: the best possible debuff

Some precisions :

  • Lesser resistance with Plague is level 12 and lowers Fire, Lightning, Ice, Poison resistances by 57% and casts when your mercenary is hit.
  • Conviction with Infinity is level 12 and lowers Fire, Lightning, Ice resistances by 85% and enemy defense by 82% permanently
  • The mercenaries of act 3 remain uninteresting
  • The mercenary of act 5 are not very interesting, because too slow. Orient yourself to the Frenzy or stay on act 2
  • An Insight ethereal weapon will hit much harder than a bow because it is not ethereal. In addition, the mercenary's aura makes him hit from 1000 to 5000 damage, something completely impossible on your act 1 mercenary.


Here is some gameplay with my witch:

  • Diablorun act 5 with two-handed Plague
  • Diablorun act 2 with Insight
  • Diablorun act 5 with Frenzy
  • Diablorun act 5 with Infinity


  • 2.4: creation

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Alchemists dm gaming

You will therefore no longer have any worries about having a very good mercenary alongside your witch, no matter whether you have a lot of equipment to give him or very little on Diablo 2 Resurrected!

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By Alchemists, May 2022

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