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The Diablo 2 Resurrected Test

The test

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Diablo 2 Resurrected test: gameplay, content, lifespan, design, price, I will explain everything to you to find out if this game will please you!

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  • Sponsors intro: (00:00)
  • Test objectives: (00:12)
  • Gameplay and interest: (00:35)
  • Content and shelf life: (02:01)
  • Overall design: (03:38)
  • Value for money and economic model: (04:50)
  • The bugs: (05:30)
  • Balance sheet and note: (06:56)
  • Last word: (08:23)

Preamble, test a remake

When it comes to a remake or remaster, the question is always delicate to rate the game. Should we only test the work of the remake, without taking into account the original game, which I had done for alpha test, or should we consider this game as a new game and test it completely. Since there are a lot of new players on D2R, I decided to test the game as a new hack & slash in 2021, and answer the question:

  • Is Diablo 2 Resurrected a good Hack & Slash in 2021?

I also waited for Diablo 2 Resurrected to stabilize, at least its servers!

Gameplay and interest

The gameplay of Diablo 2 or Diablo 2 Resurrected is identical, you have precise and complex mechanics, but a nervous and explosive game. If you want to enjoy Diablo, then you will have to learn all of its old mechanics. Even if work has been done to compensate for this difficulty inherent in the game with additional information on the interface, you will still have to work on the subject to know for example the level to reach for your Paladin's recovery speed. This system unfortunately complicates a lot for new players but does not change the regulars. On the pure gameplay side, you will enjoy decimating hordes of enemies with a very effective recipe combining speed, power and precision. I still noticed some rollbacks (the fact that your character comes back to where it was a few seconds ago).

Teleport of the witch, an icon of Diablo 2

Mercenaries are also an integral part of the game, and you can play multiplayer with each of your own, allowing you to accumulate up to 8 mercenaries in total. You can equip them and choose from 4 types, although the ones from Act 2 remain the favorites.

mercenary equipment act 2 diablo 2 resurrectedThe equipment of your mercenary, which will quickly become essential

Diablo 2 Resurrected offers effective gameplay based on complex mechanics

Content and shelf life

Diablo 2 Resurrected is special, compared to other Hack & Slash it does not have EndGame activity strictly speaking, that is to say that once the story mode is finished with the three difficulties, you will not have any bonus , except the Uber zone but useful for only a few particular builds. You will therefore have to chain the Baalruns to gain experience and the farm and boss areas to collect equipment. The power of Diablo 2 Resurrected lies in the freedom to create builds and characters, allowing you to simply do whatever you want. There was also a large PvP and tournament community on the original Diablo 2, but so far it's still quiet on the Resurrected side.

Lounges to find games are still very similar to the original game, and not really practical. Even if a difficulty filter is present, it is always very difficult to find the type of game that interests us. Whether it's games to gain experience or to exchange, you will have to look closely at each name to find the one that interests you.

Finding baal runs via fairs will be one of your main activities

Very pleasant point, however, is the compatibility with the controllers. This is very well done and will allow you to switch from the keyboard to the controller with a single touch. So you can switch from the sofa to the office chair as you see fit! The shortcuts are well thought out and the aiming very practical, unless you want to move quickly with the charge, you will be magnetized by enemies.

diablo 2 controller interface resurrectedThe well-thought-out interface at the controller

Side interface precisely, it is quite clear even if inherited from an old model brought up to date. The additional statistics are put end to end without order or category. It's all the more unfortunate that some modes like Median XL have offered a clean and tidy interface, but which was not made by Blizzard.

statistics pele mele diablo 2 resurrectedThe interface ok but below a 2021 H'n'S

The content and lifespan is an update of an older game and remains below what you would expect from a hack & slash in 2021.
three star dm gaming

Global design

I'm not going to go four ways, Diablo 2 Resurrected is sublime. Whether it's the sounds, spell designs or music it's perfect. The cutscenes are gorgeous, and it's a pleasure to see them again every time. Also incredible is the fact of keeping perfect readability for 8 players, being personally a fan of Hack & Slash with several people, I have never seen a game approach the level of readability offered by Diablo 2 Resurrected

baal runs at 8 diablo 2 resurrectedPerfect readability even at 8

Flawless design, on all levels
five star dm gaming

Value for money and economic model

The Blizzard model is simple, for 40 € you have access to the full game. I'm not going to talk about the bugs on this section, I will come back to it right after. The price is in my opinion slightly high, although the colossal work of the cutscenes may explain part of it. I would still have appreciated either a target of 30 - 35 €, or a gesture for those who have Diablo 2, very simple element to verify by having previously linked his account.

Note that without making any gesture for those with Diablo 2, they still take the opportunity to offer an edition at 59 € including the complete Diablo 3 edition and two cosmetic items on it, which is quite strange.

diablo 2 price resurrectedThe two official formulas to buy Diablo 2

An acceptable price, even if a gesture for the owners of Diablo 2 would have been appreciable.

Bug and queue

I preferred to tackle this section separately from the others, and this is also my first time creating this section. It is simply unacceptable not to have fixed these bugs during the alpha, closed beta or open beta. After several long days of server problems, it is finally a queue system taking sometimes more than thirty minutes that is set up. Ultimately, it is possible and there is at least no more rollback, where you have to start over what you did because of a server bug. The biggest problem is connection errors when you join a full game, make a spelling mistake, the wrong password, a game that does not exist or you join a game too quickly after having some. left one. You'll have to wait 2 minutes to join a new one, and it's just extremely annoying and unacceptable three weeks after release!

join servers c errorThis bug should eventually drive you crazy!

diablo 2 queue resurrectedExpect a 30-minute line-up in the evening

J'took a star off the final score because of these issues

Assessment and final mark

Most The lessers
Nervous gameplay
Loyalty to the original game
A sublime design, especially the cutscenes
Controller compatibility
A very present difficulty ...

... but complicated for newbies
No EndGame activity
A fairly high price
Unresolved bugs

Alchemists dm gaming

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Rating and judging Diablo 2 Resurrected was not easy, I tried to be as objective as possible but each person has a different experience compared to Diablo 2. Still, this game will delight fans of the original. , and will be able to convince those who wish to invest in a hack & slash, but the others will have difficulty hanging on because of the difficulty and the lack of endgame activities. The copy is still very beautiful, it's just a shame not to have worked on the details of the rooms and the interface. The connection bug is however incomprehensible and inadmissible after having had several phases of alpha, beta.

I rated Diablo 2 Resurrected 3/5
three star dm gaming

By Alchemists, October 2021

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