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Energy or Vitality Witch, what to choose Diablo 2 Resurrected

Witch Energy or Vitality

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Energy or Witch Vitality: the question comes up often, I tell you everything to understand what to choose for your build!

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  • Sponsors intro: (00:00)
  • Video presentation: (00:12)
  • The level taking and attributes of the witch: (00:30)
  • Energy, mana advantage: (01:00)
  • Vitality, the benefit of life: (02:14)
  • TLDR, I don't like math: (03:22)
  • Last word: (04:43)

Leveling and attributes of the witch

Before we get into the details, here's what you need to know about the witch:

  • 1 level = +1 life and +2 mana
  • 1 point of vitality = +2 life
  • 1 energy point = +2 mana

For 80 levels, we note +80 mana compared to life, which remains fairly negligible from a goal blank.

Note that energy is only useful for witches (except ultra specific build), using the energy shield and allowing to have 95% of the damage taken on your mana.

Why energy instead of life?

Energy, and especially mana, is what will scale the best, ie end-game items will be much more efficient on mana. Here are which ones:

  • Frostburn: maximum mana + 40%
  • Jordan Stone (soj): + 25% mana, x2
  • Arachnid's Mesh: + 5% mana
  • Silkweave: + 10% mana

You will therefore be able with your end-game equipment to increase your mana by 105%, which is just impossible to do with life, there is no equivalent. Combine this with Scars (CTA) to further increase your mana, and you'll have an extremely high mana pool! In addition, your mana regeneration will heal you!

Benefits of Witch Vitality

The life witch still has advantages over the energy witch:

  • she is not sensitive to Mana Burn, if you ever play Energy Witch, always have a rejuvenation potion in your inventory
  • she doesn't need EndGame equipment

TLDR, I don't like Math

If you do not want to follow the explanation, here is the result:

  • 100% vitality, 0% energy: for leveling, and easier to play
  • 1 vitality, 2 energy points: the intermediate choice that I prefer
  • 1 point of vitality, 4 points of energy: the Endgame choice, with the mentioned equipment

Life Orb, Life Orb Diablo 2 Resurrected Dm GamingThe vita witch, practical for leveling and beginning of the season

Mana Orb, Mana Orb Diablo 2 Resurrected Dm GamingThe mana witch, very practical for the EndGame

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Alchemists dm gaming

With this guide the choice should no longer arise for the construction of your witch! You can easily choose energy and / or vitality but also make the transition to energy at the right time!

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By Alchemists, October 2021

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