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Major Diablo Immortal update, the long-awaited one with Forgotten Nightmares

All the Diablo Immortal world events with the weekly schedule!

Events World Diablo Immortal

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All Outworld Diablo Immortal, Graveyard, Murkmang, Darkwood, Tundra, Zavain, Damnation, Shassar, and Library vents!

  • All Diablo Immortal world vents :(00:00)
  • Wortham, nothing :(00:18)
  • Cendreval Cemetery, Ghost Carriage: (00:24)
  • Dark Wood, Blood Rose and Shadow Clone: ​​(00:43)
  • Sea of ​​Shassar, Lost Artifacts: (01:04)
  • Library of Zoltan Kulle, Golem and Hydra: (01:17)
  • Murkfiend, Ancient Arena: (01:39)
  • Mount Zavain, Ancient Nightmare and Martanos: (02:25)
  • Frozen Tundra, Call of the Ancients: (02:49)
  • Realm of Damnation, Demonic Portals: (03:21)
  • Full Diablo Immortal Event Schedule: (03:47)
  • Don't forget to follow the channel, thank you! :(03:57)

  • All World Events Diablo Immortal: (00:00)
  • Wortham, nothing: (00:20)
  • Ashwold Cemetery, Haunted Carriage: (00:24)
  • Dark Wood, Blood Rose and Shadow Clone: ​​(00:36)
  • Shassar Sea, Artifact: (00:55)
  • Library of Zoltan Kulle, Hydra and Golem: (01:07)
  • Bilefen, Ancient Arena: (01:23)
  • Mount Zavain, Ancient Nightmare and Martanos: (02:02)
  • Frozen Thundra, Call of the Ancients: (02:25)
  • Realm of Damnation, Demon Gates: (03:00)
  • Planning with all events you need to keep in mind: (03:21)
  • Don't forgot to follow our channel, thanks!: (03:30)


In order to easily find you there, I have put all this information on the schedule below:

Diablo Immortal Open World All Event Schedule Infographic by Dm GamingSchedule of all Diablo Immortal open world events

Planning with all world events Diablo Immortal infography by Dm GamingPlanning with all world events Diablo Immortal

Wortham, nothing!

First zone, nothing special here!

Cendreval Cemetery, Ghost Carriage

The carriage appears and goes around the cemetery. At the end, the tax collector is present, you must kill him to get the reward. Here are the timetables:

  • tuesday and saturday
  • 12 p.m. - 20:30 p.m. - 22 p.m.

Cindervale Cemetery Diablo Immortal Ghost CarriageCinderdale Cemetery and Diablo Immortal Ghost Carriage

Obscure Wood, Blood Rose and Shadow Clone

Two events without calendar, the Blood Rose which appears if you need the receptacle and the Shadow Clone, giving a legendary essence. Just kill monsters to reach 100% corruption then go to the Tree of Inifuss.

Bois Obscure Diablo Immortal Blood Rose and Shadow CloneDark Wood and Shadow Clone Diablo Immortal

Sea of ​​Shassar, lost artifacts

An area quite poor in terms of vents, you can only try to find a scroll by killing the monsters in the area, which will give you a card towards an artifact and some rewards.

Sea of ​​Shassar Diablo Immortal lost artifactsShassar Sea and Diablo Immortal Lost Artifacts

Library of Zoltan Kulle, Golem and Hydra

Functioning specific to this area, you have in the map pages of tomes that each player can recover by crossing them. They are shiny and particularly conspicuous, but if a player collects it, it disappears for all players, before appearing again after a certain time. Once you have collected all five pages, you will have a grimoire that you can activate. This one will have three possibilities, to make appear the Hydra of Flesh, the Golem of Sandstone or a gate towards a closed zone.

Library of Zoltan Kulle Diablo Immortal, Golem and HydraLibrary of Zoltan Kulle Diablo Immortal, Golem and Hydra

Murkfiend, Ancient Arena

The ancient arena is a particular system of pvp where the players compete in each for is but with the possibility of making a group of four. The last people alive can open the ancient chest giving a legendary! Your legendary will be indexed on the level of difficulty (Hell 1, 2, 3 etc.) but there will also be players who get stronger and stronger! Be careful, unlike PvP where Resonance is nerfed, this is not the case in Arena. as much to say to you that to face players of 3000 of resonance if like me you have 500, that will go badly!

  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
  • 21 hours

Murkfiend Diablo Immortal Ancient ArenaMurkfiend Diablo Immortal Ancient Arena

Mount Zavain, Elder Nightmare and Lord Martanos

In addition to the world boss Lord Martanos in the west of the map, you will have the Ancient Nightmare in the middle of it. Use Zakarum's seals to be able to fight him.

  • Wednesday and Friday
  • 12 p.m. - 20:30 p.m. - 22 p.m.

Mount Zavain Diablo Immortal, Ancient Nightmare and Lord MartanosMount Zavain and Ancient Nightmare Diablo Immortal

Frozen Tundra, Call of the Ancients

Each person present in the area can collect Ancient Essences in order to reach 100% and launch the Call of the Ancients event. Follow the ancient spirit and in the end you will be able to purify your ancestral relics to recover materials.

Diablo Immortal Frozen Tundra, Call of the AncientsFrozen Tundra and Call of the Ancients Diablo Immortal

Realm of Damnation, demonic portals

Portals open in a specific area, you can activate up to three portals, the bosses that come out of them will have a better chance of dropping. Be careful, once the vent is done during the day there is no point in going back because you will have the course of the three portals per day.

  • Monday, Thursday and Sunday
  • 12 p.m. - 20:30 p.m. - 22 p.m.

Realm of damnation Diablo Immortal, demonic portalsRealm of Damnation and Diablo Immortal Demonic Portals

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Alchemists dm gaming

You will thus know the time of all the vents of the Diablo Immortal outside world, as well as the schedule of these, not to forget the Ghost Carriage, the Demonic Portals, the Ancient Arena or the Ancient Nightmare!

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By Alchemists, July 2022

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