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The Diablo 4 dungeons allow you to recover equipment and an aspect of the codex by going to face enemies and bosses one to four players!

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Diablo 4 Dungeons

Diablo 4 dungeons are closed instances where you can enter with your group or solo, so from one to four players. Each dungeon brings an aspect of the codex, allowing to unlock a legendary power. They also participate in the renown of the world map and should, if you have the courage or the time, do them at least once each. Each dungeon will offer you to do a small quest in order to unlock access to the boss in order to be able to complete it. You will also have on some of the phases where you must kill all the monsters in the area, remember to do it as soon as you see the red dots on the map in order to avoid going back and forth! At the end of the game, you can create sigils to farm dungeons.

Diablo 4 dungeon gameplay

You will find on the video the complete gameplay of the Blood Sanctuaries dungeon in difficulty 2, the group being composed of a thief, a wizard and two barbarians. The first part of the dungeon consists of opening a door by collecting two elements, then you will have to clean all the monsters in the second. A surprise boss will be on the road before arriving at the end of dungeon boss.

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Whether at the start of the game or at the end of Diablo 4, dungeons will be an integral part of your gaming experience. This Diablo 4 dungeon guide will allow you to get a taste of them and understand how they work!

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By Alchemists, March 2023

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