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Build Monk Diablo Immortal, to start in team support

Build Monk

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The best Diablo Immortal support build, to play Monk as a team and considerably boost your allies!

  • Best Diablo Immortal Monk Support Build :(00:00)
  • Monk buff debuff and aggro skills: (00:20)
  • Attributes equipment gems support buff tank: (00:49)
  • Paragon Mastermind 4P: (01:40)
  • Don't forget to follow the channel, thank you! :(02:33)

  • Best Support Build Diablo Immortal Monk :(00:00)
  • Buff, debuff and aggro Monk skills: (00:19)
  • Stats, gear and gems for tanky support: (00:44)
  • Paragon Mastermind 4P: (01:20)
  • Don't forget to subscribe, thanks!: (01:48)


This build is a build planner, in order to allow you to have a guide ready from the start of the game, so there will be no gameplay.


Here are the skills to use:

  • Fist of Lightning - Fists of Thunder: to generate resources
  • Cyclone Strike - Cyclon Strike: to attract enemies
  • Flying Dragon - Flying Dragon: to attract enemies
  • Inner Sanctuary: Protection buff
  • Shield of Zen - Shield of Zen: protection buff

Fists of Lightning Fists of Thunder skill monk Diablo ImmortalFists of Lightning

Inner Sanctuary Inner Sanctuary skill monk Diablo ImmortalInner Sanctuary

Cyclone Strike Cyclon Strike skill monk Diablo ImmortalCyclone Strike

Flying Dragon Flying Dragon skill monk Diablo ImmortalFlying Dragon

Shield of Zen, Shield of Zen skill monk Diablo ImmortalShield of Zen

Attributes, Equipment and Gems

Look for gear with the following attributes, avoiding Willpower and Low Intelligence:

  • Determination: for armor
  • Vitality: for a bit of life
  • Intelligence: we don't need intelligence, which makes it much easier to have items considered "null" with this stat!

Since we play support, you will need to have:

  • cooldown discounts
  • combos

For gems:

  • basic: life and resistances
  • unique: support and resistance

unique equipment buff monk support Diablo ImmortalThe boost via Inner Sanctuary

diablo immortal support monk gemThe perfect gem for this build


For Paragon points, we follow the same logic:

  • Mastermind Genius - for use with 4 different classes in the team
    • gives bonus damage to everyone
    • gives everyone damage reduction
    • you inflict vulnerability on bosses, which increases the damage he receives
  • Optional then
    • Survivor and Gladiator for life
    • Treasure hunter for drop bonuses

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Alchemists dm gaming

If you play in a team of four, this build will be the best support to help your friends. Whether it's through defensive and offensive buffs or your ability to group enemies together, you'll be a prime asset for group farming on Diablo Immortal with this aggro support Monk tank!

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By Alchemists, May 2022

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